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  • Hands down the best new show on T.V. A must see! This show should be an example on "How to bring a series of books to life!" Not only does the show satisfy the fans of the book series, it opens new plotlines to keep it refreshing and new.

    Hands down the best new show on T.V. A must see! This show should be an example on "How to bring a series of books to life!" Not only does the show satisfy the fans of the book series, it opens new plotlines to keep it refreshing and new. Even if you haven't read the series of books, you feel completely engaged for the entire hour the show is running. What True Blood does best is keep its viewers on the edge of their seats with baited breath. Each episode ends leaving you wanting more and counting down the days until next Sunday night!!
  • It has keeps you on the go. Non stop mysteries to be solved. Fangtasti!

    I am a fan already of all 8 books of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. The show rings true to most of the charaters and have added a nice twist to some relationships between others. I truly enjoy how the actors have potrayed each character, I see they have read all 8 books as well as taking the scrips into themselves.

    I am not the type of person to get hooked quickly on a programn so this is a definate pleaser. I cannot wait for the next season to come on. One hour for me is not enough. Perfect cast and lovely new twist I just love it!
  • I just can't get enough...had to buy the books once I watched the first episode on HBO!!

    Seems to be most of everyone who commented likes the series...I for one never really jumped on the wagon for any Vampire movies or shows...but once I tuned to the HBO series...O.M.G!! Fell in love right away! I had to buy the books cuz I couldn't wait to see what happend next week, so I read and read and can't get enough of Sookie and Bill and Eric and Sam...everyone in the book has so much to be animated about. I love the series too, addicted every week and sad to know only 1 show left...the finale looks a bit much to shove all in one show but we will see how that goes...Bite me anytime!!! I suggest if you like this series, then read the books, you will not be disappointed at all and I really am not a book person, but for this I AM!!!
  • "True Blood" follows the story of Sookie Stackhouse, a young waitress/telepath, and the assimilation of the vampire species into modern America.

    For somebody who watches a lot of TV, i must say that this show has grown on me faster than any other show on television in the last ten years. After watching the first episode, i mistakenly deemed the show "entertaining at best". I can safely say, after seeing the fist eleven episodes of the seaso, that i was mistaken. "True Blood" is mind-blowing, riveting, and a "must-watch". Props go out to HBO, who couldn't have made a better choice in their selection of this years new drama. I can only hope that the rest of the series proves to be as incredibly fantastic as it has been so far.
  • This show grows on you.

    First 3 episodes made me think "omg what is this?". It looked like a Redneck version of Buffy or something. But the intro was very nice, so I didn't give up on it. I took a small break from it.

    When I came back it had changed. More characters, more info and it made me wanna see more. I also think the actors was better and better.

    Something great about this show is that people die. Yes it might sound wierd, but that makes the show better. You never know what will happen. Who is the bad guy etc. I love it.

    The story is better and better and so are the actors. This show grows on me and I can't wait for next episode.

    If you have not seen it yet. Watch it! After 3 or 4 episodes it becomes much better.
  • Great Show.

    I caught an episode of this show at my friends last week and had to go back and watch it from the beginning. I cannot believe the way those rednecks beat Sukie up at the end of this episode. I also am intrigued what happened to the hooker chick that died. Very good acting and interesting plot lines. I will be watching the second episode next to find out what happens. Darn I wish I had HBO now!!! Very interesting about how she can read everone's mind, that'd be a neat power to have but could get old after awhile when you can't shut people up, but it benefited her by saving Vampire Bill. I am also wondering how those two got him down and started to drain his veins. Why do they want the blood, to sale it? Anyways, could you imagine that Vampires were real and what the world would be like living with them. It definitely make living a whole lot more interesting.
  • A great new show involving mainstreaming vampires!

    A new twist on the vampire genre with vampires able to mill about and mingle with humans since there is a new synthetic "True Blood" on the market. With True Blood available the vampires no longer need to "feed" on humans to sustain their immortality. Some vampires still crave human blood and there are "fang bangers" to fill that niche.
    Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress who is able to read minds and falls in love with a vampire, Bill Compton. However, there are still humans not willing to share the stage (or their species) with vampires and a murderer is lurking killing off anyone who has any dealings with vampires. Will Sookie be next?
  • How can a show this good have an overall rating of 8.2 when every episode has scored higher than that?

    This show is fantastic and, im my opinion, the best new show since 2006.

    The show has a distinct feel to it, from the settings to the stories and to characters. Every Character has his or her part to play and I love that some of the smaller parts of the show have played through the entire series (I.E. the staff at Merlotts and Jason's construction work mates)

    Sookie and Bill are the stars of the show but thankfully, not every minute of the episode is devoted to only them which is brilliant as it gives characters like Tara, Lafayette and Jason time to shine.

    Th acting is fantasic even though the accents are sometimes questionable but it never takes you out of the overall experience of the show.

    If you have never seen this show, its your loss. I would however, recomend it to everyone out there. It may not be to everyones taste, but, just like Dr Pepper, "don't knock it till you've tried it"!!!
  • I was surprised!!! (small spoiler in the end of the review)

    I watched the first episode of True Blood tonight and I have to say, the summary on doesn't do it any justice. And the pictures make it very unappealing. I thought it would be just another, Buffy-like, teen age drama, with black-belt, big-boobed chicks getting it on, who, naturally, are experts on all kinds of martial arts as well as all the monsters and vampires around. Straight from the grave into the punching and kicking, with back flips and … YAWN … My boyfriend wanted to give it a chance and I was putting it off for a long time now. But today I thought, eh, what the hey, let's give it a try and with the first karate move we will just press STOP. But man, it was good!!! What? Yes! It was smart, and funny, and well directed. Nice editing, very professional photography, smooth camera work. Dialogues not SPECTACULAR, but rather amusing I'd say. Also, I always loved the New Orleans Vampire mythology and the series is set in Louisiana, so that is a bonus for me ;)
    Well, I was entertained!

    SPOILER coming up : "Bill? Your name is Bill? A vampire named Bill?"
  • Sookie Stackhouse falls for a dark soul, tries to find a hometown murderer, and finds personal comfort in the backwoods of Louisiana. Vampires, sex, and memorable people will grasp you in this new and exciting show.

    Sookie Stackhouse and her dead boyfriend try to overcome scrutiny, prejudice, and murder to find love. This show, based on the wonderful books of Charlene Harris, gives us a new and fresh take on the vampire community and the oldie human loves vamp story.
    Along the line we meet great characters. Like Tara, Sookie's lifelong bestfriend whose self-esteem and attitude keep her from love and acceptence. Tara's bad mouth and smart quips will keep you smiling long after the show is done.
    Sam Merlotte, Sookie's boss, has a school girl crush on Sookie, but keeps his secrets deeply hidden from everyone.
    Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's playboy brother will have you blushing and laughing through is addiction to v (vampire blood)and his constant love-making.
    I could go on and on, but one episode will give you chills, thrills, and laughs. One hour of True Blood will have you hooked. Beautiful people, great acting, the show is visually captivating and plots will numb your mind. You can't miss out on this wonderful show that depicts people at what the basis of what they are. A ride of emotion and mystery, True Blood has a little something of everything for everyone.
  • It's art house Buffy! With nudity, sex and cussin'! And I LOVE it!

    OK I was hesitant of going into this one as Six Feet Under is my fave show ever (I still haven't watched the last episode because that means it's over. I know. Pathetic) and Alan Ball is a god. So I have finally delved into this one and I have to say, Mr Ball has blown me away again! Tense, dramatic, very funny (Tara's a particular hoot), violent and sexy as all get out. Anna Paquin is fab as is the entire cast. Intelligent script (ya gotta love the newspaper headline "Angelina adopts vampire baby". If your not watching this, or you don't get it, then you are really missing out.
  • True Blood follows suki and her family and surroundings

    After watching the pilot i added this to my favorites and waited anxiously after the next episode,

    But now after around 9 episodes, i kindoff think its being drawn out, nothing special has been happening right now just a bunch of scenes with her brother naked,

    Havent we seen enough of that guys body ?

    Maybe it's just me but i think the episode needs to take a turn away from the brother, maybe get him in trouble with the vampire, i really hope that's whats coming up because its been too settle for me

    Bring some action to True Blood like the first episodes, and less of the naked brother :)
  • true blood has been the most wonderful show that i have seen in a very long time. I would sit there and watch it for hours. it has heart throbbing action sit on the edge of your seat scenes it is just the perfect show on HBO right now

    And O my god please don't get me started on bill he can bit me when ever he wants to day or night, he is the hottest Vampier that i have ever laid eyes on. And i have a question for the bar tender why in the hell does he turn into a dog. and please tell me that where ever bill went you are not taking him off the show because he is the reason that i watch it his love affair with the blond girl Sooki is getting intence and i think that he needs to admit that he is in love with her
  • Best show on HBO.

    this show is the best show on the network. Absoultley love it. it always leabes us with a daring true taste of cliff hanger or susupencse. One of the best things on HBO and the best things On sunday nights. The charaters are real life and I learnt so much abouty vampires. Absoluley fabulous. The best thing. I love Sookie, but she's too crazy. She looks like the girl, megan from VH1 show " rock of Love". But aNYWAY best thng on tv is true blood.........f d d d d d d d d d d d dd d d d d
  • True Blood: a telepathic barmaid falls in love with a vampire, discovering a parallel world, for some, trying to coexist with humans ... not everyobody seems to like the idea...

    I discovered True Blood very recently and I love it!
    Thanks to Alan Ball, he's doing an amazing job, especially when you are adapting a book for TV, it's easier when it's your own stuff, so it's really well done, starting with the generic (theme song) that gives the perfect tone!!!
    Totally not a 'Vampire' show, the cast is very good, there are real acting skills there, it's not like those shows only about action, muscles and hot girls with no brain. It's not a scary stuff either, there're emotions, expectations, laugh...
    The guy is obviously great at what he does, Six feet Under, American beauty, True Blood, well talents must be recognized!
    Yes thanks Alan, my tomato juice will never look the same again ;- and thanks to the cast, you're doing great!!!
    Heloise (Belgium)
  • I have fallen in love with this show! It was great how Lettie Mae did a turnaround!!! Oh and the scene in the cemetery was just great!! Cant wait to see the next one!!

    So what do you guys think about Amy? She seemed like a nice girl at first then with Vamp Eddie she just turns evil. She was just vicious! I just hope that Jason will not turn out to be that way and will let the Vamp Eddie loose. Sookie and Bill are my fav. That scene in the cemetery was just great! I wished that U was Sookie!!! I thought it was messed up of Sam to do that to Terry. You just don't mess with a vet w/PTSD. He should have told him the same story that he told Det. Andy. And isn't that funny that Andy called the nudist place in TX about him to find out if it was true or not!! I just love this show! And Erik, man him making Bill do a "favor" for him. I just hope that Sookie does not turn into a vamp!
  • Best Vampire Show

    After watching episode one I was not sold, but by episode 3 it made my "must watch TV list". It has to be one of the best vampire TV show/movie. I like the premise that vampires are known to mankind which makes unique story lines. Having vampires a "secret" has been done so many times and this twist is what makes True Blood unique and a pleasure to watch. The lead vampire character and his interaction with the female lead (which can listen to people thoughts) and how her friends deal with her dating a vampire makes another hit for HBO.

    If you are a fan of Dexter and don't mind a little scare then check out True Blood.
  • Vampires, Mortals, Love, Louisiana!

    I love the books and now I love the t.v. show. I don't even get HBO but I make a point to find a way to watch this show each week. The cast is fabulous, the writing is spot on, and the characters from the books come to life. I like knowing more about all of the characters and the fact that the t.v. show is essentially following the arcs of the books but adding in new and interesting details. I don't mind the changes to the storyline because it is done so smoothly while keeping the major plot points in tact. I have to say that the looks of some of the characters weren't what I expected but overall I think they came pretty close while still keeping the acting in tact. I love the music used in the series and the way in which the music is used, its subtle and adds to it rather than distracts. Overall, it's a well done show.
  • good potential, good concept, good show.

    it takes a show with guts to enter the world of vampires after the king whedon has done it, for the law is set in stone. really like the shows concept and the direction it hints at coming at. looking forward to the next episode and the one after that. The only thing I would say is a little strange is the amount of soft porn that appears to be included. not opposed to it but I would say that it is not really needed. Love the accents in the show, that southern drawl is well recieved by this little brit. all in all, a good show.
  • Absolutely Brilliant! Great cast, excellent writing, very addictive. I dont understand how people can dislike this series, it IS the best thing on TV right now !!

    Absolutely Brilliant .. Great cast, excellent writing, very addictive.
    After the first episode I was addicted, and it usually takes me a few episodes to get addicted to a TV show.

    Its also very original compared to other "vampire" genres. Its nothing like "buffy" if anyone is thinking that :) I love it how Vampires are socially acceptable (well sort of .. )

    Sookie (Anna Paquin) - the main character is perfect, and her best friend "Tara" (Rutina Wesley) who i have actually never seen before is full of character and plays her part great.

    I dont understand how people can dislike this series, it IS the best thing on TV right now !!
  • Love is in the air!

    I must admit that i look forward to True Blood every week its becoming one of my firm favourites of the week.

    This episode was diffrent everyone really let there gaurd down and showed their human side.

    Tara especially, showed a diffrent side to her. Does she also have a hidden demon or is it the fact that she has had to raise herself with one parent gone and another a serious alcholic? Putting up an angry front so no one will really know her true side? I was impressed how she finally gave into helping her mother and she almost looked vunrable in sams trailer when he was having a go at her for leaving him high and dry. As much as she has a stern personality inside i think she is a scared little girl and I hope the writers occasionaly show her more vaunrable side.

    The opening sex scene was great but if i was Sookie why not get bill to bite you in an area where bite marks are not visable? why publicly anounce she has had sex infront of everyone in the bar? Going from a private intmit evening with Bill to anouncing her sex exploits to the whole bar? Sex has certinly made her more confident.

    As for Bill he really opened up to Sookie letting her into his home showing her where he rests and doing what anyone would do if they could with her pervert uncle. I was really impressed with this episode and i hope that true blood continues to scare us, move us and generally excite us.
  • Another exellent show from HBO in which vampires live their long complecated lives next to ordinary humans.

    This is a perfect example of how an exellent book can be made into an amazing TV show. And even though I'm not a big vampire fan myself ("Interview with a Vampire" excluded for being a timeless masterpiece), this show has completely kicked my Dexter addiction and pushed me to gulp down all eight(!) Charlaine Harris books in eight consecutive days, which says a lot as I am, as they say, "married with children".
    I just couldn't wait to find out how it was all going to end (alas, no self-control!).
    But the thing is - now that I do know, I still wait for a new episode as if my life depended on it. Great work. Lots and lots of respect to Alan Ball.
  • This is the best show ever! Absolutely love it please dont ever stop it!!! Sometimes i wish i could be Sookie cause im in love with bill compton he is so HOTT the best thing since Ashton Kutcher or even Brad Pitt! i never miss this show YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    I waite around my house at 8pm every sunday night just to see this show i wouldnt miss it for the world its got everything i love mystery, love, violence, sex,drugs and VAMPIRES its perfect! im hard to please when it comes to movies but i absolutely love this show! im sooo hooked on it! Please dont ever stop making this show i would so cry if yall did. I cant waite to get it on DVD I cant say much but I love, love, love, love this show!
    Thanks Bunches for creating it Rebbica Sandifer! ! ! ! !
  • One of this season's few worthy shows

    This is easily one of the best and most innovative new shows this fall. A truly original take on vampires. In how many series before were they shown as victims and had humans drain and drink their blood!! However, it is not as simple as switching the roles of the prey and the hunter. In this show, amongst both vampires and humans, one can find the evil and the kind. To put things in perspective, this show to the genre of supernatural/vampire series is like Dexter to the crime/drama genre. It is a must see for the fans of this genre. Good writing and great acting. Always leaves you wanting more. The ending of almost every episode is surprising and keeps you hooked. Looking forward to the remainder of this season and I hope it gets renewed for a second season if the writers maintain this level of quality.
  • Wow!

    Ok, so after hearing/reading a few things about this show I thought I'd give Episode 1 a try & see what I thought. I've just finished watching episode 5 & am waiting for episode 6 to finish downloading, after watching them all back-to-back! What can I say, this show is the love-child of Buffy + Sex & the City, with the same WTF endings each episode as the first series of Heroes had. I honestly do not know where to start in telling you how cool/great/amazing this show is, the only thing I can suggest is: Watch It!
  • WOW

    This is by far the best episode of the season. In a word "WoW"! It was awesome. My spouse made a comment at the end of this episode which was truly went something like "I am very disappointed that Sookie gave in so soon" "her virginity and her neck all at the same time but unavoidable I guess". I really enjoyed this one. Especially after last week which I found somewhat dull but necessary I suppose to give us some history of a few characters. I Hope next week is just as good, I can hardly wait.
  • I'm positively surprised

    I must admit I was unsure about this series at first, I thought the characters were a bit too much (each of them was too much of whatever characterises them), but I've started to really like it, I like the characters, although I do think Jason is a bit too much, he appears to have no self-control whatsoever, no matter what it's about... Sookie is a very special girl and I like that she's different, her connection with Bill was evident from the moment she laid eyes on him. This is nothing like the Buffy-Angel-Spike relationship, this is beautiful and special. I'm already hooked on True Blood.
  • Vampires in the South. :D

    A great start. Enjoyable and very different. Lets hope it lasts. The characters, though some of their southern accents are a tad off, are definitely worth watching. HBO seems to make their characters real. REAL, not like Desperate Housewives status, but like touch and feel real (Nothing against Desperate Housewives or ABC, its still a guilty pleasure).

    I will continue to watch the rest of the first season on Sundays and I hope it doesn't lose the flare its got going for it.

    You should check it out and see if you too want to sink your fangs into True Blood.
  • Book or series??

    OK do not get me wrong...I love this show!! BUT for someone who read the books and absolutely LOVED every second of them, I am a little disappointed! The show has a very good story line and it is running along with the books somewhat...I am however ticked off that writers always have to change all the main points of a book. I understand that they want to make sure that the tv show will attract attention and keep it viewers, but come on you need to keep to the books! Like the whole Tara being a best friend part. Tara and Sookie knew each other yes, but they where far from best friends in the book. And Jason, come on, Jason did not do V in the books. This part I do find to be very disappointing!! I just wish that for once if you read a book and watch a show, or watch a show then read the book, that they would be the same. This series has SOOOO much potential and I am just afraid that the writers are going to ruin it!!
  • Sookie Stackhouse 5x fast.

    Truthfully I'm much too young to watch this show, and yes I change the channel through all of the "mature" scenes (practically every six minutes) but besides the graphical nature and language it's a pretty decent show. And I always did enjoy a good vampire show. It's good to see Bill, a vampire with a bit of a human side. Though some things fly over my head (due to my age), I can't seem to stop watching. The plot is so well structured and the characters well written, along with the dialogue, after the first episode I was hooked like Jason on V.
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