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  • HBO True Blood Season is a very addicting TV series and I'm looking forward to Season two this summer.

    True Blood is one of the most exciting shows that I've seen on cable TV in a while. The characters and plots are all exciting and keeps you on edge in each episode. Season one was pretty addicting and left you wanting more week to week. I actually purchased all eight books written by Charlaine Harris for which True Blood has been based on. Though the characters in the book differ from the show, both the TV and books have their strong points and I'm able to love them both without preferring one over the other. The characters Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse romance really draws you into the series almost immediately. Looking forward to Season 2
  • Best show EVER!

    This show is amazing.The first 2 episodes where kind of slow then after that the show really picked up and stories started to peice together.The romance between Bill and Sookie is amazing.The chemistry between them is electrfying and wonderful.The supporting cast are all original and hilarious Tara,Jason and ofcourse the beautiful Eric!The vampire and human storylines intertwine but yet don't get too crisscrossed like in Twilight.The cast is also another redeeming fact of the show Anna Paquin was well deserving as her potrayl of Sookie Stackhouse jumps of the screen.The only bad points I can think of is that the music and score can sometimes make the moment seem cheesy also the amount of sex in the show is over the top and the nudity is uneeded except when its Bill or Jason ofcourse.All in all the show is the best in it's genre as Vampire shows can sometimes be corny and predictable but the stories and wonderful plotting of Vampires co-exsisting with humans is amazing.I for one can't wait till Season 2 begins.
  • Same as any other vampire show with a slight twist, their 'out of the coffin' folks!

    Yet another vampire show, god these things seem to be creeping up everywhere even more these days. Despite that it is a pretty good show and I love how it takes a different angle on the whole vampire thing. Yep thats right instead of sneaking about in the darkness of alley ways, the vamps are out in the open (not in daylight obviously), due to scientists in Japan making artificial blood known as 'Tru Blood' however not all the vampires like this and the occasional bite is acceptable. Oh did I mention there are also humans that have cool powers such as mind reading Sookie and the occasional shape shifter isn't fair behind. Yeah this show has it all and its set in the quiet town of Bon Temps where the 1000 year old vampire sheriff Eric rules in his night club fangtasia. The characters are really well played especially Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill (Stephen Moyer), their scenes together are the best as they instantly click, I can't enough of them. Also gotta add the other actors make all the other characters great to watch. A vampire show with a slight change in context, sounds fun and it is.
  • vampfest!!! loving this show, can't wait for next series!!!

    well first off, i was well chuft that the "sookie stackhouse" books were getting made into a series!! the books are great! usually when shows or films are made about books they don't always compare very well to the books, but this show is fantastic! the actors picked are all roughly what i thought they would look like, except "bill" and "eric", i'm not as keen on them as i am on the rest. don't get me wrong, they are good actors, but just not what i imagined them to be, but then it has hee-haw to do with me! :D more and more lots of my fave books are being made into shows or movies and it is always fascinating to see what it will play out like, and this show certainly has not been a disappointment, not by a long shot!! the "jason" character is a little more air-headed than he was in the books, but it fits well into the show and makes it more entertaining! so all in all it's a great show and a credit to Charlaine Harris and the people who have helped her get it to the screens, so thank-you all for creating a great show!! xox
  • Best show ever!!! Good Job Alan Ball(hbo) and Charlaine Harris who created Sookie, Bill, Eric (cant forget Eric...yummmy)

    If you haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris then I strongly suggest them. I've read then twice and I've watched the True Blood show over and over and I can't get enough of True Blood!!! I don't usually get addicted to shows but this one is my absolute FAV!!! I can't wait for season 2 !! Thumbs up to creator Alan Ball (HBO) and Charlaine Harris for writing such great novels. I cant wait for the season 1 to come out on DVD. It will for sure be on my list of DVD's to buy. And congrats to Anna Paquin on her Golden Globe. I have alot of friends also addicted to the show and the books, again I strongly recommend the books.
  • This addicting series gives a peek into a modern day world where Vampires exist, but maybe not only Vampires. Some are accepting and others are not, and a small town waitress, Sookie, a mind-reader in love with a vamp, tries to change minds.

    I greatly enjoy this show! Every week I feel as if I'm finding out new things about my own world. It takes talent to try and fit the unreal into reality and True Blood does that. Each character is smart, intriguing, and brings something to the table. This last season was unbelievable and I only hope the writers can keep this up and bring in a new mystery while holding onto the old feel of the first season. The best part of watching an episode is losing myself in it and the unexpected scene cuts at the end of the episodes always leaving me wanting more. I haven't read the books yet but I will be, I only hope they don't change my mind of the show! This inventive and fast-moving show is exactly what is needed at the end of a weekend!
  • Ilove True Blood to the max.

    I really love, love, love TRUE BLOOD it is the only show I watch on TV. It has everything you could ask for HOT!!!! men (Stephen Moyer) drama, comedy, romance, suspense. Alan Ball rocks bringing a story to life for us unique people who dont want to mainstream the TV. I will watch this show until it never exhists or my DVD's wear out.. Fan for life... And I am not alone there are thousands of us, We are becoming a community, those that stand together make a bigger statement. We True Blood folk love our show forever.........
  • One of the best shows, you can't miss it. If you haven't seen it, make sure you do.

    True Blood is one of the best shows on TV.
    It has a great plot and a great cast. I espacially love Eric, it's a great character and I LOVE Alexander Skarsgard. A good thing is that he's from Sweden, just like I am. Makes me very proud!
    One thing that is a bit bad about the show is that they've changed some things from the book. That's a bit sad, but the show is good in it's own way.
    Now they're taking a break and the show won't be back until the summer of 2009 (or that's what I've heard), I hope they stick to the book more on the next season.
  • Inventive, violent, and full of on-screen sex, this show isn't for everyone, but if you have the stomach for it, the dramatic situations and characters are worth watching.

    I didn't like the first episode of this series. The villains were cartoonish, Bill was too trusting, Sookie was plain stupid at the end, and the whole thing made me wonder if it was going to be a show where the plot depends on universal stupidity. Still, I liked the main characters, and thought there was potential.

    After a few more episodes, I decided it was going to be worth my time after all. Anna Paquin is a gem, and the character of Bill has a certain battered, tortured charm. As the back-stories are revealed, each character gains depth that keeps you coming back for more, and the complexities of their world grow more interesting. Plus, unlike any show I've ever seen, you never know who's going to get killed horribly next. So, I will definitely be tuning in for season 2, and hope that it just keeps improving.
  • Im addicted to TrueBlood (the show, not the drink). I cant wait for next season.. im craving for more trueblood

    Thank God for Mr. Allan Ball for bringing us Six Feet Under, American Beauty, and now this: TrueBlood. It started out really weak and lame. I tried my best to watch the first three episodes. After the 3rd ep. I said to myself: Im done with this show. Im disappointed. But then my friend insisted for me to watch the rest of the episodes. and MaN tHeY wErE AwEsOmE! every ending leaves you wanting for more. Im addicted! Its the same feeling I had while watching the 1st season of Dexter (i know they're rivals. Dexter got boring on season 2, but still watch it :D)its up there with season 1 of Veronica Mars, Wonderfalls, and season 1 of Dexter. Just ignore the silliness of the 1st 3 episodes and the rest are awesome. Also: it is rare to see a movie that is better than the book. (i guess this is a different matter since its a tv show, but still..)
  • True blood is the kind of show that leaves you craving the next episode/season.

    The trailer for this show had me hooked. I was thinking what the hell is this about. I had to watch the first episode. After that, I couldn't stop. It was so amazing. Everything about True Blood is brilliant. The use of satire is amazing. I love the modern vampire. They text and play Wii. That is completely unlike any other vampire show I've seen. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have amazing on screen chemistry. They totally get into their characters and it makes everything that much more interesting. I can't wait for season 2. I know that it is going to be just as amazing as season 1. Maybe even better.
  • This is my new favorite show on T.V.

    A friend told me to check it out, and it took only one episode for me to fall in love. I love the people in the show and the storylines. I am so in to the show I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen so I went out and read all the books. The follows along with the books but not so close the it renders the show non-watchable once you have read the books. The actors are great in this show and they were all cast in great roles. I don't know how HBO could have done better.

    I just wrote like a lot but i cannot write in uppercase or something like that (pendejadas mayusculas) eso k ) ok enough whit the spanish!!

    ok wel I just love the show a litle bit too much nude scenes wich is cool but not if your tryn' to wach it whit your mother jaja

    I can't wait for the second season to start wooo, wat's going to happend

    Is in it grate that it gat 2 golden globe nominatins ajaj

    well just 20 mone words ****

    i guess I'll have to write more even if i do it wrong jaja its just this is not actually my language jaja see I finished!!
  • "V" For Victory

    True Blood its an excelent Tv show i did not read the books yet but if they are as good as the show im surely be pleased
    I love the idea of the barmaid that can listen what people think and the vampire rights fight like its a new world i mean vampires no need to hide anymore and they tried to fit in the society totally awsome TV show and script
    Anna Paquin its an awsome Tv actress i know her from the X-Men films but another great actor, besides the actor that portaits Bill, its Sam Trammell its so cute
    Good Tv Show :):)
  • Great Show

    I have to say I like this one. It is as another comment read addicting to say the least. My only issue with it is the acting leaves to be desired at times. The story and plot line are entertaining enough for me to look around the acting and keep me hooked to watch more. I do hope to see this one around for a few years. I like a show that is different from the norm. I am impatiently waiting for the next season. Can't wait to see what kinda trouble lies ahead.. Bring on the new season I am waiting. :-)
  • Entertaining, good character development, great storylines.

    I found True Blood to be a rewarding experience in the vampire genre. The show has mystery, romance and vampires - a wonderful mix for most audiences.
    A murderer is on the loose in Bon Temps, LA and anyone who associates with vampires is likely a target, including Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress at Merlotte's who becomes involved with vampires quite by accident. It seems someone is after Sookie and one certain vampire makes it his duty to protect her which starts a whirlwind romance between the two. Exciting storylines illustrating every day temptations such as sex, drugs and interpersonal relationships effortlessly loop through the main story arc of the murderer making for a rousing show!
  • Fangbangers love me

    My favorite Fangbanger show on history.
    I love this season, it seems the universe of True Blood will expand in the next season.
    I really can wait, in one hand i want to see how funny the relationship Bill-Sookie-Jessica turns out to be. I think hillarious.
    Jason is the one character i love for his hot bod and hate for his increasingly stupidity. He might not be a fangbanger, but he needs a brainfounder. I think this episode was really good in general terms, most of all, because it follows the tone of the series, and really rap all the knots and bring a closer look to the next season, witch im wating for, with my fangs already screaming for blood.
  • All I can say is WOAH! I'm defiantly addicted to this show. Weird and graphic in the whole romance department, but nice when Sookie and Bill are around. Going to watch this for a while. Glad there making a season 2.

    I'm defiantly addicted to this show. Weird and graphic in the whole romance department, but nice when Sookie and Bill are around.
    Going to watch this for a while. Glad there making a season 2. Some things annoy me though. For one is everyone's country accents. I know that there in Louisiana but not everyone has a accent like that in Louisiana. Two, the people need to speak more clearly. Sometimes all the words are jumbled and I have no idea what they say. At least you can understand Bill.
    Other than that I love the show. Its great!! Can't wait for more.
  • Wow. Simply wow. A great Finale to a fine show. Now I understand why HBO ordered the second season just on the strength of the first eps. alone. Hopefully this will last for a long run.

    I had flown out to San Diego this past summer of '08 for a few days to go to the yearly comic con. All over the Convention walls were advertisements for a Drink Called "TRUE BOOLD". I had never heard of it before, but from the ad I got the impression it was some-sort of vampire drink.... to my surprise, it turn out to be a clever way to get people to buzz about the new HBO series. "Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic barmaid who finds comfort in the company of vampires since they have no brainwave activity for her to read" interesting I thought, so I watched, and it was great! this last eps. didn't disappoint. Not to give the story away for those who haven't seen it yet,I will just say the scene were BIll ( in full daylight ) & sam run to save sookie from certain death was AWESOME!

    With its interesting characters and subplots, this show should take a big bite out of the ratings!

    Good Stuff!

    Samuraikuroi U.S.A
  • weird camera angles, angsty but addictive.

    The camera angles at the start really annoyed me. Like the whole thing generally annoys me from the actors to the actual plot.

    Yet for some reason I can't stop watching it!

    LOL@ the newspaper - Angelina adopts vampire baby. Such a low hit. It was amazing.
    Why does the vampire lick her as well? it's sooo random. It's kind of kinky but at the same time really stalkerish.

    You know the more i watch it, the more I think 'God he's hot.' in a kind of broody way..
    is that very wrong?

    I'm glad Jason got out for a bit. I'm also glad he's a whore. It brings some drama to the show which is good. Drama not angsty I mean.

    'You were just licking blood out of my head. It doesn't get more personal than that.'

    And omg. the thoughts of guys in dates - its very good. funny funny.
  • I absolutely adore this show. I look forward to it every week.

    It has quickly become my favorite show. That is saying alot, because no vamp show has been able to even keep my attention since Buffy & Angel went off the air (may they R.I.P.). Some of the characters are quirky enough to fall into the area of Camp, but the drama can be very deep at times. It a perfect mixture of drama, comedy, and mystery. My fave moment is when Lafayette let those stupid rednecks have it over the burger they sent back. That was classic!! Wonderful seeing a show like this where the gay guy is empowered and NOT the victim! I agree with another on here... I do not want this season to end!!!!
  • Hands down the best new show on T.V. A must see! This show should be an example on "How to bring a series of books to life!" Not only does the show satisfy the fans of the book series, it opens new plotlines to keep it refreshing and new.

    Hands down the best new show on T.V. A must see! This show should be an example on "How to bring a series of books to life!" Not only does the show satisfy the fans of the book series, it opens new plotlines to keep it refreshing and new. Even if you haven't read the series of books, you feel completely engaged for the entire hour the show is running. What True Blood does best is keep its viewers on the edge of their seats with baited breath. Each episode ends leaving you wanting more and counting down the days until next Sunday night!!
  • It has keeps you on the go. Non stop mysteries to be solved. Fangtasti!

    I am a fan already of all 8 books of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. The show rings true to most of the charaters and have added a nice twist to some relationships between others. I truly enjoy how the actors have potrayed each character, I see they have read all 8 books as well as taking the scrips into themselves.

    I am not the type of person to get hooked quickly on a programn so this is a definate pleaser. I cannot wait for the next season to come on. One hour for me is not enough. Perfect cast and lovely new twist I just love it!
  • I just can't get enough...had to buy the books once I watched the first episode on HBO!!

    Seems to be most of everyone who commented likes the series...I for one never really jumped on the wagon for any Vampire movies or shows...but once I tuned to the HBO series...O.M.G!! Fell in love right away! I had to buy the books cuz I couldn't wait to see what happend next week, so I read and read and can't get enough of Sookie and Bill and Eric and Sam...everyone in the book has so much to be animated about. I love the series too, addicted every week and sad to know only 1 show left...the finale looks a bit much to shove all in one show but we will see how that goes...Bite me anytime!!! I suggest if you like this series, then read the books, you will not be disappointed at all and I really am not a book person, but for this I AM!!!
  • "True Blood" follows the story of Sookie Stackhouse, a young waitress/telepath, and the assimilation of the vampire species into modern America.

    For somebody who watches a lot of TV, i must say that this show has grown on me faster than any other show on television in the last ten years. After watching the first episode, i mistakenly deemed the show "entertaining at best". I can safely say, after seeing the fist eleven episodes of the seaso, that i was mistaken. "True Blood" is mind-blowing, riveting, and a "must-watch". Props go out to HBO, who couldn't have made a better choice in their selection of this years new drama. I can only hope that the rest of the series proves to be as incredibly fantastic as it has been so far.
  • This show grows on you.

    First 3 episodes made me think "omg what is this?". It looked like a Redneck version of Buffy or something. But the intro was very nice, so I didn't give up on it. I took a small break from it.

    When I came back it had changed. More characters, more info and it made me wanna see more. I also think the actors was better and better.

    Something great about this show is that people die. Yes it might sound wierd, but that makes the show better. You never know what will happen. Who is the bad guy etc. I love it.

    The story is better and better and so are the actors. This show grows on me and I can't wait for next episode.

    If you have not seen it yet. Watch it! After 3 or 4 episodes it becomes much better.
  • Great Show.

    I caught an episode of this show at my friends last week and had to go back and watch it from the beginning. I cannot believe the way those rednecks beat Sukie up at the end of this episode. I also am intrigued what happened to the hooker chick that died. Very good acting and interesting plot lines. I will be watching the second episode next to find out what happens. Darn I wish I had HBO now!!! Very interesting about how she can read everone's mind, that'd be a neat power to have but could get old after awhile when you can't shut people up, but it benefited her by saving Vampire Bill. I am also wondering how those two got him down and started to drain his veins. Why do they want the blood, to sale it? Anyways, could you imagine that Vampires were real and what the world would be like living with them. It definitely make living a whole lot more interesting.
  • A great new show involving mainstreaming vampires!

    A new twist on the vampire genre with vampires able to mill about and mingle with humans since there is a new synthetic "True Blood" on the market. With True Blood available the vampires no longer need to "feed" on humans to sustain their immortality. Some vampires still crave human blood and there are "fang bangers" to fill that niche.
    Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress who is able to read minds and falls in love with a vampire, Bill Compton. However, there are still humans not willing to share the stage (or their species) with vampires and a murderer is lurking killing off anyone who has any dealings with vampires. Will Sookie be next?
  • How can a show this good have an overall rating of 8.2 when every episode has scored higher than that?

    This show is fantastic and, im my opinion, the best new show since 2006.

    The show has a distinct feel to it, from the settings to the stories and to characters. Every Character has his or her part to play and I love that some of the smaller parts of the show have played through the entire series (I.E. the staff at Merlotts and Jason's construction work mates)

    Sookie and Bill are the stars of the show but thankfully, not every minute of the episode is devoted to only them which is brilliant as it gives characters like Tara, Lafayette and Jason time to shine.

    Th acting is fantasic even though the accents are sometimes questionable but it never takes you out of the overall experience of the show.

    If you have never seen this show, its your loss. I would however, recomend it to everyone out there. It may not be to everyones taste, but, just like Dr Pepper, "don't knock it till you've tried it"!!!
  • I was surprised!!! (small spoiler in the end of the review)

    I watched the first episode of True Blood tonight and I have to say, the summary on doesn't do it any justice. And the pictures make it very unappealing. I thought it would be just another, Buffy-like, teen age drama, with black-belt, big-boobed chicks getting it on, who, naturally, are experts on all kinds of martial arts as well as all the monsters and vampires around. Straight from the grave into the punching and kicking, with back flips and … YAWN … My boyfriend wanted to give it a chance and I was putting it off for a long time now. But today I thought, eh, what the hey, let's give it a try and with the first karate move we will just press STOP. But man, it was good!!! What? Yes! It was smart, and funny, and well directed. Nice editing, very professional photography, smooth camera work. Dialogues not SPECTACULAR, but rather amusing I'd say. Also, I always loved the New Orleans Vampire mythology and the series is set in Louisiana, so that is a bonus for me ;)
    Well, I was entertained!

    SPOILER coming up : "Bill? Your name is Bill? A vampire named Bill?"
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