True Blood

Season 5 Episode 8

Somebody That I Used to Know

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2012 on HBO

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  • Somebody That I Used to Know

    Way too many things going on, but there was just too much stupidity in this episode as well. The two Sams was not funny, no matter how hard they tried to make it. And the fairies story dominated the episode too much.
  • Too many stories

    They just wan't to give everyone a story so in the end i don't care about any of them, there is too much going on: the fire curse, the fairies quest, Tara's bad moods, the red necks killing shifters, the wolf pack master fight, the Lilith alliance.... For a show to be watchable you need one maine strong story and 2 smaller ones, too get every characters involved, here they just go in different directions, there is not cohesion anymore, Alan Ball need to do something else already, it's a waste of good talent.
  • Somebody That I Used to Know, The Evolution of Bill

    Somebody That I Used to Know was a perfect episode of True Blood. I really enjoyed watching because Tara had an encounter with a white snob from high school, Hoyt must choose to save or kill Jessica, and Bill becomes more like those around him. It was interesting to see Alcide and JD fight as well as the whole Sam and Luna story line. Terry and Patrick learn how to remove the curse and Sookie learns more about her parents death. Eric is still moved by his vision of Godric and Bill comes up with a great plan to take down main streamers. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Evolution

    After sufficiently tripping on Lilith's blood last week the Authority members return to the compound after their massacre and see Lilith's appearance as a message that they're on the right path and they start to develop an agenda to squash the Mainstreaming movement around the world. Eric tries to pull Bill out of Salome's talk but for some reason he won't. And this isn't Bill becoming a double agent like in Season 3, there must be something in the blood that makes him be less human. For instance, when he goes to Salome's room and is asked to feed on the blood of a mother with a four month old baby and remembers through flashback to when his daughter was dying in 1910 and was begging to be made into a vamp to avoid death. Despite her pleadings he feeds anyway as a gift from Lilith. Eric tries to convince Nora that this direction toward destruction isn't her and she says in his last days Godric was an abomination which means that you can talk trash on your maker, I guess after they're dead though or something. Bill even proposes a way to make all American vamps go against mainstreaming by destroying the Tru Blood factories, of which there are 5, forcing everyone to feed on humans. Looks like there is a dangerous direction we're going to be going in from here on out as the Sanguinistas move into attack phase. Alcide preps for his fight with JD for the position of packmaster via sex with Rikki and he asks her to be his girlfriend as well as other physical activities. When the old were challenging ways of hunting an animal in human or wolf form and killing it first are discarded JD proposes they chase and kill a college track star instead. Alcide steps down but JD says that he will chase and kill the boy anyway. Alcide tries to stop him and gets in a few good hits but the V is too much for even Alcide to fight against. Marcus's mother talks JD into not killing him for the sake of being a worthy packmaster. JD tells Alcide to find a new pack and Rikki sees to his wounds. Sookie is convinced by Jason to not waste the rest of her fairy mojo and they go back to Club Fairy to learn more from Claude about who killed their parents. He and his sisters take them to the bridge where their parents were killed and after a hippie-ish explanation about energy Sookie sees through the eyes of the vamp, and Claudine shows up to tell the vamp to leave them alone. Good to see that the vamp isn't an already pre-established one like Russell, that would be such a cop-out. But apparently Sook wasn't supposed to be able to do that and Claude freaks out, and Sook begins to see the vamp in visions. Lafayette, set free for no reason after Don Bartolo's baby mama ganked him, uses V to heal his lip wounds and sees Jesus. He is approached by Holly and Arlene to convince Terry that the Ifrit curse has been called off since Terry knows that Lafayette is a medium or sorts. But they want him to do it fake-like. They agree to pay him and when Patrick and Terry show up he pretends the woman has lifted the curse but then gets possessed by her and she says the only way the curse can be lifted is if Terry kills Patrick or Patrick kills Terry, Patrick flees the house. Tara, still barring it up at Fangtasia, runs into a trashy enemy from high school who talks some crap at her and makes her make her another drink. Pam says that the woman's drink is on the house, making Tara look foolish. But later the woman is tied up in the basement for Tara's enjoyment. Pam's line, "my happy face and my angry face are the same" is the chuckle worthy moment of the episode as Tara is left to feed to her pleasure. Sam gets the hospital working shooter taken to jail and Luna doesn't wanna stick still and so she skinwalks into another Sam and walks out of the hospital. See Sam Trammel be effeminate as Luna/Sam was rather enjoyable, even if the story didn't really lead anywhere except for them telling each other how they feel, again. Andy is told by the captured shooter that there are more like him everywhere. One of the redneck shooters seduces Jessica at Fangtasia and silver chains her up for Hoyt to kill. Hoyt is given a gun and confronts her about how much he loved her and still does and Jess says that she can't love him anymore so he sets her free and she kills one of them but can't go anywhere since it's daylight. Hoyt says he'll do for help but gets held at gunpoint by a guy that pulls over next to him. Fortunately, Sam, Luna/Sam, and Andy show up at the redneck house thanks to a Sam led interrogation of the hospital shooter although Jess worries about Hoyt still I bet. Overall a bit ridiculous offering this week or as Andy says, "I hate this goddamn town!" Bon Temps will only continue to get weirder I bet, which is somehow fine by me, just make the stories count writers. And it's great to see Bill falling into oblivion and Eric the one being "moral" and trying to rescue Nora and him. Bill's line about, "I'm evolving" was excellently executed.
  • Somebody that I used to know

    I like that there are several story-lines going on although some are more interesting than others. Quite frankly, I don't care what is happening to Tera but I don't like her at all so I have a bias.

    Suki's parents were killed by a vamp and she now has a connection with him. I wonder if she was able to connect to the energy of a vampire because she already has a connection with that vamp (ie. Bill or Eric). But then they said the name of the vamp so I don't know how that will work.

    Bill is now "evolving" as he said. I don't think that Bill has crossed over, let's face it, if Eric is not liking this situation, then Bill's morality clearly has to be kicking in. Maybe he has some master plan to end this Lileth craze.

    I think this is one of True Blood's best seasons. I find myself truly interested in what is happening and the hour of the show goes by pretty fast.
  • Talking about my generation

    It's Russell's High school where every day its an adventure. The class of ...whatever the year they were turned is back! Russell more flirty than ever. And so is everyone else. Everyone but Nora's big brother, the party popper. Bill wins class President with a novel idea: destroy the Tru Blood's factory and all the vampires will be just like them! Russell's High School aproves.

    Somewhere else, Sookie's big brother is actually being big brotherly like, which gives the fairy all the confidence she needs to investigate who killed their parents. Sadly, Terry's surrogate brother is the price demanded to end the curse, no need for an investigation: it was the commanding officer who ordered to kill a family, so the commanding officer must be killed, or kill Terry to avoid his fate. The ghost doesn't care , all she cares about is vengance.
  • To sad to think about

    I love the show but as was watching this sundays episode i realized that this was episode 8 meaning that there are only 4 episodes until the season is over and THEN we have to wait another year for the sixth season ( witch i'm sooo hoping will be). But i have to admit that the last few episodes of the season have kinda been boring. I remember the time when the show was so exciting and eddicting at the same time, sometimes i'd even watch the same episoden twice and it would still be F'n awesome, but now i feel like i'm loosing intrest in the show. And trust me once i loose intrest it's hard for me to like it again( but then again it's TRUE BLOOD we are talking about not just any other show). We i'm hoping that things will turn around soon since the season is getting to it's end( spice it up!)But i still wondering if Eric is going to be the hero of the season and question that i really want an answer to is if there

    Is going to be a war between the vamps and the were what's gonna trigger it and i actually think that the weres are gonna winn it( daytime benefit and all and if they drink v-juice) but deep inside i'm cheering for the bloodsuckers!! Is anyone just as curious about that as i'm?

    And this is my first comment/review so be gentle and don't make fun of my english( i'm norwagian hehe).

    I'm annoyed by the ongoing bad reviews here of True Blood. Yes, the season started weakly with slow storylines, more of the same stuff as before and this Authority bullcrap, Oh yeah and the "Lost" smokie monster! But True Blood gives us 'Somebody that I used to know'. Well this episode is how I used to know True Blood: Entertaining, funny and dark...!!

    The Sukie storyline with the faeries is essential. That thing that killed her parents wasn't a vampire. A Fiery seems to have attacked if after the Murder. Interesting how this plays out. I also loved the Bill flashback. His character is more indepth through this episode. He is between two fires. The one that wants to make humans vampire and the one that wants to save them of immortality. Can't wait how this will play out further in the series. I suspect the man-vampire war will be the conclusion of the series (I've not read the comics though=).

    Also a big plus for the storyline with Jessica, very emotional and well done. Vampires being high is also so much fun, and wow Lafayette heals himself with his dead boyfriend's SOS box.=)
  • An awful mess

    You know that feeling of giving up? The sudden realization that as much as you want it, things aren't going to change? Well, that's my current situation with the show. Unfortunately, it just keeps getting worse and worse. It's just all over the place, a disjointed mess of too many storylines unfolding at the same time giving it a chaotic feel. The drop in the quality is so sudden and so extreme that it makes it even worse. True Blood is now a poor imitation or parody of what it used to be. There's just too many storylines and frankly most of them are boring and uninteresting. They seriously need to drop some or just connect them to rest. Another problem is that the storylines that are sort of interesting are given so little time or are not executed well. Take the whole vampires vs humans thing, right now we should be really invested in this and excited... but it has been so boring and slow and the whole Authority thing has been such a mess. I really don't care who tried to kill Luna (frankly she should stayed dead) or Sam.... Right now, the only thing I'm sort of interested in is the mystery of the death of Sookie's parents. Unfortunately, if this episode is any indication they're going to dedicate like 5 seconds to the storyline.