True Blood

Season 4 Episode 11

Soul of Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2011 on HBO

Episode Recap

Bon Temps enters the eye of a supernatural hurricane as the vampire-witch showdown at the Moon Goddess shop comes to a head.

Bill, Eric, Pam, and Jessica march towards the shop shouldering one or two weapons of semi-mass destruction. Jason implores them to call off the attack because Sookie is stuck inside and can't get out because Marnie has wrapped some kind of invisible protective barrier around the shop. Unexpectedly, Bill and Eric initially react by dropping the f-bomb on Sookie. Perhaps they're just that out for witch blood that they can forego their shared true love's life. Certainly Pam and Jessica could care less about the life of the little half-fairy.

Once Jason demonstrates the destructive power of the invisible forcefield, the vampires realize they have to re-think their strategy. It's a little unnerving that it takes Jason Stackhouse's reasoning to bring them around.

Meanwhile, inside the shop, Marnie has all of the other witches terrified and angry that she's holding them against their will. They try to convince her to negotiate with the vampires instead of waging an all-out war that will get them all killed.