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  • best thing on

    love the show and the characters - everything works well. I, unlike a lot of people, like the fact sookie can read minds. I schedule my sundays around the show. It's funny, it's sad, it's sexy and most importantly, it's entertaining. alan ball did a great job with six feet under and i would expect no less with True Blood - and i have not been disappointed. I can wait to see how it all develops. during the week, i go to on-demand and re-watch every show. I hope this show runs for years and if it does, i will be watching and, of course, buying the box set.
  • finally a show where you don't know what's coming up. every episode seems part of a whole, which you don't get yet. like a slowly developing process. take your time, it's exciting!

    finally a show where you don't know what's coming up. every episode seems part of a whole, which you don't get yet. like a slowly developing process. take your time, it's exciting! true blood is more then a few episodes following each other. the show models a whole world. every aspect seems to be important and you just don't know why, yet. anyway, it's ahead of it's time. it picks up many controversive subjects. it's good to have something to think about on tv! and to top it all, there is really nothing missing. the actors are great, the atmosphere is dazzeling, good soundtrack and and and
  • Sookie works at bar,she can hear people's thoughts,the world is beginning to acknowledge vampires,one day a vamp comes in the bar and the story begins

    when this show started out it was interesting, what i liked is the cast , because i liked that they weren't really much hot they are OK but their are very good, the story is OK .

    i hated the sexuality they were too much too much details,the fact that every one knew about vampires was really good, how they sell blood,having their own bars , Sookie's ability to hear thoughts is cool,i enjoyed it when she was hearing people's minds.
    and when the characters speak they say like what's on my mind i loved it when Sookie laughed when bill told her his name.

    but i lost interest after ep 4 , but I'm still going to watch it.
  • Very Interesting. Looking forward to where it leads us.

    The show hit the ground running and has yet to slow down. The cast selection could not have been better. Each are perfect in their role. I look forward to where this story takes us each week. And where our minds take us the 6-days in between.

    I love the subtle hints and connections that keep you on the edge of your seat. The attention to detail to make it appear more real is such a nice change of pace. I hope this series can maintain a grounded story- line, for what it is. When a story goes off in left field and I can not longer relate in any way, you lose me. So far you have my full attention. I am enjoying the ride. Thank you.
  • Started strong...but it's starting to get less interesting...OH NO! Wake up Alan Ball-fix it! So much potential!

    What to say about True Blood...?

    I was really excited when it started...not because I am a fan of vampire dramas, because honestly I am not. I am a true blue fan of Alan Ball-think the man is PURE GENIUS. Alan could make the phone book interesting, wry and sardonic, sad, happy and comical at the same time. Why can't he do it with True Blood?? Well, like I said, I think it started strong. The premise is really interesting. Sookie is a cool character and Anna Paquin plays her well...Bill is very sexy and conjures of some fierce sexuality-great chemistry between the two of them...I just think that as the series has progressed I am seeing less and less of what I found interesting and promising and seeing more stuff that seems to be intended to shock, and less interesting story line. I personally am interested in the relationship between Sookie and Bill-and how that progresses. The tone of prejudice that the townsfolk have towards vampires is interesting and I just think that making it all about blood and murder is predictable and not that enjoyable. I'd much rather take some of the blood and gore out, and make it about relationships, prejudices and quirks of the people in the south. I will say that the hookup between the bar owner and Sookies best friend was interesting and the twist at the end of the last episode seemed promising and twisted. Both my boyfriend and I agreed after the last episode that we weren't enjoying it that much anymore and that we'd give it more chances-we just aren't as excited by it anymore. Alan Ball, I implore you to fine tune...I love you and want to hear your voice every week. Please fix it!!
  • The show is based on vampires trying to make it in today's world. It makes us take a look at prejudice in a different way. In the world of "True Blood" we can look at racism the way it really is in life, but we see it in a way of fictional characters.

    I watch the show & do love the idea of it. I do sometimes feel that it's characters are a little too over the top for my "taste" (no pun intended). I like the idea of Anna reading minds, but I long for her to read something worth her knowing..I like Quirky, but the characters definately are in need of fine tuning. I watch it last on my TiVo, BUT I do watch. I just hope that the show grows up before they use the axe on it. If they're allowed to grow, I'm sure it'll be a hit & come back for the next season.
  • I´m so in love with it I'd like to take it out for a date and then marry it and have a baby with it :P

    It's always fun to find a new show that is totally cool from the start, but not like watching 2 to 5 episodes and then being able to decide if it's good or not. After reading the reviews, both the good and the bad, I was really excited to watch the show, since I loved Moonlight so much, I was hoping for a new vampire show that would be more realistic then Blood Ties, and boy, was I glad to find this one! Totally loved it from the beginning. The character are well played and really well written and I just love it how hillbilly they are! I hope there are many seasons to come!
  • love it

    i really love this show and am so happy there is going to be a second season, it is so good, if they ever have to stop it i hope they finish the story unlike blood ties where they just stopped it. nothing worse than when they don't give shows a fair chance but i am sure true blood will go on for a while great show. you can just sit there and enjoy and no doubt as the show goes on sookie will get closer to her man, you don't want it to all happen at once other wise the story will be over.
  • Great series. I find myself tuning in every Sunday night, and at the end of the episode i find myself wanting more. I have to admit, I love this show!

    I love this show (and not just because I read the books either)! Its at the top of my television list this season. I find myself tuning in every Sunday, and looking forward to next week everytime. I keep wanting to know whats going on with Sookie and Bill, and lookngi forward to the events in the book to take place, it really pulls me in. Seeing one of my favourite books brought to life is awsome. The lead characters are good for thier roles, and keep you entertained. I hope it stays on the air, definately worth the watch.
  • Between the weird yet normal story lines and the magnetic personality of the characters this is definitely a show you can't turn away from. Yes it deals with vampires, but not in that lame cheesy kids tv show kind of way. Watch it and you'll fall in love!

    I accidentally found True Blood one day while looking for something to watch in between shows. I then proceeded to watch the first 3 episodes back to back and was instantly addicted. True Blood offers a little bit of everything you'd be looking for in a show. Fantasy – the show deals with the reality of Vampires living among humans trying to be apart of society, come on that is something that would be very very cool if it could really happen. The show allows you to experience something interesting and weird that you know you'd be curious about. Drama – like any show dealing with peoples lives there's enough drama to go around. From murders to love lives and family issues there's always something going on to create drama.

    Romance – what show would be complete without a love story woven into it. The 2 main characters, Sookie and Bill, have such intense chemistry on screen that each scene with them in it is captivating. Even though Bill is a vampire you still root for the couple to make it and end up together. Humor – not letting the show get too serious, there's always a scene that makes you laugh out loud. Usually the scene involves poor Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's dopey older brother, and he never lets us down. After just one episode True Blood will definitely become one of your weekly obsessions.
  • Dark...

    Ok...this is something totally different.This is a vampire show for adults.No more gothic romance.Here the focus is sex and death.No jokes and easy laughs.Although there are moments of hilarious black humor.This show is not for everyone.The ones that are used to Angel and even Moonlight will have a serious problem getting used to this one.So far True Blood doesn't have boundaries regarding the images that it's willing to show.Even from the beginning,images of dead animals and naked women prepare you for what you are going to watch.Vampires are not cheerful,colorful and shiny.They are dark souls, that's how they are portrayed in literature.The actors are all very talented and the atmosphere is haunting.I like it very much so far and it's getting better and better.Of course it's too soon to reach a verdict but the beginning shows potential for great things.Tune in...if you dare.And if you are too sensitive...change the channel ;)
  • weird

    Before I watched the pilot I read all that information about this TV show on So I decided that I need to give a try. After first episode - no regrets, but during the second one... it was something creepy and something that I didn't like and something that I couldn't understand. In fact, after the second episode I have no interest to continue to watch it, because it kinda bored me and I'm really sorry about that time that I lost watching and not enjoying this vampire show. I'll be very critical but I don't like the actors' work, because if I can't feel these positive vibes that I need to see and feel.
  • A wonderful new show with lots of interesting elements!

    I am thrilled to see Alan Ball doing such a great job with the Southern Vampire Chronicles. Despite the fact that I have read the books, and therefore know where the story is going, I am enthralled by it. Stephen Moyer is perfect as Bill Compton, but I'm still not sure how I feel about Anna Pacquin as Sookie. The producers have added elements and fleshed out characters that were not part of the original story, such as Tara and Lafayette. Following the twists and turns of their plotlines has only added to my pleasure in watching this series. ***I can't wait until the introduction of the Eric Northman character (hopefully in this Sunday's installment! He is my favorite in the books! I really hope that Alexander Skarsgard was a good casting choice. If he can act well then it just might work.***
    For those of you who are on the fence about the series so far, I urge you to give it a chance. You won't be disappointed!
  • slow starter...

    True blood is a new vampire series with an interesting premise; the vampires are coming out to society. The title True Blood refers to a synthetic blood by the same name that allows them to live without harming humans. Sounds interesting right? Well it might be but the pilot is slow paced very slow. I watched the pilot wanting it to be good. I was disappointed. I haven't written the show off yet though. It still has great potential and maybe they intended it to start slowly. HBO generally makes some good series like The Soprano's so I'm willing to give true blood a few episodes to see if they capitalize on the potential of the premise they set up and I think you should as well.
  • Finally a decent show with vampires in it, not the usual crap.

    I am a huge vampire fan and have watched quite every show with vampires in it. This one is unique, finally the vampire main characters are not cops(or P.I.s or whatever) seeking redemtion by fighting crime and evil, no shining knights who just happen to be on a special diet.

    What a relief...

    If you liked "Interview with a Vampire", you will like this show, it has a similar mood, a similar feeling.

    The characters stay true to the book, having the same feeling to them, they did their best to stay true to the mood of the books. The things that were adapted feel right and add to the overall feeling.

    Another thing: I believe the weak rating this show has at the moment I am writing this is caused by a leaked pilot, which was unfinished. Whoever just watched that one, should go back and watch the final version, its a huge difference....
  • A young women who works in a bar and can read peoples minds but not vampires thoguhts meets a very old vampire

    I love this show alot i might not have HBO but the small amount of clips that i have seen are enough to go crazy for. Sookie same to be the only charater or mayber one of the few with morals. i like how she is her own person and she can depend on her slef. Bill is the first vampire i have ever seen who is actully. scary, sweet, sensative, and kind at the same time. he is such such a hottie. i love some of the charaters that are in this show. this show is a cool mistery and i like mistery shows.
  • Vampire loves Human whos also telepathic.

    I can honestly say when i first watched it i hated it. I had started watching because i LOVED moonlight and thought id try watching this, I think it was the accents that really threw me off and yet i went to bed the night after watching the first episode i found myself thinking i cant wait to see the next episode. THe chemistry between Bill and Sookie is amazing and being the romantic i think thats what keeps me coming back for more. I think you have to watch at least two episodes to make the decision weathehr you love it or hate it. Right now im totally hooked
  • A good taste of kiwifruit.

    Oh Anna, you amaze me. Pilot performance just blew me away!

    The show reminds me of the british drama shows my mum used to watch, and in some ways seems comforting. I never thought I'd be even slightly intrigued by this type of drama, and yet somehow the first 2 episodes just blew me away!

    Tara is "...... just plain mean" and that whole sarky attitude made me laugh at every scene that girl was in. Sad to say that the 3rd episode didn't quite interest me the way the first 2 did. I'd hoped to see more attitude than sex (throughout the episoe) and her being a 'little miss attitude' to the patrons, hahaha. I see where the story is going tho and I appreciate it for what it is.

    I love reading a good book but lately, don't have the time to read one. The structure of True Blood makes me feel like I'm reading one, "... And fo that I oughta thank ya"
  • True Blood is a novel idea that has developed into a fun and interesting show.

    The idea for True Blood could have been taken in any sort of direction. They could have produced a serious drama, drawing a direct comparison to the civil rights movement or to the pursuit of gay rights. Another approach might have seen this show as a parody of other vampire shows, relentlessly mocking series like Blade, Buffy, Moonlight, and the like. Pure romance, sci fi, or horror could have all been alternate versions.
    However, I think that a combination of all these genres is what truly makes this show unique, and importantly, watchable. It seems to be a show about serious issues that simply doesn't take itself too seriously. You really need to watch every minute to sense the genre (and really mood) switches, moving quickly from drama to comedy, from romance to horror, sci fi to philosophical and political debate.
    Another positive aspect of the show is that it tries to always give depth to the characters. Everyone seems to be hiding something, an interesting twist to a show with a mind reader. The real issue is not what is being hidden, but rather why each person hides their secrets from others. The characters are fully dimensional. It would have been easy for the show to stereotype its characters, but each main character seems to be complex, with both good sides and bad. In this world, there is no right or wrong, but rather the idea that everyone makes choices everyday, choices that can be good or bad without making the person who choices it one or the other.
  • A vampire series with a little kick

    Well this is different.

    I was expecting just another happy go lucky vampire seraies, lets face it we've seen a few of them over the years. Buffy, Blood Ties, Moonlight. The last thing I was expecting was a bit of sex and violence. This series pulls no punches.

    I liked the setting, Louisiana kind of had a 'Interview with a Vampire feel' to it. I accept that the sothern accents may have put people off but if you can ignore it, it was an interesting pilot.

    I thought the babe from X Men was very good and her vampire love interest was a strong character, portraying a mysterious past, I'll stick with this one I think.
  • Best Non-Fiction Programming on television!

    I lived in Louisiana and believe every word that genius Alan Ball has written! After dark the vampires do come out to play, disappearing quickly into the morning mist as the sun rises over the West Bank of the Mississippi. The performance of Anna Paquin is revelatory - I never cared much for The Piano, though I loved her in Glengarry Glen Ross. She has discovered that innocent/trashy southern thing that has produced ever so many Miss Americas. The vampires themselves range from the saintly to the beastial - a lovely nod to Anne Rice. The opportunity to see Lois Smith on a regular basis is a gift - her dialogues with the main vampire guy about family history are priceless. She has the very same grave innocense she displayed a half century ago in East of Eden. Cinematography, Art Direction, Costume Design and Casting are all spot on. This is a keeper!
  • Atmospheric, sexy, brooding. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have the best on-screen chemistry between leads on tv in years. And they're acting on it for once. Damn hot.

    The score for this show is not for the dialogue, which is average at best. But, when dealing with vampires any dialogue seems cliched and hokey. This score is not for the graphic sex scenes, because they're not that hot. The real passion is in the holding back. Ryan Kwanten gets his incredibly ripped bod out for explicit sex scenes for a good quarter of the first two episodes, but doesn't create a sense of attraction or longing in the viewer.

    Stephen Moyer on the other hand, ticks all the buttons. Dark, handsome, and brooding, he's got an old fashioned look and manner, but as a bloodsucking vampire, also has the danger element.

    Not enough is made of good old fashioned sexual tension in tv. Either it's an undercurrent that is never explored or ruins a show when the lead characters finally become involved. And when people do fall in love on screen, it is dealt with quickly before moving on to a 'we're an established couple' phase, then 'we're having problems'. In a time when plots move ever faster to keep the attention of an audience who are increasingly fickle with ever shrinking attention spans, Alan Ball has perhaps taken a gamble by drawing out the tension, but it works splendidly. I hope it is kept up throughout the season and beyond.

    This is no masterpiece, but it is truly enjoyable pop tv, and that's what counts.
  • Sookie's able to read thoughts, as such she's immediately drawn to her first Vampire encounter, Bill, who's dead so has no brainwaves, which is a relief for Sookie. Humour, sex, violence and totally viewing satisfaction ensues!

    This is a great new show, the fact that Alan Ball is involved attracted me to the show instantly, then I read further, found out about the concept and the story, which gave me more cause for excitement! I watched the first episode and loved it, the second was even better. The one thing that kept me so interested was not the story itself (which is wonderfully fresh and dark!) but the acting within, all the cast play the parts brilliantly! Sookie and Bill are great; you can almost sense the tension and attraction of the characters, which is a complete credit to the actors! This is definately one for the future and if it turns out to be a flop then I will eat my electronic words with a side of my hat for good measure!
  • Potential good vamp series

    I will have to say Ive been waiting for a good Vamp show to come along and True Blood has the potential to do that. The premise of Vamps being a minority I like. Where the show is going to go with Sookie's abilities I dont know. And Bob saying that she is something more than human opens up a whole world of supernatural. I look forward to what this show has instore for us in episodes to come......lets hope it doesnt get cut like most of HBO's good but different shows. I hate loving a show that gets cut.
  • Witty, entertaining, thought-provoking, a good entry into the vampire TV show category

    If you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, you'll like this. The characters are interesting and well written. Alan Ball has been a favorite of mine since American Beauty and I loved Six Feet Under, however, this show goes in a completely different direction. I think the show has great potential as well and is written in a style, where each episode seems to lead into the next with an interesting cliff-hanger, that I appreciate in shows. The bottom line is that if you like vampire stories, than you will like this show. If you don't this isn't the show for you.
  • best new show on tv.

    this show is awesome. anna paquin is pretty good as a southern belle with telepathic abilities, but stephen moyer really makes the character of vampire bill compton -- and the chemistry between these two actors is amazing, they really . the auxillary characters are well cast also, and the story seems to be interesting, though very little has been revealed in the first two episodes -- mostly just characterization and build up. i can not wait until the next episode. the books are supposedly really amazing, too, so i definitely can not wait to read those, too. alan ball does a really good job making these books into a great series.
  • Based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris, True Blood follows the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana and what happens after vampires reveal themselves to the world.

    After Angel was cancelled in 2001, there was a dry spell in the Vampire TV Shows category. Then last year, we had two for a brief time: Moonlight on CBS (a plague on you, CBS! A plague on you and all of your programming!) and Blood Ties on Lifetime (also based on a book series, incidentally). Now HBO has gotten into the vampire business with True Blood. The premise for this show is a great one: a world where everyone knows that vampires exist. The main character, a woman named Sookie Stackhouse, is a telepath, which means that she can hear what people are thinking. She hates it, which I find more realistic than all of these characters who think that mind-reading is the greatest thing ever. Do you actually want to know what everyone really thinks about you? That's Sookie's life. Then one night, she discovers something new about her power: she can't hear a vampire's thoughts. At all. Enter smart, sexy vampire Bill, who is quickly becoming the most important figure in Sookie's small-town life. So far, the show seems to be sticking fairly close to the books. I don't want to give out any spoilers, but things get very interesting.

    I like that True Blood is not set in either Los Angeles or Toronto (unlike Angel, Moonlight, Forever Knight and Blood Ties). Even though we're only a couple episodes in, the characters seem well-rounded and I have confidence that HBO will stand behind this show rather than cancel it after 16 episodes (but I'm not bitter...). The acting is solid; some people have complained about the Southern accents, but I can't really tell one way or the other. I love the sets and the costumes I've seen so far, and I can't wait to see Fangtasia, the vampire bar they've been hyping in the previews. The one part about the costumes I don't like is the fangs. They're too close together, giving the vampires a tendency to look like Bunnicula. Maybe they'll change it in the future.

    I don't have HBO (had to track TB down online) so I was shocked by the softcore-porn scenes. I'm sure this is a plus for some people, but I think the show would be better off without it. Still, it's probably par for the course on HBO. Yes, the show is rated TV-MA for a reason.

    Overall, I like what I've seen so far. My rating may change in the future, based on where the series goes, but right now it's a solid 8/10.
  • Awesome show. This isn't your typical vampire show and that's what makes it great.

    Love the show. Hooked since day one. The accents bothered me a bit but they're growing on me. The fang placement is a bit odd but even that is starting to look ok as well. We're all so used to the "standards" that have been set about how vampires are supposed to look, their strengths and weaknesses. I love the little twists. For those having issues with it, approach the show with an open mind. This isn't your typical vampire show and that's what makes it great. I've watched each episode at least 3+ times and am anxiously awaiting episode 3. I'm so happy to hear the show has already been given the green light on season 2.
  • The Show is about vampires who are now out of the closet and are looking to be treated as equals to mortals.

    The show is reasonably good.
    I didnt read the book so I am basing all my opnions on the TV show. I like the idea that not all vampires are bad and that some of them are decent folks, they were, after all, humans and Whoever they were as hunams must reflect on what they become as vampires. I think that is only logical. It new, the idea of selling vampire blood but it make sense that it does make ppl healthier and allow mortals to acquire some vampire traits. I had high hopes for the show but I think the way that the actress playing Suki is over acting abit and by the second, this is the second time that is in trouble and needs help. How did she manage to get this far in her life without "Bell" saving her every night?
  • True blood is a vampire flick in a new setup - magic-realism world where vampires are out of the closet, legal and fighting for their rights to vote.

    It's been only 2 episodes so it's way too early to judge but I like it. I've read the book and it's not among my vampire favorites (early Anita Blake stories are) yet the story is decent and characters compelling and not so glamorous-over-the-top.
    So, what is most pleasing about the show is how similar are the characters to those of the book. I'm not sure about the southern accent (I don't know how it is supposed to sound) but I appreciate the effort.
    What really strikes me is opening credits sequence. It's a work of genius, sets up the atmosphere immediately and the song suits it perfectly. Each image is a masterpiece in its own way.
    The cheapest thing about the show (any vampire flick, I think) is fangs. Nobody can get them right.
    To sum up, I will definitely watch it, some secondary characters are highly amusing (the chef is awesome), and I have hopes for the whole thing.
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