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  • True Blood Review

    True Blood is a vampire series which is kind of obvious but this is on HBO so that must mean it will be better than the rest of the vampire stuff around well in some ways it is but in some other ways it is pretty much the same old story. Girl falls in love with a vampire crap. True Blood still is top quality it is what you come to expect from HBO, the premise is a lot more serious and darker and its deffinatly aimed at adults. I am a big fan of HBO dramas like The Wire, Rome and Deadwood so I gave it a shot that and also Anna Paquin is the shows main character. The show doesnt dissapoint with its drama and some comedy it also has a good cast that all act well. The down side is that it brings nothing new to the vampire genre and you find the human characters more intresting than the actual vampires which is pretty bad for a show thats meant to be about vampires.
  • Season 2 in a nutshell- Person named eggs. Giant pig. Sam's butt. Jason holding a gun. Jessica!. Bill and Sookie playing house. Eric and Sookie havin' sexy times. Tara with crazy eyes. Maryann being awesome. Maryann getting annoying. Maryann dead. Genius.

    Season 2 of True Blood, what is there to say. Alan Ball really stepped it up notch this year. True Blood crossed line from entertaining TV to quality TV. We see a lot of character development, some healthy doses of social commentary, and plenty of that patented True Blood charm. The addition of new characters like Jessica and the ominous presence of Maryann and the Newlins added a sophisticated creepiness that we didn't see last season. Everything from atmosphere to writing combined to make the season a coherent and intriguing plot that was expertly acted and produced. I really can't say more, just take my advice and watch it. You will love it.
  • TRUE BLOOD: new HBO series on second season. A Vamp's dream come true!

    This show is the BEST show on TV period. It's funny, smart, very sexy and very scary!. The vampires and whole cast are so smokin hot and their performances are dead on, excuse the pun. What's not to like....? This show opens up a whole new way that paranormal TV should be made. This is the new X-files/Buffy. Stephen Moyer is stunning and his chemistry with Anna Paquin is undeniable. Ryan Kwanten is the best new/young actor since Heath Ledger!

    When each episode stops you can't turn that TV off, you want the next episode like a Vampire wants his next meal.
  • I really like this show. I was sad when Godric walked into the sun and died but the show is great! A little weird at times but great show! I can't wait for season 3 to see if Sam finds his parents and to see what happens to Bill and Sookie.

    I have watched this show from season 1 to now. It keeps getting better and better each time I watch it. It gets a little weird at times also. I can't wait to see what happens to Bill and Sookie. I was sad when Godric walked into the sun and died. He was a really great vampire even though he was not on True Blood that long. I can not wait for Season 3! It will be better than Season 1 and 2 I hope. I hope it has even more weird things. Maryanne was one weird woman! It was weird when they had those black eyes.
  • Vampire/Human love who could ask for anything more

    I think the show is these days and times we all find ourselves wanting to escape from everyday troubles and find ourselves in a fantasy roll where we play the loved by all Sookie...or the lusting for what he can't have Eric...or the wanting to be human Bill...this combined with all the humor of the characters Lafayette, Terra, Jason, and Andy...there is no show to come close...I find it to be an adult version of Twilight...only it keeps going and going and going...with new episodes that keep us intrigued...It puts a face to the books...and keeps you blood thirsty for more...
  • Review of seasons one and two, and character summaries.

    It would have got a ten but the second season was kind of boring to me. It focused too much on Maryann...ok we get it she's a monster intent on creating chaos in Bon Temps. I just wanted her to die already, and I felt like they dragged that part of the story out way too long. I was extremely happy to see that Lafayette was still alive in the begining of season 2. He is too funny and vital for the show in my opinion. His make-up, clothes, and dancing are thing that I look for regularly on th show. He is hilarious. Sookie can be kind of annoying at times. For instance, when Bill went to the counsel, for saving her life, she went off on him because he had to turn Jessica and was gone "too long". She then decided to and get cozy with Sam. Was Bill really gone for that long? Sam and Tara, I really liked them together and now that their previous lovers are why not have them back together??? Bill is a good character, even though we all know what's about to happen, and at times he can be too lovey dovey. He is loyal to Sookie and all of her friends. I like Jessica and Hoyt together but their relationship is getting crazy. Why cant they just pick up the phone and call each other instead of Jessica going off to kill people??? Will she get caught or get into trouble??? Eric can be lots of things lol :-) VIOLENT: Ripping someones limbs off for throwing silver in his face and messing up his hair lol!! FUNNY: for having Sookie suck bomb fragments out of his chest when it wasn't needed and thoroughly enjoying it. SENSITIVE: for crying like a big ol' 6 foot 4 baby when Godric met the sun. Jason is and idiot but a lovable idiot. He tries to do the right thing but always ends up screwing things up worse. His grpahic scenes in season one was not needed nor required...hopely that was the last of them.
  • I am in love with this show!!!Is it just me who wishes a vampire would glamor me??

    True blood is the best show out there. The story is amazing and honestly makes me wish I was Sookie and my fiance was Bill!! I don't see the other vampire shows even coming close to this show. All the actors are impressive and the storyline always keeps me wanting more. I am always anticipating the new shows and now i am sad that i have to wait for the new season!! True Blood has made it almost natural for shape shifters,vampires, demons and bull headed gods to exist in our everyday lives. In fact, the fact that they don't is almost boring. I give True Blood a 10 because it is entertaining in a world where reality tv is the norm.
  • intersting, but have sucks clips, I mean the sex clips, its too bad and I hope to stop doung this,

    If they stop making the sex clips, this series will be great , so I hope season 3 will be clean, am I hoping too much?
    I like this series because I love vampires stories but I can't give this series to any one of my friends \. any one want it can buy it or download it but out from me.
    I like Angel more because it don't have any sex clips, or if there is clips won't be in every episode like this series. I hope any one from the producing company hear what I say. and those not only my words but from every one I know who saw this series.
  • Good show but takes some time to get into it.

    I started watching True Blood during the second season. This may be why it has taken some time for me to really get into the show. The show seems a little scattered sometimes and a little to much adult content that doesn't seem needed. Just because you can show it as TV-MA doesn't mean you need to. Even so, I'm definitely hooked now that the second season is basically over and I am renting season one so I can get the full grasp of the show. I did not like Eric when I first started but now he is my favorite character. I can't wait to see more of him next season. I wish Godric would have been in more episodes.
  • Something for everyone.

    This show leaves no emotion unstirred. I was not originally a fan after watching the first few episode of Season 1. To me it went outside the realm of what traditional vampire movies/books are are typically thought to be. I mean, vampire rights? Are you just plain goofy? Rednecks in the swamps of Louisiana? AND co-existing with each other? Too corny for a television series? Not hardly. With all that True Blood entails, this couldn't be further from the truth. Imagine what it would be like to co-exist with vampires within the human race. The good and the bad in both humans and vampires alike. Add a few shape shifters and supernatural beings and you've got an overwhelmingly crazy, dangerous, exhilirating, passionate, funny and surprising show. True Blood is the ability to lose yourself in this wonderful fiction for one hour each week that is every bit as good as your own imagination could create it to be. If you miss this show, you've missed it all. ;)
  • I just love it!

    I don't like Vamp shows till now. I do have to say the 1st season was better. But this one is good. I have also been reading the book. And ya some has changed. But it is only getting better when it comes to season 3. I don't think the writer thought it was going to get this big when she made her 2nd book. But every book after 2 was better each time. I do think there trying to hard to keep some of the people on the show.
    So there having problem working them back in. Like Lafayette. But we will see.
  • pretty darn amazing..! watch it and you'll know =)

    This summer I was really hoping to find a show that had heart and could keep the viewers entertained, interested in the story feel as though they were part of it and this show finally after so many other series that couldn't do that, this one did just that for me. Its fresh it's beautifully written and even though its about the paranormal it feels real. I loved the characters because you can relate to them every one of them and the plot has mystery yet simplicity. I almost feel like I liked it more then I like heroes which is one of my all time favorites cause its such a sweet love story within it all. The first season of true blood was amazing but the second one is amazing plus a yummy chocolate cake cause it's really is pretty great. The only thing that I don't like is that they changed the girl who was in the first episode as tara cause I thought she had more personality but that's old news now.
    Anywho It makes me laugh out loud and doesn't come with the old used out humor its new. So whoever that's rebounding from shows like one tree hill and prison break that have lost their magic you should tune in to True blood cause it'll give you what you've been missing. =)
  • After watching this show it should be said that the imagination once touched can bring on so much positive and negative opions

    What I have written above is what I believe has pulled people into watching and following this show as an addiction!The show also appeals to the young and old since we all want to believe there are things out there that we have yet to find or have found but an nnot understand why there are the way they are or why they do the things they do.I have said all that needs to be said and thats how I feel. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion so look at what I say with a open mind.
  • I will be honest

    When i started watching this show it really pulled me in... the ending last year i was like huh.. ok
    but then i got into this season, and is it just me or did eric just get so much more...hotter?
    I never liked bill, i mean i like him like a character.. but he just doesnt have thatt spazzaz like eric.. but overall i keep watching!
    And i am excited to see what happens in the season 2 finale.. but sad that we have to wait a whole year for more episodes! But i do like the books.. and the show rocks!
  • Absolutely breathtaking show and books.

    Amazing show, the first season was a great representation of the novels but so far the second season has been letting me down in that respect though it's still magnificent and I'm sort of glad they are differentiating themselves as two different entities entirely. If you love the show I definitely recommend you read the book series, because they are just incredible. I've read all the books in under two months - it's like how I had never seen the show so I bought the first season on DVD and was hooked - I'd be up for hours playing episode after episode they were so good.
  • A typical story of boy meets girl, so it at first appears. But vampires and virgins shouldn't mix and according to Sookie's friends and the entire town of Bon Temp this is a serious recipe for a spine-chilling disaster with a whole lot of bloodshed.

    True Blood is an intriguing and raunchy look at how romantic feelings allow people to lose their way, as Sookie, a far from normal cocktail waitress, finds herself drawn to the mysterious creature of the night, Bill Compton. As people begin to die one by one heads begin to turn towards the scary and slightly enticing vampire who wants only to be seen as human in a world where people are even beginning to fight for vampires rights. Could it be though that vampires are more harmless than they seem? Maybe the humans are harbouring a few deadly secrets of their own? The tension mounts as the characters wonder who can and can't be trusted. This programme is gripping and makes you wonder what the world would be like if vampires lived among us as common law citizens.
  • True Blood Season 1

    I've been watching this show for a couple of weeks now, and as I yesterdat finished watching season 1 I decided to make a review on it. First of all, it is a really good series. Even more, it is great. The series follows a telepath who falls in love with a vampire who she cant read his thoughts. The series is full of suspense and mistery
    and is so amazing. The show has grown since the beginning, it has evolved in such an amazing show. The series is great and I must say that this is probably the best HBO series in the season.
    I will start watching season 2 next week mayb, I have still so many questions, but please dont spoil it to me.
  • My current obsession

    There is not a single thing I don't like about this show. It's violent and creepy and yet still incredibly sexy. It's actually pretty groundbreaking in the way that I can't think I have seen another show that is so graphic with the sex and violence. And yet I don't find it at all gratuitous.

    All the charactars are incredibly well written, even the more minor ones like Terry Bellfleur. Basically I think this show has it all, laughs, tears, action, romance. And best of all REAL vampires, not ones that sparkle like in twilight :-p. It's a bit slow to get started I thought, but once you get into it it will grip you and not let go. I now find myself desperatly waiting for the next episode each week.
  • Twilight vs Twin Peaks for adults (but not in an XXX-adult way, even if it's "sexy" at times, but in a mature and deep may without violence but with murders and killings), and still very fresh intens acting and characters !!

    didnt expect such intens und great acting and deep characters, when I heard about a new Vampire Series..., the whole plot, thrill, humor are much better than I had(ever)expected...its like a adult version of Twilight (adult themes, deeper problems, subtile and controversy humor, and also a bit adult (verysoft) sexscens at times, but not realy ever violent or brutal, but has very powerfull moments and sometimes (suggesting) images.....)
    it starts warm, takes one or two episodes to get "used" to some of the characters, but once they've hypnotize you like a vampire, there's no tunring back.., youll be thrusting for more blood...
    the story around those people in that little town with a vampire (or two... or tree....) is so sweet, bloody and loving and in a way a bit like a David Lynch movie without the "to exctentic" part of his movies..(and is bit like Twin peaks)
    really love True Blood, every last ounce of it.....
    (and allready has a cult intro)
  • A review Of True Blood; Season One

    Season One Of True Blood
    Finally a show that shows that vampire shows are the best part of TV, the characters are alive in their own way, the storyline flows like the first season of LOST or HEROES. At times its hilarious (Jason Stackhouse is superbly portrayed) to a level were it boasts the comic wit of the first nine seasons of 'The Simpsons' or the dark humor of a film like 'Burn After Reading'. Not only are the cast superb for each role but even guest stars such as Jason Stackhouse's drug addicted lover Amy Burley (portrayed by the wonderful Lizzy Caplan) were magnificent works of acting, directing and most importantly writing. Apart from superb writing, acting and directing the mythologies of the show are great to run with, along with the seasonal mysterious now of course True Blood Season Two is much better but Season One must still hold acknowledgment for being a fantastic peice of work and is the best new show of 2008.
  • Based on season 1, I love vampire stories and I liked this show, it's pretty different, though there's too much nudity!

    I've finished watching season 1 yesterday and decided to review the show.
    I've always been a vampire stories lover and I liked this perspective, making vampires part of the civilization.
    The beginning of the show was awesome, I couldn't stop watching one episode after another, it was very exciting. I didn't like there was too many explicit sex, that was just appelative! I'm even embarassed to admit I watch this show so I don't even recommmend it to my friends!
    The last episodes weren't that good. I can't really explain why, but it let me down! [SPOILERS NOW]
    Sam saved the end of the show, he was the most interesting part! Tara living with that woman was just non-sense. But Sam and her seem to have a history, I hope it's good!
    I hated Sookie and Sam kissing! Not because I'm a Bill-Sookie person, but because it was lame for the story!
    Eric is nice now, he was suppose to be mean, i should hate him but I don't!
    Rene being the killer wasn't a big surprise, I found out an episode earlier! hahaha
    They killed Lafayette...I like him so much!!
    I hope season 2 get better again!!
  • Awesome and Very Different.

    When I first heard about this show, I never really wanted to watch it, since maybe it's just another Vampire in pop culture. When I watched it, I was wrong. The show has many elements that would make me want to tune in for the next episode. The show overall is edgy, original, thrilling, mysterious and just awesome. I got addicted to this show and now, I can't stop watching. I really don't mind about the nudity, because this show is beyond that. There are a lot of exciting stuff going on and somethings are unexpected. The acting is superb, especially for Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse. The writing is great too. The show, as a whole, for me, makes great television. I really do think that this show is better that many of the shows on TV these days.
  • Let's get things started.

    If season two is anything like season one, there will be some slow times (like episode one) while building momentum for the season. Do I look forward to learning more about the captives in the basement and wheel? Yes. We now know it is a sort of holding area for humans who have wronged the vampire class. I know I don't trust the "Sun" cult and the empty stares of the followers. The bar looks just as in need of a good hose down as last season (as do the customers)and the Bayou looks just as steamy and humid as before.
  • The story of Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire paramour Bill Compton from the novels of Charlene Harris. Vampires have just come out of the closet with the introduction of a Japanese Synthesized blood called True Blood. Life will never be the same.

    Wonderful series based on the books of Charlene Harris. As a big fan of the science fiction/paranormal genre I am very grateful for this high production value, superbly acted series. I actually have never had HBO as a subscribed network until this past week. I picked this network up on my Dish Network subscription just for this show. This reminds me of years ago when Poltergeist: The Legacy was on Showtime.

    I am looking forward to the second season and just finished the first on DVD. The stories are serialized and the key is to see them in order. One of the things I enjoy about the show is the fact that nothing is off the table as far as character development and the possibility of any character dying. Sookie, Bill, Sam, Eric, and Tara are probably off the table but you never really know what is going to be around the corner otherwise.

    The acting is great and the cast superb. Production values are well done. You don't get the dark/light problem from many similar series just because they are hiding the quality of the production by making everything very dark. That is annoying as at times you can't really tell what is going on. Not with this series.

    The one advantage this show has being on HBO versus cable or commercial TV is they have more leeway from the point of view on the violence and sexual content. The show can be pretty brutal but considering the content that would be expected.

    All in all a fine show with great production values across the board. I hope it will be on for many years. Thanks for reading...
  • I never heard of this show until today when I was surfing the IMDB site. So I downloaded the first episode to see if the show was any good....

    I never heard of this show until today when I was surfing the IMDB site. So I downloaded the first episode to see if the show was any good....
    And I can say: I am addicted to another fantastic show!! Today I watched the first 6 episodes of season one, and I really loved it. It's a shame that they don't air this show in the Netherlands (where I live), but I am very happy that I can download it. I can't wait for the next season to start, despite I then ofcource do have to wait a week for the next episode.
  • I just can't stop watching it!

    I started watching season one this week and it blew me away...It was the greatest surprise i have ever had in a very long time. The plot gets more and more interesting, each new episode has a new surprising development. The characters are well built, Lafayette Reynolds is just amazing. And my favorite thing of all is the dark humor, very characteristic of Allan Ball. Sometimes i laugh my ass off.
    I can't wait for the beginning of season 2. Too bad there are only twelve episodes so far, there are a lot of bad shows with twenty episodes per season.
  • Just bought season 1 from Best Buy. I think I am in love ^_^

    I read the Stackhouse novels so I really wanted to watch the show. I must say the show is a little different from the books, so you must take the two apart from each other. Over all thought I think the show is very entertaining. I love the way it is very graphic and real. I will admit, I wasn't expecting there to be so much sex, but will I complain? No! This show is a class of its own. Everyone needs to watch atleast one episode before ever knocking it, I guarentee you get hooked! I can't wait for season 2!
  • Vampires, always watchable thing...

    The show is very disturbing but at the same time it is very amusing. First I hated it but after 2 episodes I started to like it and now I am a fan of it. I calculate days for the season season. It has unusual story. There are vampires and world knows everything about them. In this world there is small town girl named Suckie with a gift.
    Every episode has a twist so that you always be shocked. So thanks to the script writers, I hope this season they will do the same thing.
    I also love the actings, the actors can get 8.5 out of 10.
  • Intense show with all the making of true vampires-- and a little more to make it even more wonderful!

    Vampires are able to resist the bloodlust of human blood thanks to a Japanese scientist who invented 'fake blood' or more commonly known as 'True Blood". This synthetic blood offers vampires their supply of blood without killing humans although some reject the synthetic crap.
    Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress with a unique ability to read everyones minds- that is until a vampire called Bill enters the bar she works in and she cannot get a read on him. Slowly they begin to fall for eachother because of Sookie's ability not working on him- she finnaly finds the right guy because she prefers not to be in his thoughts. Its a wonderful show and really has great potential to evolve into other stuff other than vampires. The concept of vampires in this show is mostly traditional which will be good news to vampire fans. And more mythology is added onto each traditional epitomy of a vampire to make it more of an original show, which is wonderful. Wonderful and distinct character drive the show with great plots in each episode. A truly good show with a spooky, funny and guessing element to it.
  • Vampires are real. Nothing is what you expect. Sookie, a small town girl with a "gift" comes in contact with her first vampire, Bill. With the help of the sexy vamp she will have to find and put a stop to a murderer.

    Could not stop watching. I am so excited for season 2. And I am going to be buying Season 1 on May 19th. It has a Twilight style gone X-rated. You will meet some bizarre characters. Every episode will leave you wanting more. The theme in all is just creative and fun. You either love it or you hate it. I like the cast a lot. Anna Paquin plays the main character, Sookie. You get to learn a lot about the characters. There is a lot of irony of the situation. Also based off of a novel. All in all a great show with unlimited potential.
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