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  • Finallyy getting into it again.

    I was disappointed in season five. The whole AUTHORITY storyline was stupid. I was surprised with Tara's storyline. All of season five seemed to go by so slowly and I grew bored and had no desire to see season 6. Well, I am only 2 episodes into season 6 and so far I love it. I never really cared for VAMPS, but HBO did it justice. The sex scences are and will forever be pointless but the show as whole is AMAZING! I'm not too sad to see it go.
  • So pissed off!!!!

    I heard a rumor the Sookie was pregnant and that is why the latest season of true blood was so short... I felt totally jipped. I felt like they just cut out a big chunk of the story line and fast forwarded it to what was supposed to be episode 12. Why couldn't they have just disguised her pregnancy and showed her less often like they did the other time she got pregnant? I really hope that the last season is 12 episodes like all the other seasons. Has the show even thought about their fans? Loyal fans who have taken the time out of their lives every Sunday to watch for what is going to be for 7 years straight,,, DESERVE full seasons, anything less is just not right. ,, For the last season can they at least have a full season this time? It sucks to watch every episode of a show and then at the end get jipped like that. Love the show 10 out 10 but I am still upset over the shortness of last season,, STILL.
  • it shouldn't cancel

    I just got into all of the true blood series and now i realize it only one more season then it cancel cause they have no more idea yet you never brought up a witch or a leprechaun come on think of more i didn't watch it just for out to get canceled
  • Love all season looking forward for the next season

    Really looking forward for interesting new script for the next season ... Keep up the good work!!
  • Radioactive

    I like Radioactive music since i watch the HOST movie, and it came here in true blood, beautiful finale, cant wait SEASON 7..
  • Best Show Ever

    Since the first season True Blood has always been interesting and in no way boring. Every single episode has had me chewing on my nails.
  • Need more

    Can not wait till the next season!!!!!
  • RE: Season 6

    According to True Blood Wikia - Season 6 is due Summer 2013.

    Charlaine Harris's new book Dead ever after is due out 7th May 2013!!
  • fang me now!!!!!

    Just keep maken seasons
  • still a great season

    when i watched season 5 i will say i has to go all the way back to season 1 to understand it again.. when i did everything put season 5 into place still love the show can't wait for season 6
  • I love the show!

    I loved this show. But I do admit, this season wasn't one of the best. It was a little boring at times, but when it did get interesting, it kept my on the edge of my seat. I still love the show regardless!
  • Comeback

    I am a huge fan on the show and even i have to admit the whole sookie - Bill - Eric love story was getting old and a bit predictable. The new season really needed to change things up. Season 5 has been great so far and I love how sookie and Jason have finally been spending time together and actally seem like brother and sister.
  • Great show !

    My favorite tv show, ever ! But in the latest season i just think that its Too much going on ! :/ they should tone it down, just a bit ......
  • thecleaner96

    I love this show. Keep them coming, thanks
  • Fantastic

    Great music, great cast.

    This show is definitely worth watching.

    Hope to see great things from Alexander Skarsgard.

  • Great Series

    I like this because its very unique it doesn't copy the teenage fab thats going on with Twilight and Vampire Diaries. I like it because it's different and its mature very adult with adult situations that make a whole lot of sense. I love how they not only just put vampires but they put every creature in the book in here and that's what make it fun to watch. Even making it where humans that drink vampire blood get a high from it which is different. I like thinking out the box shows and I thank the writers and everyone that was apart of this show for making it. I wouldn't know what to watch any other vampire series.
  • TRUE BLOOD is my guilty pleasure.

    I have been addicted to this show since day 1, episode 1,scene 1. !!!!!
  • Love the show

    I loved the show from the very first episode. The books are also very good as well so those of you who like watching the series I would suggest getting the books and reading them too!

    Love Alexander Skarsgard's character Eric much better than Bill Compton played by Stephen Moyer. I love the location of the show it was just as I imagined it to be in the books!

    I can't wait for the newest season to come out. I am a truely I fan of this wonderful and exciting series!!
  • Fell in love from the start....

    I am in love with True blood, I have to admit that I dislike Anna Paquin a great deal and I do think they could have picked someone much better and much more like the character in the book..... but she does well enough that I still watch it. Every character is fantastic. This show never fails to keep you on the edge of your seat.... I was not too thrilled with this last season though, I think they could have done much more with the witches and it was a little dull as far as the rest of the seasons go. I can not wait till the next season comes on though, I will be watching every sunday.... as always it would never be a bad idea to have more Eric in the show... lets face it, his character is awesome and he is pretty easy on the eyes.... what a perfect looking man ;) Keep up the good work, see ya later truebies~
  • Review? More like an Opinion Poll - NEXT AIR DATE - should it be on the show's Overview Page?

    Rate 10 for show 0.5 for Next Show Date Handling: Is it just me or do the rest of you depend a great deal upon information to not only be reliable but timely as well? Ah, Time! What TIME is the NEXT AIR DATE and/or maybe I should ask.... Where did the folks Easter Egg it? Am I the only FAN who likes to know even the possibility of an Air Date? I like having things to look forward to; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and most especially WHEN MY FAVORITE SHOW IS GOING TO BE ON AGAIN... or is it just me?
  • First impression of True Blood season 1

    I only just started watching True Blood and am upto episode 3, so far I think it's amazing and starting to get hooked already. The actors are fantastic & love the theme, suspense & absolutely Love the Sex Scenes! Must show to watch of the decade, can't wait for more so addictive!
  • Best Show Ever!


    Love this show...Season One Was Great, Season Two Was Just Awesome, Three Kept Me At The Edge Of My Seat, And Season Four Has Been Good So Far. I Will Admit That Eric Being All Nice And Polite Under This Witches Spell Isn't All That Great, But It's Cool! :)

  • What I really love about this show is the dramatic story behind each character. Every actor is developing an amazing performance


    TrueBloodis revolutionizing theworld of vampiresand theirhidden society,presents a new versionof a lifewithvampiresinhuman lifeand the rulesof both.

    Themain characters of TrueBlood livearomancein the differentseasonsof the series,a romance thatwill have to overcomeobstacles,lies, andeven becomesa uniquelove triangle

    I believe that True Blood it is not regular vampire story like the ones that we are already used to watch…with the impossible love and the human girl that falls for the vampire and has to go through a lot of obstacles to be together…. This is much more than that!!! It is an exciting vampire story with strong personality, which makes you believe in the real existence of these evil creatures. It is a refreshing new view of the vampires show.

    This is a vampire's show that is almost real, because takes element from drama, actions, love and sex, to bring this fantasy world close to you.

    I can't remember a show that interests me this much. It has it all…sex, passion vampires, intrigue, action, and drama. True Blood is a well-written, well-acted television show that deserves all the attention it is getting and more. It is a very human show for a vampires series. Once you get sucked into the drama you just want more and more. The show has grown since the beginning; it has evolved in such an amazing show, it is is great and I must say that this is probably one of the best HBO series in the season.

  • My late night addiction. That sets a new standard for the vampire genre.

    This show is, to put it in one word, Incredible. True Blood starts out slow. But as you become familiar with the characters and get sucked into the drama, you just want more and more.

    The thing that separates this show from others is the way vampires are portrayed you don't see the 'teddy bear' vampire that sparkle in the sunlight (Twilight). You see a scary and frankly more realistic view of these 'evil' creatures. Alan Ball does this through violence and sex, because of this I think it has become a 'love it or hate it' show.

    I love it and I don't know how anybody could possibly dislike this original show.
  • I think people are way too critical of this show.

    I really don't know what people expect from a show now a days! This show has drama, suspense, romance, action and everything you could expect. I don't know what more you could expect from a TV show, but yet I see people criticizing it. Honestly this is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. There isn't another show out there that has kept me so interested and intrigued! It is an awesome show! I would definitely recommend it. Although I will warn you, it is not a family show. There is sex and drug scenes.
  • HBO got theirselves another success Supernatural series, since Tales from the Crypt.

    Wow! True Blood now has full meaning titled. It's not just True Blood anymore about Vampires. It's True Blood: Supernatural Diaries. Baseing around Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Fairies, Ghosts, Shapeshifters and Panthers. Oh, Man! True Blood is the program has the whole package of Halloween based characters involved. What's next? Show up on True Blood... Zombies!

    Well, i like this True Blood alot. It has alot of great entertainment of supernatural and stuff.
  • Eric is my favorite character in this show, I love him ..


    Eric is my favorite character in this show, I love him and his bad boy attitude, his silly humor and hiden soft side(and the great body). I was so happy when him and Sookie fall in love and she saw him for what he really was underneath. Can't wait to see more ..

  • Prob the best sci fi/fantasy tv shows out there, with perfect story lines, twists turns and best of all the comedy side of it


    Watched it from the start was ok to get into and building up and getting better with time just like most tv shows, but over time most tv shows reach their height and slowly run out of the good stuff,

    this show by far seems to just carry on forever with great story lines, twists, comedy and most of all more n more great things going on season 4 i just couldnt stop laughing at the black comedy side of it and how great the actors play their roles, with great non cheesyspecial efects

    this show could last 10 seasons and still be funny as F*** with new crazy s*** goin on and fun to watch,

    keep up the good work and never let this show die, its a 10/10 easy

  • Can't remember I time when a show has hooked my interest this much. Sorry Haters!

    This show is amazing. I was hooked the moment I starting watching the first episode of season one, which I totally turned to by accident. I am really intrigued with it's quirky, witty, and dark characters. The situations they get themselves in are great to watch as well. People complain about the sex in the show, but in a day and age where more violence is seen as acceptable than sexuality, this is refreshing to see. Sexuality is normal, violence sadly is too, but sexuality is something that happens all the time, while violence shouldn't. So those who view it as vampire porn need to rethink your values and such. Yes, the show is violent as well, but I like that they don't shy from the sex, like so many other shows do. If you're gonna have violence you might as well have sexuality as well. Those how don't like the show are usually the ones who either watch crappy comedy shows or snooze-fests like Mad Men. True Blood is a well-written, well-acted television show that deserves all the attention it is getting and more. While other shows are just viewed as "amazing" just because of the elegance, and politics of the show (Mad Men). And I'm not bashing Mad Men here, it's an okay show and I'm just saying it is thoroughly overrated. I love that True Blood doesn't shy away from hurting it's characters in order for them to learn from their mistakes. Many other shows don't do so. I never really cared for vampires, but I really have gotten into them now. Most of the characters in this show, I can relate to in someway or another. It's a very human show for a supernatural television drama.
  • An awesome show, pity we have to wait so long for the next season the wait will be excruciating! Keep up the amazing work guys!!

    This is one show that gets more addictive the more you watch it!!! The actors portray their characters well and I love the mix of drama, comedy and action all rolled into one action- packed show! This is one of the few shows that I get extremely excited about every week and can't believe we now have to wait so long for the next season!!! The only two criticisms I have is that there aren't enough episodes in a season and the next season is way too far away!!! Keep up the amazing work everyone and can't wait for season after season of this magnificent show!!!
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