True Blood

Season 5 Episode 12

Save Yourself

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2012 on HBO

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  • Save Yourself

    A really boring season finale. The ending will leave us guessing and intrigued for a year, but it just did not have a lot of good storylines building up to it and resolved here. A mediocre season concluded the just way: with a mediocre finale.

    I thought as always true blood stuck to shocking us. leaving us guessing. its sticking to its roots which most shows don't. true bloods season finale was great full of death drama love hurt action guessing smiling and what the heck... like always true blood rocks and can't go wrong.. keep staying true to the roots...
  • Decent Finale for a So-So Season

    I caught True Blood finale after a stressful Anatomy exam. I was really excited for this season to end since it felt like this season dragged forever with no solid story.

    Killing Russell is inevitable but I really hoped that they kept him longer since he is terrifying and arguably the strongest villain to visit Bon Temps. But I could not complain more since Eric really did a good job for slaughtering this beast.

    This episode might have cemented Eric's character as the lead in favor of Bill. He looks so masculine and strong on screen and catch myself with a lot of awww when he is on. It's just that the Nora thing, she is too plain. Reminds me of Kristen Stewart but Nora is supposed to be an old vampire but it does not translate on screen.

    Pam, she is adorable. I love the sarcasm from episode 1 and did anyone noticed her clothes this season? The stylist should get a raise. She wore really edgy outfits and her make up made he looked like 10 years younger. Tara, finally coming to terms with her feelings with Pam saved her miserable character at least. At the back of my head last season, I was relieved by the thought she might have died but well at least this one worked out.

    LaFayette and Arlene's banter while Maurella is giving birth is funny at least. I hoped for a stronger subplot for him in the coming season. The gang at Merlotte's provided a homey feeling that people will go there when they are hungry or in trouble. And Sam Merlotte gets the award for the most kick-ass kill for the finale.

    Alcide's plot is really forgettable and may I ask why does he hook up with these trashy looking girls? Does Alcide own a mirror and see how good he looks?

    Lastly, I clapped when I thought Bill had died. He is an example of a horribly written character from the beginning. I do not know if its the actor playing Bill or the writers. If he will be an antagonist please let him be but make his character stronger and not another puppy eyed vampire because we already have Vampire Diaries vamps for that.

    Overall, this season has no solid story whatsoever but something came out of this at least, that there is a story more than vamps sleeping with Sookie. I'm relieved with that idea.
  • Very strange finale

    Strange finale leaves me with the question where is this show going to. Frankly speaking, I don't know. On one hand it is good that somehow they managed to release themselves from the misery of the 4th season but somehow it is for me hard to understand why this show is still aired. The plot twist by the end of this episode is a real mystery how they are going to continue the show.
  • The Rise of the Supernatural Crusade.

    Lilith finally chooses the strongest one. Ironic how she ends up being the one thing that provides Bill with purpose. Proving this show is not childish Twillight, the sanguinistas crusade forces shifters to warn humans on national TV, perhaps the last sacrifice of Luna as skinwalker. Alcide finally steps up as werepeople's natural leader chosing pack over every man for himself, Andy takes charge of 4 half-fae babies and Sheriff Northman of his grandprogeny and extended family as they race to save Pam from, what has grown to be, his closest friend.

    Using all the expertise he gathered from the Fellowship of the Sun (season 2), his deputy training (seasn 3-4) and, lets face it, being Sookie's big brother (seasons 1 to present day), Jason helps to rescue baby vampires Pam & Jessica and thus is trusted with Sookie's & Eric's family for nothing can convince Bill to release them, or himself, from Lilith's grip other than Sookie ...or so Eric would think. In the ultimate twist of events, Bill abjures everything that ever made him feel inadquate, finding the inner peace he always wanted, by drinking Lilith's blood and leading the supernatural crusade all by himself.
  • Bilith Is Risen (Spoilers Ahead)

    Much to my surprise True Blood actually gave us a riveting finale much better than many of the ones that have come before. While Season One and Two's were a bit unevenly paced Season 3 and 4's just left the Big Bad alive for another episode to drag out the storytelling. But this was a well constructed build since the season spent such a long time switching dynamics and then switched tones when Roman died, to Russell and them all tripping, to Eric escaping the compound. First of all, there was no other way I can see to have taken out Elder-Fairy-Juiced-Russell since he had such a high level of resistance to fairy magic with absorbing that ancient power and could seemingly walk in the sun for what I could estimate to be a week. At first I thought Sook and them all were gonners and was looking forward to the dingy little Fairy Clubhouse getting redecorated with paint. I was wrong last week, apparently the banishing spell did send Jason's mind somewhere else making him see his parents who urge him to kill vamps. But back to Russell, the the cliffhanger from last week left me angsty and having him distracted by slowly pushing through the fairy beams was the only way Eric, only a third as old and strong as Russell, to sneak up on him while he was occupied and stake him. While not my preferred way for him to go out his "F**k" before he popped was suitably hilarious and they stretched his arc out maybe a little too long with his shenanigans. In the Authority Compound Sam's attempt to reason with Bill causes him to shift into a fly and escape into the air ducts and Bill chastises the guards to find Sam. Eric's line "that felt even better than I thought it would" before the opening title was amazing in its delivery. Nora's needing to swear on Godric from Eric to not drink from Sookie really shows how compelling she is to other vampires who haven't been around her for too long. When Bill explains to Salome that he killed Chancellor Kibwe because Lilith told him to drink all of her as her Chosen One she proceeds to take the blood in the chamber for herself. Eric, Vamp-Hating Jason, Nora, Sookie, and Tara all plan an assault on the Authority Compound posing the humans as captured humans and Bill lets them through anyway even though he knows it's them. Alcide meanwhile gets a visit from Russell's mother-in-law who brings Ricci to his father's trailer after having been force fed too much V by JD. She tells Alcide that younger females in the pack were raped by JD and others but she wasn't. Alcide says that he can't take on JD since he was almost killed last time by him. Alcide's dad tells him that he has some of the "the good V" just in case he ever needed to kill anybody but the stuf that JD is peddling is crap which is why the adverse effects are so bad. Alcide swallows his pride and confronts JD who is torturing a vamp who's strung up by a chain with silver. Alcide approaches him and tells him that he challenges him again. Empowered by V, Alcide snaps his neck by a twig all alpha-male like and claims the pack as his own. But unlike I feared him succumbing to V, he holds back his temptations and tells the pack that there will be no more V consumption. They will no longer rape people or attack people weaker than them. They are wolves and will remain as such, and they all bow support their new packmaster. Alcide is definitely one of my favorite characters he is surprisingly undervalued by the Trubie fanbase but he is among the moral center since Bill has gone sideways this season. Salome drinks the blood of Lilith seemingly in front of Bill but she collapses and Bill tells her that he laced it with tons of silver and that blind faith waiting for the rapture is what led her to be so unable to smell the silver. He stakes her before she says that "Lilith chose wisely." The assault of the Authority leaves Jason to kill tons of vamps as well as Eric and Nora dispatching quite a few. Jessica and Pam are sprung loose from the cells by Eric and Tara, who passionately kisses Pam and Jess says "I knew it." When gathering into the elevator to escape Eric has only a few words with Pam but enough to solidify that he missed her dearly. I was surprised when Luna had shifted into Steve Newlin and tells the world live from CNN that humans are being kept by the Authority and the other ancient lady vamp is popped when Sam flies inside of her and shifts into human form and they finally save Emma. Eric and Sook go to save Bill and appeal to his humanity while Jason goes all Rambo. When Bill doesn't relent he tells Sook the thing he told her back in Season 1 "vampires often turn on those that they love the most" before drinking the whole vile of Lilith's blood. I guess we won't know what Lilith was all about or why the blood is that way. Bill pops but out of his puddle rises him naked and covered in blood much like Lilith. Eric grabs Sookie and yells, "Run!" The end. And Andy sees Morella give birth to four fairy kids and leaves them with him or something. Not that important. But it was a great cliffhanger to carry over since Alan Ball is leaving and seasons of True Blood tend to be so very self contained it was nice to see something of a threat carry over into Season 6. Not a bad season, certainly a step up from 3 and 4 in my opinion but there is still many characters who should be given much less of a story, even a side story like Terry got this season with the Ifrit. With Alan Ball stepping down I'm intrigued to see where Sookie and pals go next in Bon Temps when True Blood returns next summer.
  • continuity errors with Jason getting the memories of the dead faerie.

    When the Oldest Faerie on the same 'frequency' was sucked dry - odd in old age, she should be able to move 1000 times faster than a vampire. But as soon as fangs touched her neck - she was paralised!

    When she turned to Faerie dust and her memories went into the oldest halfling - Jason and he was having his parents speak to him, BOTH his parents called the Vampires - "FANGERS". Derrogatory terms change and shift every decade, so when they were killed almost 25 years ago, vampires would NOT have been called "Fangers" as vampires were not known of by most and would have been called by their proper name.

    I give reference to someone calling a homosexual person - GAY - until the early 1980's, GAY was a term for a happy person with vibrant life, It was the 80's it became a derrogatory word - a word that we in the gay/*** world took as a term of empowerment. Call us GAY and we say yes and proud of it. Same for any other word that can be artificially created when there is a lexicon shift!

    Negative termonology rarely lasts more than a generation (at most). To have the stackhouses be so typical southern closed minded - when the grandmother was open minded - just does not fit with how families work. The young learn discrimination from their parents, Old lady stackhouse was very accepting of BILL but her child and wife were not. Does not add up!
  • Strong ending to a somewhat blah season

    To be quite honest I actually missed watching most of the season the first time around they aired on HBO but managed to get caught up with On Demand in the week leading up to the finale. This season seems to have been mired down with the introduction of vampire politics and religion ( who knew they had one, since most vampires seem to believe themselves to be gods!) I really enjoyed the bromance that developed between Eric and Bill this season, it was refreshing to see them both out from under the love triangle with Sookie and interacting with other even more powerful and dangerous vampires. The finale was a doozy with the all powerful Vampire Authority ending up to be not so powerful, popular villians meeting bloody ends and heroic characters turning to the dark side. They have set up the makings of a kickass season six and I for one can't wait from 2013!
  • Satisfying end to an awful season

    Basically, I will remember this as the season where the main characters were shoved to the sidelines, and a lot of time was spent on minor characters with uninteresting story arcs.

    Individual story lines were not that bad, but they were paced atrociously, terminated prematurely, underdeveloped (or in the case of the Authority, overdeveloped), or just all around botched. Way too many throw away scenes dealing with supporting characters simply for the sake of having them on the show

    There have been some bright spots, but not enough. The episodes/season felt very fragmented to me. Flitting from one story to the next giving it a very chaotic feeling. I'm just surprised there was such a drop in quality

    I don't know it just seems like they're not trying anymore and throwing together random shit no effort whatsoever. Everything is so wrong: the pacing, the characters and the new music (horrible and cheesy). It also doesn't help, that with each passing episode the absurdity level is getting higher. I mean, ever since S3 the show has walked a fine line of craziness but this is just too much.

    So basically, overall it was not a good season. Most of the subplots came and went (Lafayette, Debbie Pelt, The Ifrit, the masked hate group) and were finished and dismissed with seemingly few consequences. Meanwhile the overarching Authority/Lilith/Russell line has been painfully slow and mostly trapped in uninteresting and claustrophobic sets.

    Character development has been interesting (Tara and Pam in particular), but it's not been consistent either. LaFayette in particular has been nothing but a clichd afterthought for the last few episodes, simply swanning through the few scenes he has with a sassy retort.

    And for me, Bill's religious transformation has been not a little unconvincing. It's hard to get any steam up over his epiphany when you don't really buy any of it. He's never been a threatening presence and that doesn't help. Besides, I really don`t see any way the can redeem the character after this season.

  • Perfect end for a good season


    Don't know the general consensus, but I have enjoyed this season a lot, and this season finale was just a terrific episode all around. From craziness to insanity to practically contact high, this kept going from moment to moment. I enjoyed the silly parts just as much as the serious parts, though the stress of not wanting characters to die was always prevalent.


    - the birth scene. Just... WTF?! But in a fantastic way... I felt like I was there with Lafeyette and the gang as they made little quips about the weirdness. Just brilliant.

    - tara/pam... even though I was just like Sooky... "O okay", the chemistry between those two is just so dynamic and magnetic that I will gladly follow that wherever it goes.

    - Jason... interesting to see what the hell is going on, clearly building for something... but it's the infiltration that was just pure out fun and awesome.

    - Eric and Nora... okay, best new character in a while and I just love the dynamic between the two. Moremoremore!

    - What happens when a vampire swallows a fly!

    - The ending... crazy, ***hole, and just a string of "O ***s" Took the concept of LIlith and made it both insane and terrifying at once. Awesome.

    This episode made me both intently desiring the next season and pissed that it will be so long before it gets here. This is True Blood at its most insane, gloriously fun finest. Gonna start from season 1 and go through all of them on HBOGO till this show returns. Just fantastic.
  • Save Yourself, some spoilers ahead!

    Save Yourself was definitely a perfect episode of True Blood and this is definitely one of the best episodes of the series so far. There are many fantastic and important parts of this episode I won't mention but needless to say this was a perfect ending to this season! From start to finish this episode delivered on every level. There was significant plot and character development, action, drama, intrigue, love, hate, and everything in between. I must say I'm a little disappointed that Russell was so easily dispatched as well as some of the other Authority members. Salome was the most entertaining Chancellor in terms of Chancellor deaths. I definitely didn't predict any of what happened which made the episode all the more fantastic. The whole Sam and Luna story line was excellent and I'm so glad none of the shifters were killed off. The werewolf story line was awesome and it was nice to see a little bonding between Alcide and his father who helped him retake the Wolf Pack. I liked how Eric and Nora worked with Sookie, Jason and Tara to help Pam, Jessica and Bill. Sheriff Andy had an interesting birthing session with his Fairy mistress along with the help of Holly. There were just so many awesome scenes I can't describe them all here. I was definitely a little shocked with a lot of what happened. Bill ended up drinking all of Lilith which seemingly killed him until he was reborn. The ending was Spectacular and worthy of the series. I certainly look forward to the next season to see what will happen!!!!!!!!!