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True Blood

HBO (ended 2014)



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  • Just a question:

    Where's the magic gone? I'm not really disappointed, just a little sad. Farewell without a real end.

  • Terrible

    True blood has declined so much over the years. The last season was absolutely terrible. I felt robbed. I've watched tb since season 1 and had all these years invested in it that I had to know how it ended. I was not happy about any of the last season. Eric should be dead first of all. When I hear it's open season on all characters, I expect someone important to die. Alcide? Really? Tara? Give me a break. And bills death was so drawn out I wanted to puke. Where's the shocker? It's the last season I expected you to blow my mind. Unfortunately I had to force myself to watch as the jibberish you call a show went on.
  • Terrible! !!

    I found the last season completely disrespectful to the viewers. Just empty meaning disappointed with true blood and HBO for allowing such a terrible end.
  • Good riddance!

    Completely asinine. The worst TV series in HBO history. This is just as bad and mortifying as "Pretty Little Liars". True Blood series finale... WHAT WAS THAT? I AM SO CONFUSED. Yes, good riddance.
  • Season Finale.

    I admit it's not the best season but I loved this show for every bit, in the good and the bad miss ya true blood

  • Fake Blood

    This season seems a bad parody of what once was a great show. Whereas irony and black comedy there is now just emotionless melodramatic cries, deeply useless introspections, almost no plot and, what's worst, a very bad directing timing. The actors seems to have to improvise their facial expression in order to gain footage, camera goes on useless stuff, they use flashback but completely meaningless for the situation. It''s almoust an "behind the scenes", after everything's end. No motvation, no passion, no bad taste just bitter, no politically incorrect, just funly incorrect.

    .... And now, time for the weather. Tiffany ?
  • This season really bites--in a bad way

    This last season has been rife with bad writing, bad sex, the decline of character substance and sloppy directing. This used to be my favorite show--or at least one of them--and I am a long-time fan of the books. But this last season has been dismally disappointing. The show is going out with a whiney whimper and everything about it is so revolting that I'm not even going to watch the rest of the episodes. Hollywood seems bent on insulting the show's viewers, and whomever is writing this last season has shown such contempt for us with astoundingly asinine "plot" lines and idiotic dialogue that my "willing suspension of disbelief" has been replaced with my willing suspension of watching this drivel. Shame on you, True Blood creators. You've wasted the abiity of some highly talented actors with your laziness and incompetence.
  • best review for true blood

    True blood is by far the worst network series to ever hit television. can people put themselves through the torture of watching even one full episode? 8.6 rating? Not in your wildest dreams... the shit sucks.
  • Finallyy getting into it again.

    I was disappointed in season five. The whole AUTHORITY storyline was stupid. I was surprised with Tara's storyline. All of season five seemed to go by so slowly and I grew bored and had no desire to see season 6. Well, I am only 2 episodes into season 6 and so far I love it. I never really cared for VAMPS, but HBO did it justice. The sex scences are and will forever be pointless but the show as whole is AMAZING! I'm not too sad to see it go.
  • My rating score used to be 10, long time ago

    Worst thing that can happen to a story is the writer and the director to team up to destroy it.
  • So pissed off!!!!

    I heard a rumor the Sookie was pregnant and that is why the latest season of true blood was so short... I felt totally jipped. I felt like they just cut out a big chunk of the story line and fast forwarded it to what was supposed to be episode 12. Why couldn't they have just disguised her pregnancy and showed her less often like they did the other time she got pregnant? I really hope that the last season is 12 episodes like all the other seasons. Has the show even thought about their fans? Loyal fans who have taken the time out of their lives every Sunday to watch for what is going to be for 7 years straight,,, DESERVE full seasons, anything less is just not right. ,, For the last season can they at least have a full season this time? It sucks to watch every episode of a show and then at the end get jipped like that. Love the show 10 out 10 but I am still upset over the shortness of last season,, STILL.
  • it shouldn't cancel

    I just got into all of the true blood series and now i realize it only one more season then it cancel cause they have no more idea yet you never brought up a witch or a leprechaun come on think of more i didn't watch it just for out to get canceled
  • Season 6

    I think the final episode is the best final for the show and it should be ended. great show
  • Love all season looking forward for the next season

    Really looking forward for interesting new script for the next season ... Keep up the good work!!
  • season 6

    I knew season 6 was gonna be short cause Sookies actress is pregnant but .. seriously. the show is dying for me. season 5 was worse season 6 was just a bump. cmon do better
  • Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

    Want to be grossed out? Want to laugh out loud? Want to be engrossed by fantastical characters with their tongue's stuck firmly in their cheek? If so, then True Blood is for you. Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries... it's all ridiculous, in the best possible way.

    I've watched all the episodes, which doesn't seem to be a prerequisite for some folk reviewing this show. I mean who reads 20 pages of a 200 page book and then reviews it? The show changes throughout the seasons, and season 6 is must-watch-TV, and has literally brought the show back to life. Season 7 can't come fast enough, that was a decent cliffhanger.
  • Radioactive

    I like Radioactive music since i watch the HOST movie, and it came here in true blood, beautiful finale, cant wait SEASON 7..
  • fake much?!

    OMG this show is by far the worst ive ever seen in my life !! 2 times i start watching and never get past season 1 episode 8 :D i mean what the hell!! fake acting ,bad music and worst screenplay eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer !!!

    the episodes i watched i was LOLing the whole time ! ! and Sookie ?? seriously what kind of a name is that ?! hahahaha and even better stackhouse xD xD

    is there anyone like me here or ya'll fangbangers :D :P
  • Had its time in (out?) of the Sun

    Once upon a time this was a novel show. Somewhere along the way it morphed into a one-uppance contest. Now its just stupid. Watch the first few seasons and skip the rest..
  • Good show, don't like current season

    Season 6 ... nothing makes sense, people keep making decisions with no reasoning behind it. Starts right away with writers deciding everyone will hate/fear bill from 1st second of season because he is supposedly super evil now no matter what he does/says and just goes downhill from there especially for sookie character. I didn't watch all episodes yet, but I hope they get better. Not saying it's all bad just a few decisions came off totally fake imo - otherwise the camp part of story/main plot I like.

    Series as a whole is very good.
  • Social Twists on a cultural penom

    I haven't watched the entire series: I'm only on the 4th Season. I've got nothing but admiration on this series playing against social norms. It constantly plays upon the morality of what it means to be human. The Vampires are given a choice: "Main Stream" or stand out. What is to be expected is that, much like life, the choice is not so black and white. Lines must be crossed in order to preserve either their own lives or the lives of the people close to them. It's a very dark take on the general aspects of would give this show a 10 rating, but the plot which starts out wide, complicated, and nail biting slows down drastically.

    The first season blows open Sookie's peaceful, serene, southern life. Introducing Vampires, Murderers, Vampire Haters/Lovers, Voodoo, Shapeshifters and of course the wonderful Greek Mythos. Come the second season, Sookie has begun a strong, outspoken, vocal character not afraid to stand up to vampires.

    @dougretter7 | Your post amuses me thoroughly. If you actually read between the lines of the entire "Christian" aspects of the show: The Church of Light. They are not representing Christian's as whole: period. They are the crazy fanatics; example would be Westboro Baptist Church. You must be Christian as your back goes up immediately in this case. The point of the contrast between the normal Christians "Hoyt" and "Sookie" is that nothing is EVER simple. They are perceived as 'stupid' in the show because they are meant to be compared with Vampires who are hundreds to thousands of years old: if you tried to match wits with anything that lived for thousands of years you'd look totally ignorant too.
  • Best Show Ever

    Since the first season True Blood has always been interesting and in no way boring. Every single episode has had me chewing on my nails.
  • Stick to the books

    I love True Blood when it started. The first season followed the books and hooked a lot of Charlaine Harris fans. Every season seemed to stray farther and farther from the books and now it is just ridiculous. Where has all the good television gone?
  • Vampires done right, but will it stay forever young?

    I Had little to no interest in the vampire craze that was sweeping up this country, but gave it a chance, and it officially sunk it's teeth into me! Excellent cast that you end up caring about, high production value, and an entertaining take on vampire / werewolf lore. People complain about profanity and some pretty hot soft core scenes, but isn't that the point of HBO?? My only gripe is a common one; 1st season = 9.5, 2nd season = 10, 3rd Season 8.5, 4th season = 6.5, etc .... Are they running out of material? are they running short on ideas and uses for the characters? I'm not sure, but the show is steadily losing steam, and I hope they regain stability this upcoming season.
  • a great show

    this is what a vampires should be, better then sparkly vampire shit
  • Have been through 4 seasons.

    Things started out pretty reasonable and interesting; enough that I watched into four seasons. Good girl Sookie hooks up with a good vampire, undying love, faithful to each other; a decent love story with unusual problems. By Season 4 she's turned into a whore and he's an evil opportunistic "good" guy. Jessica and Hoyt, young kids deeply in love, working hard to make something good out of their situation; now she's a whore sleeping with Hoyt's best friend. Everyone is screwing everyone, what the heck, vampires using humans as tools and disposable sex objects, no real values anywhere; just people using people. No one, at any social level appears to possess any character or decency that doesn't at some place wallor into animalistic sex or treachery. If you removed the "F" word, you would have shortened the series by 2 hours. Someone would have to point out to me anything virtuous in the storyline. The whole thing is sick.

    When it began, I would have given this a decent rating; however, this entire series has descended into one putrid morass of sex, drugs, lying, cheating, group sex, betrayal, blood and guts, foul language, and ruined, broken people. Did I miss anythingoh yeah, and mocking people of faith, specifically Christians, who are portrayed as moronic, hypocritical buffoons. What started out fairly decent turned into a piece of crap. I refuse to watch the rest.

  • Need more

    Can not wait till the next season!!!!!
  • Truu Blood

    Scary, spooky, vampire show. I love the fact that humans are aware of the existance of vampires!! And also that's the way vampires should be.
  • true blood

    I just got into watching true blood . I was so hooked on it. I started watching the first episode and couldn't stop watching it . I watch it from beginning to the last episode in 3 days. I didn't like how episode 5 went. I can't wait till season 6 comes I just hope it's alot better than the last one. Does anyone know when session 6 comes out? I love this show. Iam a true blood fan all the way

  • Woah.

    At first I thought, meh, another vampire show, but I was surprised that the first two episodes got me so hooked that I had to know what goes next. It has a different perspective, it doesn't necessarily has new story lines, nor great continuity but it's addicting and it's good at cliffhangers. Also, I live Sookie.
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