True Blood

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 28, 2009 on HBO
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Bill and Eric team up to save Sookie from a mysterious creature. Jason has second thoughts about the Light of Day retreat anti-vampire agenda, but Sarah and Steve counter his doubts with flattery and promises. Sam leaves town after alienating everyone. Jessica heads over to Merlotte's, where a smitten Hoyt falls for her. Tara is attracted to Eggs but is rudely interrupted by a fog.moreless

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  • Good... but

    I'm a huge fan of True Blood. I fell immediately for the characters, the plot and the ambiance. And I also think that this second season starts very well. However, some secondary stories get a little bit boring. I personally think that the Jason's story at the Church is boring. I know and I guess that it will be helpful at the end for the entire plot. Nonetheless, it does not start quickly enough. I don't know... we cannot really see the point the scenarists wants to go to with that.

    Along the same lines, the Maryann/Tara story is quite long and annoying. We know that she is kind of a witch. But com'on! Move a little bit quickly guys, otherwise we gonnna fall asleep before figuring out what was really going on with this one!

    BUT, the really really good point with this second season is Jessica and Eric. Those two characters are fascinating and make me want to see more.

    In the end, it's quite balancing. Two stories bother me and two stories are stunning! And the Bill/Sookie remainder story is quite great as usual. I am not ready to give up on this show!moreless
  • Another Best Episode!!! :)

    Kicked ass as usual. Exciting, sexy, hot...what more can we ask for?!

    Season 2 rocks so far, this show def. did not and I'm sure WILL NOT lose its great taste. True Blood tastes so good!

    Sookie & Bill & Jessica[b] - I have no idea why but I'm in love with these 3. I love them together and I love their story lines.

    Jessica was especially cuter in this episode. So pretty!

    [b]Tara & Maryann - I like them too. Maryann is weirdly a cool character. Tara is FINALLY starting to think ''what the heck is up with this woman?'' Everyone goes all wild and crazy whenever they're around her. But hey, I wouldn't mind partying with her. Should be fun. LOL! Jason - A VERY DULL character compared to the hot sex addicted himself from last season, lol, but should def. be interested in where they're going to take his story line. 10 out of 10.

    Can't wait to see the rest. Only 10 more left. Weeks are going by so fast.moreless
  • A very creepy and scary episode for once between monsters in the woods and wierd nude sexual parties.

    Poor sookie i felt bad that not only that she had a fight with bill about jessica seeing her parents but now she had a creepy time having some type of creature almost kill her in the woods.

    I would love to say Eric is in a way very nice in helping bill to save sookie. But he is still questionable about being good. I was very happy that sookie read the mind of ginger because i wanted her to help out Lafayette so bad. and she is such a good friend. i am glad that she got eric to let him go. But i don't think Eric will leave him alone forever.

    I thought that jessica was a awesome sport. i was proud of her that she told Hoyt that she was a vampire. i had no idea that he did not mind that she was a vampire. which was very cool. I hope bill will allow jessica to have him as a boyfriend.

    As for maryanna and her party. i do not know what she is but she is to creepy for me. i would not wnat to be around her at all.moreless
  • Sookie is attacked in the woods by some kind of creature unlike anything the humans or vampires have seen before. Sam is thinking about running from Maryann. Bill and Eric save Sookie who in turn saves Lafayette in an agreement to help Eric in Dallas.moreless

    True Blood really hits its Season Two stride with this excellent episode. We pick up a major new plot twist and we find out what really happened to Lafayette. We also see where new characters like Daphne and Maryann are affecting the story.

    The creature that attacked Sookie looked like a Wendigo or something of that type based on the silhouette we saw at a distance. Of course the results are nothing like what one would see from that type of creature. This is a creature that plants its own venom in your system paralyzing you so that it can then do its business. Based on what we saw with Daphne at the end it is more than just devouring its prey. Poor Sookie, shes really been through Hell the last six months or so.

    Poor Sam, first Maryann shows up and turns his world upside down and now Daphne may just do it even more. He is such a nice guy and seems to attract weirdness in the same way Sookie does. Daphne seems to be out of it most of the time. Maybe that's a by product of being attacked and then whatever happens to you.

    Tara seems to finally got the message that something funny is going on. Someone said that she may be the most intelligent person in Bon Temps if not the most screwed up. She's not too screwed up enough to not recognize that what was going on at Maryann's is not normal. It will be fascinating to see in the end what Maryann really is?

    Jason continues to be manipulated by forces outside his control. Just when you think he is finally thinking straight he gets pulled back in. It sort of shows you that no one side is absolutely right or wrong but everyone has their own agenda.

    I really enjoyed the Jessica/Hoyt part of the show. Both of these characters are trusting people who were looking for answers. In a way Jessica seems to be looking for someone to love her for who she is and Hoyt is looking for someone to care and love him in return. Both of them really hit you as being the monogamous types looking for love.

    When Bill returns I think we are expected to see them at least to the point where Jessica has bitten Hoyt, but for once we are pleasantly surprised to see that obviously she really has fallen for Hoyt as they are taking it slow. I like the Hoyt character and it is nice to see a caring trusting person in the middle of all the cynics. I just hope this does not bode poorly for him. It certainly could keep Jessica out of trouble while Bill and Sookie are away in Dallas.

    Sookie saves Lafayette in her arrangement to help Eric in Dallas. I personally thought he was now a vampire. I really like his character and wonder what is in store for him next.

    Finally Pam and Chow. I get a kick out of Pam in general. Eric says she's lazy and she wears those pumps out to stomp through the woods. Of course I'm sure her feet don't hurt but it is still funny to think about that. One of the advantages of being undead! A really great episode with many different pieces to it. Wonderful story telling. That party really turned up the heat. The new monster brings a whole new danger to the world. Acting and production were top notch. I can't wait for two weeks from now for the next episode. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Review

    Bill and Eric team up to save Sookie from a mysterious creature. Jason has second thoughts about the Light of Day retreat anti-vampire agenda, but Sarah and Steve counter his doubts with flattery and promises. Sam leaves town after alienating everyone. Jessica heads over to Merlotte's, where a smitten Hoyt falls for her. Tara is attracted to Eggs but is rudely interrupted by a fog. Another really good episode from the writers of True Blood. Lafayette is released from the confines of his prison cell. The after-effects of this should be interesting to watch play out. Sookie is attacked by something in the forest, but ends up healing out of it. Looks like Sookie and Bill will now be on the move in the next episode to carry out a mission for Eric. Jason's storyline is so out of his season one character its kind of hard to get used to. I almost view his scenes as the filler scenes of the episode. Im trying to figure out whats going to come out of this. Will he be brainashed to the point where he goes after Bill sometime down the road in this season? Sam and the new waitress being the cliffhanger was great too. Either she just got attacked by one or she is one. With how calm she was I'm going to have to go with the former.moreless
Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer

Bill Compton

Sam Trammell

Sam Trammell

Sam Merlotte

Ryan Kwanten

Ryan Kwanten

Jason Stackhouse

Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley

Tara Thornton

Chris Bauer

Chris Bauer

Detective Andy Bellefleur

Mehcad Brooks

Mehcad Brooks

"Eggs" Benedict Talley

Marcia DeRousse

Marcia DeRousse

Dr. Ludwig

Guest Star

Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher


Guest Star

Jennifer Wenger

Jennifer Wenger


Guest Star

Kristin Bauer

Kristin Bauer

Pamela “Pam” Swynford De Beaufort

Recurring Role

Wes Brown

Wes Brown

Luke McDonald

Recurring Role

John Billingsley

John Billingsley

Mike Spencer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • According to the t-shirt that Sookie is given to wear, the address of Fangtasia is 44 Industrial Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana.

    • In the scene where Eric asks Pam and Chow to go search the woods, Eric says "Du hörde vad jag sa" which is Swedish and means "You heard what I said".

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Hoyt: Hi.
      Jessica: Hi.
      Hoyt: Do you mind if I join you? Uh... I mean if you're alone.
      Jessica: (she shrugs and gestures to the booth) I'm alone.
      Hoyt: (sits down opposite her) Hi, I'm Hoyt.
      Jessica: (watching his neck) Jessica.
      Hoyt: Uh, so this might sound kind of funny, but I was just sitting there thinking how come you don't ever meet a nice girl, Hoyt? And then you just walked right in.
      Jessica: And how do you know I'm a nice girl?
      Hoyt: Coz of your smile, I guess. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they smile. Uh, you know I watch people all the time... (Jessica smiles and looks down flattered) You see that, that's beautiful. I could stare at that all day long.
      Jessica: (Jessica's stops smiling and looks serious) Day? Yeah, right.
      Hoyt: (looking a little offended) Did I say something wrong?
      Jessica: No. Of course not.
      Hoyt: Okay, okay good coz I don't wanna scare you away... would you like a drink or something? Uh, food? Um, you're hungry? (Jessica looks uncomfortable)

    • (Bill strides in after waking up for the night. He gives Sookie a hug)
      Bill: Are you still angry about our fight? Sookie, none of that matters anymore.
      Sookie: You're right. I'm alive and in one piece, (takes a breath and sounds angry) unlike my friend Lafayette who Eric chained up like an animal and left to bleed to death.
      Bill: (looks confused) What?
      Sookie: You better not have known anything about this Bill Compton, because if you did I don't think I could ever forgive you.
      Bill: I have no idea what you're talking about.
      Eric: I imagine she's referring to the human in my basement. (both Sookie and Bill look around in surprise as Eric walks into the club) The human who traded sexual services with a vampire in order to sell his blood - which as you know is a grave offense.
      Sookie: (walks around Bill) His name is Lafayette! And you ought to be ashamed of yourself for what you've done to him. (pulls back her arm and slaps Eric - who allows it)
      Bill: Sookie!
      Eric: (looks down at her as she realizes what she just did) I'm glad you're feeling better. (he looks at the red Fangtasia T-shirt she's wearing) And may I add that colour suits you very well.
      Sookie: Go to hell!
      Bill: (he grabs her arm) Sookie, enough!
      Sookie: Oh, it's not nearly enough. They've tortured him and bitten him and shot him and kept him down there in his own filth for weeks!
      Bill: Is this true?
      Eric: There are others who would have done far worse and you know it. (Bill looks down)
      Sookie: You're gonna let him go right now or I swear I'm going to the police.
      Eric: (leans forward as if to strike, his fangs out. Sookie leans back in surprise but holds her ground) I do not respond well to threats. (stares into her eyes, and steps back) But perhaps we could come to some sort of arrangement. (smiles) Please. (he indicates for her to sit down)

    • Sookie: (reading Ginger's mind) Lafayette? Why would Eric have Lafayette in the basement?
      Ginger: I just work here.
      (thinks about gun under the cash register, Sookie runs and gets it.)
      Sookie: (points it at Ginger who screams) Take me to him. Now! (walks down the stairs behind Ginger into the basement) Oh my god. (runs to Lafayette) Lafayette. Lafayette.
      Lafayette: Sook? Is that really you?
      Sookie: What have they done to you?
      Lafayette: Do I look like a vampire?
      Sookie: (shaking her head) You look awful.
      Lafayette: I feel fucking worse... I guess that means I ain't a vampire then. Which is good.
      Sookie: (turns to Ginger) Uncuff him!
      Ginger: I don't have that key! I swear!
      Sookie: (turns back to Lafayette) I'm going to get you out of here. I promise.

    • (After he agrees to watch the bar while Sam's gone)
      Terry: So you're just gonna cut and run?
      Sam: I'm not running.
      Terry: Uh huh, remind me never to get caught in a fox hole with you. (opens car door) Coward. (Drives away leaving Sam miffed)

    • Maryann: Sam seems like a sensitive, wonderful guy, but...all my instincts scream unevolved.
      Tara: (laughs) You're right, that man has way too many issues.
      Maryann: And they're not your problem. Unlike Carl you've done enough of taking care of people to last a lifetime.

    • (Bill finishes feeding Sookie. Eric turns to watch Pam and Chow walk through the door. Pam's pumps and leg are muddy and she has leaves in her hair.)
      Pam: The area has been scanned.
      Chow: The tracks were human but the smell was distinctly animal.
      Eric: What kind?
      Pam: A filthy one.
      Chow: We didn't recognize it.
      Eric: How intriguing. Well send an alert through the appropriate channels...find out what the neighbors know. (Pam sniffs haughtily and she and Chow begin to walk away) And Pam (waits til she has turned around) those were great pumps. (she gives him a dirty look and continues leaving, Chow and Eric smile. Eric turns back to Bill)
      Bill: (reluctantly) I don't want to move her.
      Eric: Of course not. I'll make sure she's taken care of.
      Bill: I'm not leaving her.
      Eric: Longshadow kept a coffin in back. He liked to feed before resting so it might be a bit messy. But you're welcome to it. (turns and starts walking away)
      Bill: I want to thank you for your hospitality...and for saving Sookie's life.
      Eric: (speaking over his shoulder) I'm sure there's a way she can repay me. (Gives Bill a look)

    • Dr Ludwig: You can give her blood now, her body should accept it.
      Eric: (After looking at Sookie's back transfixed, speeds over to grab Bill and stop him biting his wrist.) My blood is stronger. Allow me.
      Bill: Never. (Grabs a hold of Eric's hand on his arm, Eric let's go, laughs and moves back.) Sookie can you hear me? You must drink. (Bill bites his wrist and puts it to Sookie's mouth, she starts drinking)
      Dr Ludwig: (On her way out, looks at Eric) I'll expect my payment by the end of the week.
      Eric: (watches her go) It's always a pleasure doing business with you, Dr Ludwig.
      Dr Ludwig: (From out of frame) Fuck off!
      Bill: Clearly the pleasure is one-sided.
      Eric: Eh she's no fan of the fang. But she tolerates us as our blood is of such great value to healers. (Sookie makes happy sounds and Eric studies her feeding off Bill) Careful, you'll overcook her.

    • Jason: Dear God: You gotta help me out coz I don't know what's right or wrong no more. Maybe I never did. Just... God please, please give me another sign. Coz I'm lost. I'm so f**king lost.
      Luke: (Luke throws a pillow at him) There's your sign, now shut up. Some of us are trying to sleep in here.
      Jason: (Hugs the Pillow and leans back and hits his head on the window still) Ow.

    • (Bill runs in as Sookie kicks and screams as Dr Ludwig pours something on her scratches)
      Bill: What are you doing to her?
      Dr Ludwig: (yells over Sookie screaming) Hold her down! Or let her die, your choice. (Bill holds her down)
      Sookie: (yelling and crying) Stop. Stop. Stop.
      (Dr Ludwig finishes pouring the steaming liquid and starts pocking and digging in Sookie's scratches as she screams in pain)

    • (Eric paces next to Bill as they wait on Dr Ludwig and Sookie)
      Eric: The head of a bull...
      Bill: That's what she said. It was dark, it all happened in seconds.
      Eric: So you didn't see this bull-man?
      Bill: No.
      Eric: And you gave her your blood?
      Bill: It didn't work.
      Eric: Hmm.
      Bill: You ever heard of anything like this?
      Eric: Surprisingly no. (moves to sit behind his desk) Pam. Chow. I thought in over a thousand years I'd seen all there was to see. (Pam and Chow enter Eric's office, he addresses them.) Search the woods around highway 71.
      Pam: (Pam nods at Chow) He can do it I'm wearing my favorite pumps.
      Eric: (In Swedish) You heard what I said.
      (Pam sighs and leaves the room with Chow)
      Eric: (talking to Bill about Pam) She is extremely lazy. But loyal. (sighs) How's yours? Jessica.
      Bill: (practically spits his first answer answer, getting calmer as he goes.) Petulant. Dangerous. Afraid.
      Eric: I am glad to see you two are bonding. Being a good maker is very rewarding.
      Bill: (turns to go) I have to get back to Sookie.
      Eric: Ah, relax. (Picks up a folder on his desk) Dr Ludwig treated one of Pam's humans when he was mauled by a werewolf...he lost an eye but otherwise he's fine. (Bill nods and then turns as Sookie lets out a shrill scream from the other room)

    • Dr Ludwig: I'm Dr Ludwig, what's your name? (Touches Sookie's wounds, Sookie cries out and Bill flinches)
      Sookie: Sookie... S-Sookie Stackhouse. Am I dying?
      Dr Ludwig: Yes. (threads needle)
      Bill: (Bill watching on anxiously) No. She cannot die. You will save her.
      Dr Ludwig: Back off vampire. Let me do my job.
      Eric: (sitting on a chair observing) Forgive him. Bill is abnormally attached to this human.
      Dr Ludwig: Well we don't have a lot of choices, she's been poisoned. You ever heard of Komodo dragons? Their mouths are teaming with bacteria, after one has bitten you it will track you for hours, days just waiting for the toxins to slowly eat away at your nervous system- til you're good and helpless. Then it will devour you alive.
      Sookie: I-I was scratched by a dragon?
      Dr Ludwig: No, but this poison is similar but way more efficient. I don't think I've seen it before but it's hard to tell without further testing and don't have that kind of time. (looks at the two vampires) Give us some privacy I need to remove her clothing. (Eric gets up and leaves)
      Bill: (kneels down next to Sookie and puts a hand on her shoulder) I will be just outside. I am SO sorry.
      Dr Ludwig: (Sookie coughs up some white goo) She's running out of time Mr.Compton. (Sookie gurgles and coughs. Bill leaves her side)

    • Sookie: (Walking through the woods she hears growling and turns slowly to see a strange horned silhouette in the moonlight.) What the......?

    • (Bill, Sookie and Jessica drive home after Jessica's disastrous visit with her family. Bill lectures Sookie after he's pulled over to the side of the road.)
      Bill: That does not give you license to behave like a insolent child. She is a loaded gun Sookie, not a doll for you to dress up and play with. (Sookie gets out of the car) What are you doing?
      Sookie: Walking! (Slams door)
      Bill: (Gets out of car) Don't be ridiculous, Bon Temps is nearly 20 miles away.
      Sookie: I'd rather walk all night then spend another second in that car with you! (Strides off into the forrest)

    • Bill: I remember when ladies clothing stores sold petticoats.
      Sookie: That's so weird.
      Bill: Actually I sort of miss my times. Clothes left something to the imagination and required a certain skill to get past.
      Sookie: I think there's a Halloween store around here that sells them.
      Bill: You're such a tease.

    • Sookie: What kind of doctor are you?
      Dr. Ludwig: The healing kind.

    • Jessica: This is so embarrassing. I'd die if I wasn't already dead.

    • Eric: You surprise me. That's rare in a breather.
      Sookie: You disgust me.
      Eric: Perhaps I'll grow on you.
      Sookie: I'd prefer cancer.

    • Hoyt: You should try the chicken fried steak. It's like a chicken and a steak got together and made a baby. A delicious, crispy baby.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Arelene: I know, I know I'm late but Lisa decided to give Coby a nose piercing like she saw on America's Next Top Model and now he's got an infection.

      America's Next Top Model is a reality show that was created by Tyra Banks and premiered in 2003. The show is a modeling competition where young women go through various challenges and photo shoots and each week one contestant is eliminated (sometimes more than one or none are eliminated). The last one standing receives a variety of prizes including a modeling contract and a photo spread in a magazine. Oddly enough, although there have been contestants who have nose rings, there has never been an instance where a contestant got that piercing during the show.