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  • I think people are way too critical of this show.

    I really don't know what people expect from a show now a days! This show has drama, suspense, romance, action and everything you could expect. I don't know what more you could expect from a TV show, but yet I see people criticizing it. Honestly this is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. There isn't another show out there that has kept me so interested and intrigued! It is an awesome show! I would definitely recommend it. Although I will warn you, it is not a family show. There is sex and drug scenes.
  • my favorite characters on the show is Lafeyette, Eric and Pam LOVE them!!! the show wouldnt be the same without them. Jessica has also grown on me :)

    my favorite characters on the show is Lafeyette, Eric & Pam. Lafeyette adds realism to the show in his actions and things he say. Eric is the coolest bad guy vampire but also keeping the town in check. Pam is loyal, experienced and total bad chick vamp. LOVE them!!! the show wouldnt be the same without them. Jessica has also grown on me in the fact that I have never seen a vampire learning but still embracing her new lifestyle proudly. She isnt ashamed of who she is, she is however learing about herself and what it is to be a vampire. This show is non stop entertainment with really interesting characters. One can never tell whats going to happen next, which keeps me guessing all the way through. I cant wait till next season!!
  • 10
    I just love love love this show! I watch each episode a couple of times On Demand. I always can't wait until next week to see what happens next! The characters are great! I love them all. I wonder what the big secret of Sam's is? Is he a killer or part dog or what? lol. I hope True Blood keeps going and going. It's dramatic, funny, sexy, and sweet. You never know what's going to happen. I love the surprises, twists, and turns. I always hate the ending, though, because I want to see what happens NOW instead of waiting another week to find out. Vampires in a small Louisiana town, gotta love it.
  • Can't remember I time when a show has hooked my interest this much. Sorry Haters!

    This show is amazing. I was hooked the moment I starting watching the first episode of season one, which I totally turned to by accident. I am really intrigued with it's quirky, witty, and dark characters. The situations they get themselves in are great to watch as well. People complain about the sex in the show, but in a day and age where more violence is seen as acceptable than sexuality, this is refreshing to see. Sexuality is normal, violence sadly is too, but sexuality is something that happens all the time, while violence shouldn't. So those who view it as vampire porn need to rethink your values and such. Yes, the show is violent as well, but I like that they don't shy from the sex, like so many other shows do. If you're gonna have violence you might as well have sexuality as well. Those how don't like the show are usually the ones who either watch crappy comedy shows or snooze-fests like Mad Men. True Blood is a well-written, well-acted television show that deserves all the attention it is getting and more. While other shows are just viewed as "amazing" just because of the elegance, and politics of the show (Mad Men). And I'm not bashing Mad Men here, it's an okay show and I'm just saying it is thoroughly overrated. I love that True Blood doesn't shy away from hurting it's characters in order for them to learn from their mistakes. Many other shows don't do so. I never really cared for vampires, but I really have gotten into them now. Most of the characters in this show, I can relate to in someway or another. It's a very human show for a supernatural television drama.
  • My current obsession

    There is not a single thing I don't like about this show. It's violent and creepy and yet still incredibly sexy. It's actually pretty groundbreaking in the way that I can't think I have seen another show that is so graphic with the sex and violence. And yet I don't find it at all gratuitous.

    All the charactars are incredibly well written, even the more minor ones like Terry Bellfleur. Basically I think this show has it all, laughs, tears, action, romance. And best of all REAL vampires, not ones that sparkle like in twilight :-p. It's a bit slow to get started I thought, but once you get into it it will grip you and not let go. I now find myself desperatly waiting for the next episode each week.
  • Vampires in Louisiana bayous... A very imaginative series.

    I was not sure that this series would be good, because I feared that Anna Paquin might not be right the actress for the part of Sookie Stackhouse, but then I saw her performance, and I guess that she's the one! I mean, her accent for the character is just perfect. The rest of the cast is very good, and they are somehow like I had imagined them... well, except for Tara, but the character is funny in its own way. The way mythology and urban myths and legends get mixed with reality is just amazing. So far, the series is just what the doctor and the dentist ordered to everyone who loves vampires and vampire stories. It might not be Supernatural, but it's one of those series which make you beg for more, even after watching the ending credits... That's why I say that you'll beg for another bite in the neck. Totally Addictive!!!
  • TRUE BLOOD is my guilty pleasure.

    I have been addicted to this show since day 1, episode 1,scene 1. !!!!!
  • Dark...

    Ok...this is something totally different.This is a vampire show for adults.No more gothic romance.Here the focus is sex and death.No jokes and easy laughs.Although there are moments of hilarious black humor.This show is not for everyone.The ones that are used to Angel and even Moonlight will have a serious problem getting used to this one.So far True Blood doesn't have boundaries regarding the images that it's willing to show.Even from the beginning,images of dead animals and naked women prepare you for what you are going to watch.Vampires are not cheerful,colorful and shiny.They are dark souls, that's how they are portrayed in literature.The actors are all very talented and the atmosphere is haunting.I like it very much so far and it's getting better and better.Of course it's too soon to reach a verdict but the beginning shows potential for great things.Tune in...if you dare.And if you are too sensitive...change the channel ;)
  • finally a show where you don't know what's coming up. every episode seems part of a whole, which you don't get yet. like a slowly developing process. take your time, it's exciting!

    finally a show where you don't know what's coming up. every episode seems part of a whole, which you don't get yet. like a slowly developing process. take your time, it's exciting! true blood is more then a few episodes following each other. the show models a whole world. every aspect seems to be important and you just don't know why, yet. anyway, it's ahead of it's time. it picks up many controversive subjects. it's good to have something to think about on tv! and to top it all, there is really nothing missing. the actors are great, the atmosphere is dazzeling, good soundtrack and and and
  • Give it a go!

    Great to have a good vampire show back on the air. And not a PG version like Buffy. This is stylish and sexy, and very funny, with lots of interesting characters to develop. And with the news that the shows been picked up for a new season, the writers and director can actually take time to fully develop the characters without the worry that it will be axed after only one season. This show will definitely not be for everyone, but for anyone with even a mild interest in vampires, this show will not disappoint. Hope its gets a few more seasons.
  • I just love it!

    I don't like Vamp shows till now. I do have to say the 1st season was better. But this one is good. I have also been reading the book. And ya some has changed. But it is only getting better when it comes to season 3. I don't think the writer thought it was going to get this big when she made her 2nd book. But every book after 2 was better each time. I do think there trying to hard to keep some of the people on the show.
    So there having problem working them back in. Like Lafayette. But we will see.
  • Twilight vs Twin Peaks for adults (but not in an XXX-adult way, even if it's "sexy" at times, but in a mature and deep may without violence but with murders and killings), and still very fresh intens acting and characters !!

    didnt expect such intens und great acting and deep characters, when I heard about a new Vampire Series..., the whole plot, thrill, humor are much better than I had(ever)expected...its like a adult version of Twilight (adult themes, deeper problems, subtile and controversy humor, and also a bit adult (verysoft) sexscens at times, but not realy ever violent or brutal, but has very powerfull moments and sometimes (suggesting) images.....)
    it starts warm, takes one or two episodes to get "used" to some of the characters, but once they've hypnotize you like a vampire, there's no tunring back.., youll be thrusting for more blood...
    the story around those people in that little town with a vampire (or two... or tree....) is so sweet, bloody and loving and in a way a bit like a David Lynch movie without the "to exctentic" part of his movies..(and is bit like Twin peaks)
    really love True Blood, every last ounce of it.....
    (and allready has a cult intro)
  • A review Of True Blood; Season One

    Season One Of True Blood
    Finally a show that shows that vampire shows are the best part of TV, the characters are alive in their own way, the storyline flows like the first season of LOST or HEROES. At times its hilarious (Jason Stackhouse is superbly portrayed) to a level were it boasts the comic wit of the first nine seasons of 'The Simpsons' or the dark humor of a film like 'Burn After Reading'. Not only are the cast superb for each role but even guest stars such as Jason Stackhouse's drug addicted lover Amy Burley (portrayed by the wonderful Lizzy Caplan) were magnificent works of acting, directing and most importantly writing. Apart from superb writing, acting and directing the mythologies of the show are great to run with, along with the seasonal mysterious now of course True Blood Season Two is much better but Season One must still hold acknowledgment for being a fantastic peice of work and is the best new show of 2008.
  • Absolutely Brilliant! Great cast, excellent writing, very addictive. I dont understand how people can dislike this series, it IS the best thing on TV right now !!

    Absolutely Brilliant .. Great cast, excellent writing, very addictive.
    After the first episode I was addicted, and it usually takes me a few episodes to get addicted to a TV show.

    Its also very original compared to other "vampire" genres. Its nothing like "buffy" if anyone is thinking that :) I love it how Vampires are socially acceptable (well sort of .. )

    Sookie (Anna Paquin) - the main character is perfect, and her best friend "Tara" (Rutina Wesley) who i have actually never seen before is full of character and plays her part great.

    I dont understand how people can dislike this series, it IS the best thing on TV right now !!
  • best thing on

    love the show and the characters - everything works well. I, unlike a lot of people, like the fact sookie can read minds. I schedule my sundays around the show. It's funny, it's sad, it's sexy and most importantly, it's entertaining. alan ball did a great job with six feet under and i would expect no less with True Blood - and i have not been disappointed. I can wait to see how it all develops. during the week, i go to on-demand and re-watch every show. I hope this show runs for years and if it does, i will be watching and, of course, buying the box set.
  • I never heard of this show until today when I was surfing the IMDB site. So I downloaded the first episode to see if the show was any good....

    I never heard of this show until today when I was surfing the IMDB site. So I downloaded the first episode to see if the show was any good....
    And I can say: I am addicted to another fantastic show!! Today I watched the first 6 episodes of season one, and I really loved it. It's a shame that they don't air this show in the Netherlands (where I live), but I am very happy that I can download it. I can't wait for the next season to start, despite I then ofcource do have to wait a week for the next episode.
  • I have fallen in love with this show! It was great how Lettie Mae did a turnaround!!! Oh and the scene in the cemetery was just great!! Cant wait to see the next one!!

    So what do you guys think about Amy? She seemed like a nice girl at first then with Vamp Eddie she just turns evil. She was just vicious! I just hope that Jason will not turn out to be that way and will let the Vamp Eddie loose. Sookie and Bill are my fav. That scene in the cemetery was just great! I wished that U was Sookie!!! I thought it was messed up of Sam to do that to Terry. You just don't mess with a vet w/PTSD. He should have told him the same story that he told Det. Andy. And isn't that funny that Andy called the nudist place in TX about him to find out if it was true or not!! I just love this show! And Erik, man him making Bill do a "favor" for him. I just hope that Sookie does not turn into a vamp!
  • Vampires, Mortals, Love, Louisiana!

    I love the books and now I love the t.v. show. I don't even get HBO but I make a point to find a way to watch this show each week. The cast is fabulous, the writing is spot on, and the characters from the books come to life. I like knowing more about all of the characters and the fact that the t.v. show is essentially following the arcs of the books but adding in new and interesting details. I don't mind the changes to the storyline because it is done so smoothly while keeping the major plot points in tact. I have to say that the looks of some of the characters weren't what I expected but overall I think they came pretty close while still keeping the acting in tact. I love the music used in the series and the way in which the music is used, its subtle and adds to it rather than distracts. Overall, it's a well done show.
  • Fantastic

    Great music, great cast.

    This show is definitely worth watching.

    Hope to see great things from Alexander Skarsgard.

  • Great Series

    I like this because its very unique it doesn't copy the teenage fab thats going on with Twilight and Vampire Diaries. I like it because it's different and its mature very adult with adult situations that make a whole lot of sense. I love how they not only just put vampires but they put every creature in the book in here and that's what make it fun to watch. Even making it where humans that drink vampire blood get a high from it which is different. I like thinking out the box shows and I thank the writers and everyone that was apart of this show for making it. I wouldn't know what to watch any other vampire series.
  • Something for everyone.

    This show leaves no emotion unstirred. I was not originally a fan after watching the first few episode of Season 1. To me it went outside the realm of what traditional vampire movies/books are are typically thought to be. I mean, vampire rights? Are you just plain goofy? Rednecks in the swamps of Louisiana? AND co-existing with each other? Too corny for a television series? Not hardly. With all that True Blood entails, this couldn't be further from the truth. Imagine what it would be like to co-exist with vampires within the human race. The good and the bad in both humans and vampires alike. Add a few shape shifters and supernatural beings and you've got an overwhelmingly crazy, dangerous, exhilirating, passionate, funny and surprising show. True Blood is the ability to lose yourself in this wonderful fiction for one hour each week that is every bit as good as your own imagination could create it to be. If you miss this show, you've missed it all. ;)
  • pretty darn amazing..! watch it and you'll know =)

    This summer I was really hoping to find a show that had heart and could keep the viewers entertained, interested in the story feel as though they were part of it and this show finally after so many other series that couldn't do that, this one did just that for me. Its fresh it's beautifully written and even though its about the paranormal it feels real. I loved the characters because you can relate to them every one of them and the plot has mystery yet simplicity. I almost feel like I liked it more then I like heroes which is one of my all time favorites cause its such a sweet love story within it all. The first season of true blood was amazing but the second one is amazing plus a yummy chocolate cake cause it's really is pretty great. The only thing that I don't like is that they changed the girl who was in the first episode as tara cause I thought she had more personality but that's old news now.
    Anywho It makes me laugh out loud and doesn't come with the old used out humor its new. So whoever that's rebounding from shows like one tree hill and prison break that have lost their magic you should tune in to True blood cause it'll give you what you've been missing. =)
  • Ilove True Blood to the max.

    I really love, love, love TRUE BLOOD it is the only show I watch on TV. It has everything you could ask for HOT!!!! men (Stephen Moyer) drama, comedy, romance, suspense. Alan Ball rocks bringing a story to life for us unique people who dont want to mainstream the TV. I will watch this show until it never exhists or my DVD's wear out.. Fan for life... And I am not alone there are thousands of us, We are becoming a community, those that stand together make a bigger statement. We True Blood folk love our show forever.........
  • true blood has been the most wonderful show that i have seen in a very long time. I would sit there and watch it for hours. it has heart throbbing action sit on the edge of your seat scenes it is just the perfect show on HBO right now

    And O my god please don't get me started on bill he can bit me when ever he wants to day or night, he is the hottest Vampier that i have ever laid eyes on. And i have a question for the bar tender why in the hell does he turn into a dog. and please tell me that where ever bill went you are not taking him off the show because he is the reason that i watch it his love affair with the blond girl Sooki is getting intence and i think that he needs to admit that he is in love with her
  • True Blood: a telepathic barmaid falls in love with a vampire, discovering a parallel world, for some, trying to coexist with humans ... not everyobody seems to like the idea...

    I discovered True Blood very recently and I love it!
    Thanks to Alan Ball, he's doing an amazing job, especially when you are adapting a book for TV, it's easier when it's your own stuff, so it's really well done, starting with the generic (theme song) that gives the perfect tone!!!
    Totally not a 'Vampire' show, the cast is very good, there are real acting skills there, it's not like those shows only about action, muscles and hot girls with no brain. It's not a scary stuff either, there're emotions, expectations, laugh...
    The guy is obviously great at what he does, Six feet Under, American beauty, True Blood, well talents must be recognized!
    Yes thanks Alan, my tomato juice will never look the same again ;- and thanks to the cast, you're doing great!!!
    Heloise (Belgium)
  • if you like twilight vampire diaries well then you'll love this

    i had great expectations for this show because of the great cast and the concept and it fulfilled all of them :) the chemistry between the characters, the opening song that gives me the shivers, the secrets, the tension, the whole louisiana hot atmosphere Here in belgium we're waiting and waiting for season three I'm totally in love with it so much that every time i watch an episode i keep rewinding things to see them again and again I can't get enough off it now i just have to find the books on wich this serie is based upon and continue my obsession
  • True Blood, the best of the genre.

    I knew about the novels, so I was really excited when I heard that this series was going to air.
    In my opinion, True Blood is a very interesting show that can bring us innovation, when compared to other TV Shows of the same style. It combines comedy, mystery, gore, overall being a very entertaining series, that does stand out from the rest of the shows of the same genre (the "vampire fever"). The actors are perfectly cast (Anna Paquin does a tremendous performance as Sookie Stackhouse), and so far the episodes have been way awesome (Season 2 was absolutly fantastic). I'm glad that True Blood has been confirmed a fourth season, and hopefully there'll be more to come.
  • Between the weird yet normal story lines and the magnetic personality of the characters this is definitely a show you can't turn away from. Yes it deals with vampires, but not in that lame cheesy kids tv show kind of way. Watch it and you'll fall in love!

    I accidentally found True Blood one day while looking for something to watch in between shows. I then proceeded to watch the first 3 episodes back to back and was instantly addicted. True Blood offers a little bit of everything you'd be looking for in a show. Fantasy – the show deals with the reality of Vampires living among humans trying to be apart of society, come on that is something that would be very very cool if it could really happen. The show allows you to experience something interesting and weird that you know you'd be curious about. Drama – like any show dealing with peoples lives there's enough drama to go around. From murders to love lives and family issues there's always something going on to create drama.

    Romance – what show would be complete without a love story woven into it. The 2 main characters, Sookie and Bill, have such intense chemistry on screen that each scene with them in it is captivating. Even though Bill is a vampire you still root for the couple to make it and end up together. Humor – not letting the show get too serious, there's always a scene that makes you laugh out loud. Usually the scene involves poor Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's dopey older brother, and he never lets us down. After just one episode True Blood will definitely become one of your weekly obsessions.
  • a great show

    this is what a vampires should be, better then sparkly vampire shit
  • Not bad, not bad at all.

    I never thought I would like anything to do with Vampires especially since it is the new craze with girls these days. The show has a good plot to it, and the the episodes will have you coming back for more. I really liked the first season, but the second one is definitely has been my favorite this far, the third one has been good so far but hasn't caught my interest as much as the second season had, but i still can't wait to see what happens this season and any other seasons this show is going to have.
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