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  • Well worth checking out

    With all the good vampire series on television that have gone before (Moonlight, Buffy, Angel, Forever Knight, etc.),it's becoming more and more difficult for vampire scripts to contain original concepts. True Blood is no exception to the rule. Many elements of True have been seen before in other shows--vampires vulnerable to silver, can't go out in daylight, need to drink blood--preferably human--to survive. True Blood is not only the name of the series, it's the name of a beverage made for vampires in the series called 'Tru Blood' (without the 'e' on the end of True). So vamps don't have to feed off humans, hopefully. Since most every element in the long story of vampires is basically going to be a cliche' these days, writers/directors have to concentrate on interesting characters and well-written scripts. In that respect True Blood succeeds. 'True', being shown on HBO, may tempt the writers to try and draw the audience in through sensationalism, sex, etc. In the pre-air episode, unfortunately sensationalism is used to try and sway the viewer. I'm hoping this won't be the trend with this show, because it can stand on it's own merits. Based on the Southern Vampire novels, the story takes place in (guess what?), the South. Southern accents abound, though a few sound a bit unusual. I had to smile seeing the main character, Anna Paquin (an Australian actress), once again reviving the southern accent she used in the X-men movies. The only time in television memory that vampires have been acknowledged to not only exist, but coexist beside Humans, has been in Japanese anime series. In True Blood, vampires are 'out of the closet', so to speak, and want to be given basic rights and live openly among humans. Of course, this makes many humans skeptical, considering the very nature of vampires. Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), is our waitress-heroine who is telepathic--she can read the thoughts of other humans so easily that she occasionally has to consciously tune them out. Why she works in an often-packed diner (the main setting in the first episode), is beyond me. If I was telepathic, I'd want to hide! In a very remote place! In 'True', vampires are still rarely encountered, but one night a quiet, mysterious male vampire (Stephen Moyer), enters the diner. Sookie is fascinated, because she can't 'read' his mind (I have to mention, this is not an original idea. It was used in a Buffy episode over ten years ago). The sex in True Blood's first episode is brief, but in some respects it does work for a certain 'shock' effect'. If you don't mind profanity, a strong sexual element, and violence, you will find this vampire tale worth watching. With vampire series being nearly non-existent these days, any vampire fan, or viewer looking for something different, should give True Blood a close look.
  • Very Hot!! Just Brilliant!! A Must See!!

    Very well cast, the acting is flawless, the sets are spot on and the overall feel of the first episode is a match for the books, it's just like 'watching' the books (perfect!). It's steamy, sexy, funny and bold, and extremely entertaining. At last it looks like a 'true-to-the-book' drama has been created, finally! However, I hope that the hot Vampire Eric will make the necessary appearance in the series; he is so often the plot hook in the books that this really will be crucial for the storyline, as Sookie's involvement with the non-human world increases. The loss of the Vamp P.I. series 'Moonlight' was extremely disappointing to all of us, but this the first episode of 'True Blood' looks very promising indeed...I have given this episode an encouraging 10, let's hope this series gets more than the obligatory 'single-season-stint'!
    "Congrats to the creators, this is just what we viewers need, something real juicy to sink our teeth into, leaving us with a pleasurable high and a craving for more!"
    My advice to all the viewers out there is: Read the books (at least the first one), watch True Blood and most of all ENJOY!
  • based on the southland vampires novels, comes the new alan ball project about a world where vampires are part of society. ana paquin stars as Sookie Stackhouse a mindreader who falls for a vampire.

    alan ball, anna paquin, Charlaine Harris, what more can we ask? anyway vampires may not be your thing but keep in mind this is alan ball we are talking about, and the opening credits alone are worth che checking out, its like an opening for an omage of natural born killers. i personally thought it was great, anyway just give it a chance, take a deep breath and do not under any circumstances dare to compare it to buffy, moonlight, angel etc; this is a completely different thing, like eating taco bell expecting a real taco, it doesn't mean its bad, its just diferent.
  • tru blood follows the story of sookie a telepathic waitress at a Louisiana diner in a small town.the shows setting is in a fictional world were vampires have come out of hidding due to synthetic blood being made available for purchase "tru blood"

    i'm just posting this review after just seeing the hbo pilot which was at 9:00 pm tonight,so you know this review is fresh and warm.

    the show tru blood stars anna paquin as sookie stackhouse a telepathic waitress that falls in love with a handsom vampire bill compton played by stephen you may be thinking what the hell but don't turn away yet cause the show is better then it sounds. so sookie(paquin) is a waitress in a small town diner in louisiana where vampires have made their exsistence known to the public after a japanese corporation developes a synthetic blood made availible for purchase under the name "tru blood" so vampires would'nt have to feed off the living to sustain there un-lives.bill(moyer) is a vampire that enters sookie's diner for tur blood and sookie is taken by both bill's attractive appearence and the fact that she can't read his thoughts(even though she's able to read the thoughts of other humans),and bill takes a liking to sookie after she saves his life from a couple attempting to drain his blood to be sold as a form of substance abuse(humans getting high off vampire blood)

    the show also cast ryan kwanten as sookies not to honest brtoher jason, rutina wesley plays as sookie's best friend since kindergarden tara thornton and sam trammell plays as sam merlotte whom has feelings and a possible crush on sookie.

    the show palyed better then i thought it would play being that i'm not a fan of the vampire element or mythos, paquin takes the lead as a strong and belivible female character while moyer takes the sterio typical vampires image(made famous by ann rice and bram stroker) and modernizes it with a dark charm and sheek image of what a real vampire should be like.then wesley cathes me off guard as tara the no non-sense attitude best friends that tells it like it is while sometimes being completely over the top but still shows her sensitive and caring side as a best friend(to sookie) and a potential love interest to jason stackhous(sookie's brother),and finally as a secound love interest to sookie is her own boss sam played by merlotte who is protective of sookie and warns her of the dangers of being with a vampire.

    i'd love to tell you more but seriously seeing is beliving and trust me when i say you really have to see this show to know why i classified it as a "bo back! what was tah?"
  • (1st episode) Southern, sassy and definitely for the adults, or the modern kid. Intelligent writing, an intriguing plot, and a cliffhanger to die for..... Can't wait to see how this show pans out!

    (1st Episode) This show chronicles the life of Sookie Stackhouse, a good Christian waitress with the pesky talent of mind reading. As of this episode she gets involved with a vampire named Bill, and by the end, her compassion towards him results in an unexpected cliffhanger. Notable characters include Sookie's gigolo-wannabe brother (who does something down-right stupid). Tara, Sookie's best friend, a strong willed southern woman who knows when and how to speak her mind(the actress playing her takes a little getting used to if you preferred the actress from the original pilot, however by the end of the episode, this new Tara makes a positive impression). Other characters deftly played are: Sam, Sookie's boss and someone with a definite crush on Sookie, and Sookie's grandmother, an enigmatic woman who is the epitome of "old southern woman". Now keep in mind that the character's aren't fully justified until you have experienced the show for your self, all I can say is, if you like adult-geared shows, eg Nip/tuck, Dirt, plus you also like a bit of quirk and excellent characterisation, then get your butt in front of a television for an hour of excellent entertainment! (At least the first episode is)
  • Promising!

    I love urban fantasy but found myself really disappointed by the Sookie Stackhouse books- there could have been huge potential, but there turned out to be too much sex and not enough story, and the characters were pretty much black and white only. Add to that boring/annoying/whiny Sookie monologues complaining about how her gift is actually a curse and how all men lust after her (hint: don't wear hot pants then), and you get a book that held no interest for me- Now, the series on TV however could work better for me. I thought Anna Paquin is -of course- a great choice for Sookie and the rest of the cast fit their characters just as well. I can't remember Sookie having a best friend (Tara) in the books, but maybe that's just because I didn't pay much attention while reading- either way, Tara is an enjoyable fun character and as such seems to be a good addition to the cast.

    Bill and Sookie, the main characters, have decent chemistry so far and I'll see how it plays out in the next episodes.

    For fans of vampire romances / urban fantasy this is something they should check out. It's an HBO series and therefore there's bound to be a few more graphic sex/horror scenes but I was okay with what I saw so far.

    I'll keep watching for a few episodes and see how everything turns out.
  • Excellent

    Loved it! I think the storyline is great. Full of sex yes, but vampires are very sexual creatures so I think this is to be expected. Anna is incredible, as well as Stephen. I love the attraction between Annas and Stephens characters (Sookie, Bill). The human falls for vampire, vampire falls for human always gets me! I can see that this show is going to be very promising that has tons of potential, can't wait for the next episode. Already got me hooked. Just hope it doesn't get canceled! As so many great shows do in there first season.
  • Pilot for True Blood, basic character introduction.

    This has promise....if you can look past the bad accents. Which really are dismal for the most part. The best friend Tara is over written and over acted, just bascally over the top, but the show could be a great mystery driven show. The graphic violence is good and jarring, especially the vampire sex videotape. It is a bit dissapointing how heavily the show relies on Southern stereotypes. Especially the trashy people in the resteraunt as Sookie reads their minds, surely they can't all be trash. However, good first effort, I look forward to seeing where it goes. The casting is good. The best friend will be good if she just takes it down a notch. I'm ready for Bell to rely on Southern eccentricity (as he did so well with eccentric personalities in Six Feet Under) instead of Southern stereotypes.
  • what i think of the show

    well, i just saw the 1st episode and here is what i think, its not bad i mean vampires stories increased these days and there is nothing new in the show......yet.

    i am hopping that there will be some mystery in the story to attract us to stay with the show because if they kept it like this it will fade away very fast.there is also the accesnt of the actors i really hate it, it remind me of deadwood. what will keep me watching is to find something new in the story that differ from other old vampires stuff and if i didn't i won't watch it
  • Ok so heres what i thought

    It wasn't bad and it definitely leaves you wanting to see what happens next. The actors were okay slightly believable but occasionally annoying especially the brother and the friend. Besides the beginning which was intense it wasn't until half way through that i was incouraged to pay attention. Looking forward to the next episode. I do hope that the main character (silky, wow what a name) stays interesting becuase She is a good actress ive seen her in other things before and i love her. Grandma from Twister was good too. :) Special thanks to the writers on this one the dialog definitely flows the right way.
  • Not the best show ever, but one of the most intersting of the season.

    This is not the best pilot i have ever seen, but it's an original story. I like the fact that the main character is untypical. This is in the same time an harmless and a very strong woman, depending of the situation. She has personnality.
    The vampire is much more typical but the relationship developped between him and Sookie is intense and romantic in the good sense of the term.
    The pilot could suffered of his own originality, because we don't always understand where they want to lead the spectator but the universe is enought interesting to keep the attention of the audience. This is not the best show i have ever seen, but it have a very strong potential.
  • Interesting,riveting, compelling, and definatley leaves you thirsty for the next episode.

    Definitly a show to keep your eye on. i'm already hungrey for the next episode. This show has a lot of petential, and I can not wait to see what happens further along in the season. The first episode had a few discrepencys with the first book of charlaine harris's sookie stackhouse books, but that was to be expected with a revisal for a television series. But even with the changes made, their is still enough of a compelling story left to rivet the right viewers. Though the one thig I beleive they should work on is the over excitability of the main character Sookie Stackhouse.
  • What a breath of fresh air. So, it is not strictly based on the books, but close enough in my opinion.

    What a breath of fresh air. So, it is not strictly based on the books, but close enough in my opinion. Some of the acting is a bit strange, but the recast of the 'Tara' character is a hell of a lot better than the pilot. Ryan Kwanten as the brother 'Jason Stackhouse' took a bit to get used to. He is an Aussie and made his fame down here in Home and Away. To see him playing a thickwitted and permantely horny southern male was just weird. Anna Paquin is good as 'Sookie Stackhouse' the lead character but I don't think she gets the plot at times. She seems forced into acting 'strange' which is what Sookie's character is famous for in her home town of Bon Temps. She seems too intelligent to be deliberately stupid.
    Vampire Bill is spot on for the casting, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him.
    Coming up is more vampires, maenads, shifters, were-animals, faeries and witches if they stay true to the books. I hope they do as this will make for a very interesting series.
    The best thing is that hubby now is reading the books as he thought it was a hoot and loved the interplay between the characters.
    Spot on for now, but I will wait and see how this pans out.
  • Couldnt resist.

    Great show and im sure most people were either offended or found it too far fecthed but its a show. There isnt anything real about it sometimes you just have to let go and get into it. Otherwise just dont watch it and post something bad when you only seen 15 minutes of the shows. Great story greatplot great characters love bill and im already anticipating a second season. Pilots are supposed to make you wonder and think, What next?. So far this isnt all your gonna get its HBO they are known for making groundbreaking shows like carnival. Give it a chance, as for me i love the show already.
  • Innovative and funny!

    Vampires! We've seen them before in a few memorable TV-shows like Buffy and its spin off show Angel. The creator of those shows must have inspired Alan Ball to some degree. True blood is funny and innovative, it takes us where no other TV-show have gone before. It really mixes up our understanding of how and what a TV-show is about. The show keeps you wanting to see more and to wait a week to see how this weeks cliffhanger ending turns out, seems just too long. Albeit one can pretty much figure it out, it must be seen.

    The actors make a good job with the characters they were given, what a marvelous universe True blood offers for them to play in.
  • Captivating and intense!

    After watching the first show of True Blood on HBO, I am completely hooked! It's interesting that the whole world knows about the vampires--especially watching and listening to peoples' reactions. And Sookie main character, being telepathic, perfect and awesome! Her just being a regular human would put her and Bill, a vamp, at very different levels. With her gift, she is partly supernatural too.
    The action pulling the two together is intense. I cant wait to see how Bill saves Sookie. Especially with the previews hinting at it! I think True Blood would attract those who like Blood Ties, possibly Moonlight, and other vampire action shows. Though people should be warned that there are some very sexual scenes and some nude parts (at least in the first show).
  • A refreshing, violent, sexy show with southern accents to boot!

    Wow. This show was fantastic!

    Fellow Winnipegger (dang I should've asked her out) Anna Paquin stars as a naive southern chick who can read minds... and seems to infatuated with vampires.

    Paquin plays an awesome ditzy southern belle. I haven't been this turned on by a southern accent since Reese Witherspoom did it in the movie Freeway. Incidentally if you were a fan of Freeway then you will absolutely love this show. It's got all the fixin's. Redneck southerners, vampires, cheeky humour, sex and violence... darned near orgasmic I tell ya!

    Of course this is just the first episode. I hope it continues to be this great. I love it because of its freshness... that wears off in a while so I hope the story gets good.

    Also, I don't understand the was Anna Paquin runs and walks in this show... it's like she's bobbing around... neat.
  • The First Episode

    Being a fan of any and all vampire shows that have existed (RIP Moonlight and Buffy) I was extremely excited to watch this show. I however, was quite disappointed with alot of it. The accents were not great, and I thought the acting was a bit cheesy and the theme music that came on every time Bill came into the picture was a bit strange. I felt as though they should have gone into a little more about Sookie and why she can hear people's thoughts and how tough her childhood must have been to be able to do so. There needs to be a little more character development. I will continue to watvh the show and hope that it gets better because I really like the concept of a "vampire friendly" society.
  • Not what i am normally used to but i will try to give it a shot.

    I have never watched HBO. now i understand why, but i do like the show i just think it needs time to grow. i just have never seen so much sexuallity and nudity in one episode. i love sookie she is a cool kid. bill seems like he is a quite vampire. i will try to watch more it's just wow, there was just alot of bad words and sex. i have never been around on that type of show. but i know one thing that is for sure. this show is nothing like matching towards moonlight at all. but i will try to watch more.
  • It's a grower but that's a good thing! History shows us that you've got to allow a bit of time and open mindedness and then there will only be (un?)adulterated pleasure flowing from your set!

    When I first caught wind of a new series created by Alan Ball I was more than ecstatic, too long has my world been without the genius behind Six Feet Under and re-watching the box sets just weren't cutting it, I was desperate for something new and refreshing to sink my teeth into (!).
    I can positively say that I wasn't disappointed, not only did it satisfy my Ball-less existence but also tapped into my absolute passion for all things "mythical". Ball is ingenious (if perhaps not completely original) in approaching the existence of Vampire's in the "noughties" much as homosexuality and race was dealt with in "real life" in the twentieth century, it makes things much easier to relate to and more "believable".
    The casting is inspired and each character will become your best friend, remind you of your annoying friend you can't live without or become a super villain you can enjoy despising. But they wouldn't truly be Alan Ball characters if no matter what your first impression, they didn't all have shades of Grey.
    It is these shades of Grey that may deter you from persevering with the series, which would be a fatal mistake! If you are unfamiliar with Alan Ball creations I urge you to visit American Beauty or Six Feet Under to fully understand that his character development is more complex than that of other works of fiction - he will not spoon feed you, your personal relationship with the character must develop much as a new relationship in life would and in turn, your appreciation for the series will flourish.
    Treat True Blood with the open mind you would a potential new friend and you shall be rewarded if Ball remains on form!
  • True Blood is a tasty treat!

    "True Blood" is a show reminiscent of "Buffy", "Angel", "Forever Knight" and "Moonlight." Yes, it is a vampire show. But like the rest it is a different incarnation on the vampire legend. Vamps are now able to be out and about due to the creation of TruBlood, a Japanese-made blood substitute for vamps. The allure of the show is between the telepathic waitress Sookie and the vamp Bill.

    One knows right off that those two destined to be together, especially when Sookie realizes that she can't hear his thoughts. I was completely taken with the show from the start. The 'billy bob' looking guy got me when he announced to the young couple and the clerk that he was a vamp. He would have been the unlikeliest of candidates. It was really intriguing to see a show of this type on HBO where one didn't have the restrictions that they have on one of the big four stations. This is the best show since "Carnival." Good start. I recommend this show to any one whom is taken with the vampire legend. Very good.
  • Slow start, but worth watching on a week-to-week probation period!

    Unlike many fans, I have not read the book, and unless and until I get into the show, I won't read this one. I want the show to make my decision, on its own merits.
    I like the main characters and I don't believe I will have any trouble investing in them. There are some annoying characters too, that bore me to tears when they are the scene subject, however, I also suspect that because there are so many characters who will ultimately be key to the story, its going to take some time and patience for them to fall into place.
    Its certainly different from any of my other favourite vamp shows in its presentation, content and graphic scenes, and I attribute that to "The HBO Factor"...which I also think will ultimately be a good thing.
    All-in-all, I will give it some time and hope the investment pays off.
  • Good with potential for greatness except should have been set in South Louisiana not North Louisiana if they were going to use Cajun/south louisiana thick accents and terms etc

    i have not read the books yet, but will start today. I really like the characters of Bill, Sukie, and Tara. I have a feeling that this can go one of two ways, uphill and be amazing or turn into a campy b movie type of series.I do like it give it a chance! I think it has a lot of potential to get past the vampire stuff to truly develop the characters with the vehicle being vampires. I am looking forward to see where the show goes in terms of character development. I am hoping that like Jericho it will focus on several main characters and their storylines but also develop story lines around the lesser characters as well. I think that the acting is decent and will improve as the actors get to know their characters better. I do like the actor that plays the vampire Bill Compton, he doesnt overplay it, he does a really nice job. I have one issue, they are using heavy, thick Cajun accents in a NON-cajun town. Monroe and that area is part of north louisiana is almost a different state/country than south louisian, so that is a huge mistake on someone's part. If they wanted it set with Cajun names, Cajun accents it should have been set in Cajun country, south Louisiana. Otherwise it is well done.
  • True blood is a vampire flick in a new setup - magic-realism world where vampires are out of the closet, legal and fighting for their rights to vote.

    It's been only 2 episodes so it's way too early to judge but I like it. I've read the book and it's not among my vampire favorites (early Anita Blake stories are) yet the story is decent and characters compelling and not so glamorous-over-the-top.
    So, what is most pleasing about the show is how similar are the characters to those of the book. I'm not sure about the southern accent (I don't know how it is supposed to sound) but I appreciate the effort.
    What really strikes me is opening credits sequence. It's a work of genius, sets up the atmosphere immediately and the song suits it perfectly. Each image is a masterpiece in its own way.
    The cheapest thing about the show (any vampire flick, I think) is fangs. Nobody can get them right.
    To sum up, I will definitely watch it, some secondary characters are highly amusing (the chef is awesome), and I have hopes for the whole thing.
  • The Show is about vampires who are now out of the closet and are looking to be treated as equals to mortals.

    The show is reasonably good.
    I didnt read the book so I am basing all my opnions on the TV show. I like the idea that not all vampires are bad and that some of them are decent folks, they were, after all, humans and Whoever they were as hunams must reflect on what they become as vampires. I think that is only logical. It new, the idea of selling vampire blood but it make sense that it does make ppl healthier and allow mortals to acquire some vampire traits. I had high hopes for the show but I think the way that the actress playing Suki is over acting abit and by the second, this is the second time that is in trouble and needs help. How did she manage to get this far in her life without "Bell" saving her every night?
  • Awesome show. This isn't your typical vampire show and that's what makes it great.

    Love the show. Hooked since day one. The accents bothered me a bit but they're growing on me. The fang placement is a bit odd but even that is starting to look ok as well. We're all so used to the "standards" that have been set about how vampires are supposed to look, their strengths and weaknesses. I love the little twists. For those having issues with it, approach the show with an open mind. This isn't your typical vampire show and that's what makes it great. I've watched each episode at least 3+ times and am anxiously awaiting episode 3. I'm so happy to hear the show has already been given the green light on season 2.
  • Based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris, True Blood follows the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana and what happens after vampires reveal themselves to the world.

    After Angel was cancelled in 2001, there was a dry spell in the Vampire TV Shows category. Then last year, we had two for a brief time: Moonlight on CBS (a plague on you, CBS! A plague on you and all of your programming!) and Blood Ties on Lifetime (also based on a book series, incidentally). Now HBO has gotten into the vampire business with True Blood. The premise for this show is a great one: a world where everyone knows that vampires exist. The main character, a woman named Sookie Stackhouse, is a telepath, which means that she can hear what people are thinking. She hates it, which I find more realistic than all of these characters who think that mind-reading is the greatest thing ever. Do you actually want to know what everyone really thinks about you? That's Sookie's life. Then one night, she discovers something new about her power: she can't hear a vampire's thoughts. At all. Enter smart, sexy vampire Bill, who is quickly becoming the most important figure in Sookie's small-town life. So far, the show seems to be sticking fairly close to the books. I don't want to give out any spoilers, but things get very interesting.

    I like that True Blood is not set in either Los Angeles or Toronto (unlike Angel, Moonlight, Forever Knight and Blood Ties). Even though we're only a couple episodes in, the characters seem well-rounded and I have confidence that HBO will stand behind this show rather than cancel it after 16 episodes (but I'm not bitter...). The acting is solid; some people have complained about the Southern accents, but I can't really tell one way or the other. I love the sets and the costumes I've seen so far, and I can't wait to see Fangtasia, the vampire bar they've been hyping in the previews. The one part about the costumes I don't like is the fangs. They're too close together, giving the vampires a tendency to look like Bunnicula. Maybe they'll change it in the future.

    I don't have HBO (had to track TB down online) so I was shocked by the softcore-porn scenes. I'm sure this is a plus for some people, but I think the show would be better off without it. Still, it's probably par for the course on HBO. Yes, the show is rated TV-MA for a reason.

    Overall, I like what I've seen so far. My rating may change in the future, based on where the series goes, but right now it's a solid 8/10.
  • best new show on tv.

    this show is awesome. anna paquin is pretty good as a southern belle with telepathic abilities, but stephen moyer really makes the character of vampire bill compton -- and the chemistry between these two actors is amazing, they really . the auxillary characters are well cast also, and the story seems to be interesting, though very little has been revealed in the first two episodes -- mostly just characterization and build up. i can not wait until the next episode. the books are supposedly really amazing, too, so i definitely can not wait to read those, too. alan ball does a really good job making these books into a great series.
  • Witty, entertaining, thought-provoking, a good entry into the vampire TV show category

    If you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, you'll like this. The characters are interesting and well written. Alan Ball has been a favorite of mine since American Beauty and I loved Six Feet Under, however, this show goes in a completely different direction. I think the show has great potential as well and is written in a style, where each episode seems to lead into the next with an interesting cliff-hanger, that I appreciate in shows. The bottom line is that if you like vampire stories, than you will like this show. If you don't this isn't the show for you.
  • Potential good vamp series

    I will have to say Ive been waiting for a good Vamp show to come along and True Blood has the potential to do that. The premise of Vamps being a minority I like. Where the show is going to go with Sookie's abilities I dont know. And Bob saying that she is something more than human opens up a whole world of supernatural. I look forward to what this show has instore for us in episodes to come......lets hope it doesnt get cut like most of HBO's good but different shows. I hate loving a show that gets cut.
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