True Blood

Season 4 Episode 11

Soul of Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2011 on HBO

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  • A totally crappy episode to (almost) finish off an even crappy 4th season

    I'm not much for the episode reviews, but I do find that this particular episode deserves bad critics, looking at all the positive ones below (amazing how easily some people are pleased).

    I really don't want to spent the time writing a whole story, so here's just a summation of my viewing experience:

    - Marly is a terrible, terrible character choice, she is unconvincing and just sooo annoying

    - The drama was way to much this episode. I mean *spoiler* Bill and Eric killing themselves for Sookie, Sookie all in tears again. Oh come on allready! As if that was the only solution - if any - to the problem

    - This is the first episode that I really noticed bad acting from Sookie's part, especially during the fire circle scene. It was just to much.

    - Andy's experience with the fary. Wtf?

    - The ending, wow could it BE more obvious?! Not to mention lazy repeat-writing...

    I actually doubt if I'm gonna watch season 5 and 6 if it continues down this path.

  • Soul of Fire could have very well revitalized a flailing season of True Blood. Last week's episode, Burning down the House was so bad, I thought this episode would be even worse. Delightfully, it was a big step in the right direction! Long review below...


    Anyone reading my True Blood episode reviews knows full-well that the last two weeks nearly burned the house down for me. I felt they had written themselves into a corner that would be impossible to break free from.


    The Matrix Scene - oh god ...

    Luckily this episode got through the ridiculousness pretty quick by opening with the scene we all knew in our hearts would be god-awful.

    There is just no way to make the Matrix Vamp team standoff with an ultra powerful witch good. Well, it wasn't. She has already demonstrated that she can snap her fingers and have instant unrelenting control over Vampires, so why not just end it quickly? Oh, because it's time to negotiate, lol. Okay. Thanks, Sookie and that one chick!

    I absolutely agree with Lily Sparks in her featured review that the "I will kill myself for you" scene was way over the top and just outrageous on so many levels. I encourage you to read what she said about that. She covered it well. One aspect she did not cover was that there is NO WAY those two extremely cunning Vampires, one who is now a King, would ever submit to such an outlandish ultimatum with nothing but the word of a Necromancer to bank on. Ouch ... That was really bad. Oh, and are those guns loaded with wooden bullets? Hmm … weird.

    Real, True Blood style magic!

    I've been saying it all along - Antonia/Marnie, Marntonia, w/e, is simply overpowered. There is no logical way to defeat her. However, it appears they may have set up something nice for us.

    We were treated to something more believable in this episode with Jesus actually showing us some of his skills, besides an uncanny ability to identify all the spells Marntonia is casting instantly. After witnessing Marntonia brutally murder one of the detractors in the coven, Jesus comes up with a brilliant idea.

    He is going to show us some genuine Mayan Blood Magic! Yes.

    He comes up with an idea and goes for it. His magic requires intention, preparation, specific material components, physical gestures, and verbal ritual. That whole scene felt like genuine magic was happening, and it was believable. Yeah the Mayan mask is a little funny, but, man, Jesus has really come through this season as a really sound character.

    Seeing that type of magic just makes Marntonia's snap of the finger and anything she wants happens sorcery so much harder to swallow.

    Andy sees strange lights in the woods …

    Andy's character seems a little confused, from every angle.

    We knew from the previous episode that sending him on a walk through the woods was obviously some sort of plot device, which is fine, but could anyone have expected it to bring back the Fairie Troll storyline from Episode One of this season? But, that sort of thing happens in True Blood. They seemingly forget entire storylines or character aspects for extremely long periods of time. For instance: Last season Sookie's telepathy was almost completely absent for like 8 weeks, maybe more. But either way, the Fairie storyline seems so riddled with errors that I don't think anyone thought it was coming back.

    Well, it's back. *sigh* But I guess its return was inevitable. I'm giving it a chance. Oh, and Andy banged a hot Fairie in the woods while detoxing from V.

    Poor Pack Master …

    Despite Tommy's outrageous and ridiculous demise in Burning Down the House, the plot that death setup turned out to be extremely enjoyable.

    Sam and Alcide storm into the house of betrayal. Sam confronts the wicked Pack Master, and Alcide confronts the nefarious Debbie. Sam tosses the gun aside and fights like a man. That scene was great! I loved it. Alcide is infuriated with Deb and basically beats her down to keep her at bay.

    Finally they gave Alcide some balls. His character showed some depth, and it felt good! After murdering the Pack Master who reneged on his promise to fight honorably he stared Debbie down and damned her from his life. He was pissed, and you could feel it.

    Now Alcide has murdered the local Pack Master. He let a witness survive. That's going to be a hell of a shit storm to deal with. Debbie gets to become an adversary again, and will probably try and seek revenge on Alcide by going after Sookie. She will likely employ the soon-to-be-enraged Wolf Pack.

    Bon Temps is a small little town, and so are the neighboring locales, but aren't there ever any murder investigations? People are dropping like flies!

    Jessica and Jason

    I actually forgot Jason was standing there when that blast went off. He would have probably just died instantly, but they portrayed him as hopelessly injured. Luckily Jessica's magical fuck-me blood is also a cure-all elixir that brings him back to full health pretty instantly. Cool.

    They are obviously going to play out this love triangle and I think the character interactions with them and Hoyt could be really good. Let's see what happens here.

    Leading up to the Season Finale

    The final scene, where Sookie joins hands with the Witch's coven was a little crazy. Really, Sookie? But at least it's consistent with her pitifully and hopelessly stupid personality. Plus it allowed her to cast another dispel magic spell on the entire coven.

    Side Note: Why were Bill, Eric, Pam, and Jessica able to resist the spell? Marntonia's magic is just all over the place. Her character is good, but her abilities are just riddled with inconsistencies. It's very annoying to a fan of High Fantasy writing.

    I don't think anyone expected Marnie to possess Lafayette until it was actually happening. What a twist! But, this has been the season of actor impersonating character, so why not keep it going. The season finale is next week and, in my book, it could really go either way. This season has had some wretched moments, and has overall been the worst of the TB legacy, but I didn't think this episode would be good, and it was. So, maybe the finale will completely redeem the show! I certainly hope so.

    (1) Will we get to see more Mayan blood magic? I hope so.

    (2) Will we see Fairie / Trolls shooting purple lightning pumpkins at our favorite characters? Dear god I certainly hope not …

    (3) Will Marnie's abilities, while possessing Lafayette, be toned down to reflect the departure of Antonia? Please, I hope so.

    (4) Will Antonia come back to help atone for her complicit crimes while united with Marnie? I think so. That would make sense. But her Namaste-pose departure looked pretty permanent.

    Jesus has been a surprisingly central character this season. Is he here to stay, or will he be martyred for shock-and-awe during this finale? We will just have to wait and see!

  • The storm before the calm?


    Simply put, amazing.

    I had an absolute blast with this episode of True Blood, the hour flew right on by. I had to pause and catch my breath several times during the plethora of WTF-moments scattered throughout.

    I'm gonna watch this one again, and again!

    This was possibly the strongest episode of the season, purely down to the fact that every single arc streaming throughout this past year is paid off in spades. When the least interesting thing about the episode is Andy bumping uglies with a fairy, you just know you're in for a fun ride (pun, possibly intended).

    I honestly have no idea where to start! How about Bill and Eric offering to sacrifice themselves in order to save Sookie? Or Pam firing off a bazooka? Or Jesus going full on demonic to save Antonia from Marnie? Or Sookie trapped in a ring of fire? Have I mentioned PAM FIRES A BAZOOKA?!

    Oh, True still that poor man's beating heart...that Eric ripped out of his chest...and proceded to drink from it like it was a new falvour that capri-sun just released. There are just too many moments of pure awesomeness here, we were spoiled for choice this week.

    So I guess Tommy is actually dead. While Sam's situation may only trickle ever so slightly behind Andy's romp in the woods, this particular plot thread, at the very least, was well established from the get go, with enough main characters interjected into the plot to keep it relevant. It will also mean dire consequences for Alcide, what with the entire shreeveport pack gunning for his head on a pike now that he killed their pack master. Or does that automatically make him the new pack master? Either way, I'm just glad Alcide finally copped on to Debbie's whoring, and released her, kinda like the way vamp makers do to the people they've sired. Debbie wasn't too pleased of that fact, but I was over the moon. So long, Debs!

    Like I've said in other reviews, I'm a sucker for magic. I think it adds another layer of fantasy to True Blood that really expands the series wide open. Literally anything can happen now. And it's Marnie's power play after power play that really set this episode apart. It begins with Marnie killing one of her underlings by magically tossing a knife into her gut, and it only gets worse (and by worse, I mean way more awesome) from there on out.

    The spell that Marnie casts to suck Eric, Pam, Bill and Jessica toward her protective barrier surrounding the magic shop (we learn that the shield is actually concetrated sunlight) was unbelievably tense, even if I knew that there was no way in hell that Alan Ball would off any of his main vampire cast. I knew it would be up to Sookie somehow to break the circle and its sucky spell. And, continuing the running trend of Sookie-being-awesome this season, she uses her fairy power to zap every single person in the cricle, effectively breaking the chain and the spell.

    And I LOVED that.

    I love that vampires weild bazookas here; that Witches have so much power over the dead; that Sookie, a fairy, has her own magical attacks; and somewhere off in the background is Jesus, tapping into some seriously dark demonic magic.

    Of course, Sookie's act of heroism doesn't last too long, as Marnie slams everyone bar Sookie against the wall, and wraps Soookie in a nice, cosy circle of fire. I mean, where has this episode been hiding? Honestly! It felt as though the writers suddenly realised how freeing writing magic can be and just let their imaginations run wild. Bill tossed one of his former Sherrifs into the barrier with deliciously bloody results.

    The special-effects work when Pam went against orders and outright defied Eric - who emplored her to stop – and fired off a bazooka round at the shield was dazzling, resulting in a devistating explosion that almost kills Jason, and hurts my little Jessica. Like I said, the FX team went all out for this one.

    It's not all perfect, mind. You could argue that this was simply an episode filled with events rather than any meaningful character work. And I wasn't sold on Eric and Bill giving up their own lives just to ensure Sookie's saftey. It's not like she was in grave danger or anything. It was a walk in the park in comparison to some of the situations THEY put Sookie in themselves, in the past. I suppose it was the straw that broke the donkey's back and forced Pam to make with the bazooka goodness, but even so, a very cheap emotional move that never truly felt genuine, or in character.

    And to cap it all off, we're left with a cliff-hanger. While not exactly unpredictable, it's still an effective way to end the hour. Watching Bill gun down Marnie and riddle her with bullets, it all felt a little too precise and clean. And the final scene with lafayette and Jesus lingered for too long, I was waiting for Marnie to pop up at any moment and posses Lafayette.

    And pop up she does!

    Lafayette is going into the season finale as a Big Bad. And to think, Alan was going to kill him off during season one.

    Bring it on!

  • Pleasantly surprised.


    Although this season is a HUGE improvement over season three, it's had it's ups and downs. And, I guess, that's understandable. Most every show begins to around the fourth season. However, like a reviewer before me said, the last episode was so painfully bad I was left with two words in my head (SHARK. JUMPED.), as well as a question (Why do I watch this show?)

    But this episode made me remember how INCREDIBLY AWESOME True Blood can be. Because, yes, when it's bad, it's bad. But when it's good, it is awesome! And this episode was. Totally awesome.

    The best part of 4x11, in my opinion, was the ending. I didn't see that coming! In retrospect, I probably should have, seeing as, if they hadn't done something like that, the whole Lafayette being a medium thing the writers threw at us would have been kind of pointless. But, nonetheless, it surprised me. And I loved it! Even though I have a terrible feeling it'll be either Lafayette, Jesus, or both will die in the season finale.

    According to Alan Ball, a lot of characters won't make it past the next episode on to season five... which, I think, if handled properly, is for the best. Because, let's face it: some characters (no longer including Tommy, who had gotten on my last nerve) have LONG outlived their welcome... *cough, cough* Andy, Debbie, and Nan Flanagan *cough, cough*

  • Soul of Fire


    Soul of Fire was a superb episode of True Blood and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it jumped right in to where the last episode ended and the vampires were about to attack the Moon Goddess Emporium until they realized Sookie was inside. I thought it was funny how the Jason layed it down and made the Vampires find another way. Marnie took things to a whole new level in this episode in a few ways a few times. The episode was kinda what most people thought it would be, only better because it wasn't exactly predictable based of the last episode. Andy's journey through the woods yielded an amazing out of this world encounter to ends unknown. I was excited until I realized that was it, they always tease but never fully go there. Jason and Jessica were fun to watch interacting. Bill and Eric made a decision and Pam disagreed which didn't get her where she wanted. Jesus was awesome in this episode. I look forward to watching what happens in the season 4 finale of True Blood!!!!!!!

  • Assault on the Moon Goddess Emporium


    The vamps arrive at the Moon Goddess Emporium weapons in hand but Jason warns them that Sookie is indeed inside the building and Eric and Bill refuse to try anything with explosives. Marnie kills one of her own with Antonia's powers because she was to go against her and Jesus and Lafayette fake that she is indeed still alive in order to set up a spell in another room to save their friends. Marnie binds Antonia too her after Antonia tries to leave her once again and as Marnie casts a spell to get the vamps to walk into her Sun equivalent of a forcefield Sookie uses her fairy magic break the spell and save them (not unexpected at all), Bill and the rest must fight Marnie's vampire minions too and when she goes outside to do some negotiations she says that she'll let Sookie go in exchange for Bill and Eric taking their own lives. Before Bill pulls the trigger Pam jumps in saying she won't sacrifice her maker for "Little Bo Peep" and fires an RPG into the forcefield, which puts a rift between her and Eric. Interestingly, didn't he forbid her to do it? Doesn't that mean that she couldn't overwrite it with free will since she's still not released from her maker? Anyway, maybe the moment came too late since as he said it it launched so maybe it's the issue of timing, I'm just curious. Sam continues his search for Marcus and Luna shows up at the body shop and it turns out Marcus kidnapped Emma. While Marcus tries to convince Debby the leave Emma calls Luna and Alcide and Sam take on Marcus. But just when Sam shows Marcus mercy Alcide must step in to kill Marcus and save his life. The whole were breakup words were cool but I couldn't understand the gruffled words behind Alcide's growl of a voice for half of it. I guess this means on top of being a whore Debby will no doubt blame Sookie and go after her again, big surprise. Andy walks home a clean man from V when a fairy named Morella shows up and binds him into swearing he will protect her and they make love for some weird reason and then she disappears. In the end Marnie's binding spell to Antonia is broken by Jesus and Lafayette magical efforts which allows Bill and Eric to move in while Jessica heals Jason from the RPG blast and they confess their feelings for one another. Bill shoots and Antonia and Eric rips out the hillbilly who was Marnie's number one fan's heart out. Then they glamour the rest and that's that right? Nope, cliffhanger for next week. Marnie possesses Lafayette in the last few seconds of the episode. Finally a showdown that appears to last the whole latter part of the season, and there's quite a few threads to be tied up. A better episode than the rest this season, and it certainly didn't drop the ball like Season 3 did, so hopefully a solid season finale will give us a better ending than the rest of the season has been thus far.

  • Still enjoying to watch



    I have to start saying that this episode had way too much magic visual effects. And the storyline with Marnie had a little disappointing "ending". But some new storylines that developed in this episode was interesting. An example is the Andy storyline, it will be fun to watch what will happen there with the fairy he met. It seems as the fairy is running away from someone or something; but what/who? Maybe she is looking for Sookie for some reason? I don't know, but I am looking forward to see how this will develop.

    Also wondering about what will happen to Sam and the Were he's dating, but it's not THAT interesting with the Pack leader dead. This whole storyline seems to be over, actually, unless crazy Debbie will try some sort of revenge. (Which will be boring).

    (By the way, am I the only one puzzled on how ANY ghost can enter Lafayettes body? I know he is a medium now, but that shouldn't make it EASIER for them to enter his body. His new power in its entirety seems wasted and dull now.)

    All of these storylines was the beginning of something (and some ended), so the episode itself was a liiiiittle weak. I had high hopes that the resolution/ending for the storylines in the past episodes was going to be great, and that's the reason they made it so complicated... but nope, it wasn't THAT great. And I totally saw that ending coming, I am getting tired of Marnie. Before this scene I kind of hopes that the last episode would be fairy-related-only, so the season would go in a full circle (the season started with Sookie and the fairy storyline).... but nope. I saw the promo for the last episode, and it actually seems to be good. Hope it will be better than this one!

    But even though the stories was a little disappointing, it's still enjoying to watch! I never get bored while watching True Blood, and the last episodes has been exciting! Hopes for the next season is that they will bring it down a notch, and remove most of the witch-business (and about 70% of the visual effects), and bring in a new mystery. Like they did in season 1, now THAT was interesting!

    And I should add: On True Blood standard, this wasn't the best episode in the series, BUT: It was still freakin' awesome!

  • 411


    "Soul of Fire" the penultimate episode of True Blood this season was really good, a huge return from the lackluster offering last week. I was wondering how they were going to end this season as everything appeared to be wrapped tonight, and then there was "the swallow" which I won't spoil for those yet to watch it.

    What was great about this episode is that in addition to all of the action and dramatic sequences we got, we also had the love stories for those that watch for that reason. The Jessica and Jason moments were good as was Sookie when she was worried Bill and Eric might kill themselves for her.

    Good episode, this is how you do TV.

  • Fighting fire with fire...


    "Burning Down the House" mealts easily into this episode with the image of two makers taking their "little girls" to a hunt. As the single fathers they basically are, vampires Bill and Eric have taught their respective progeny the blind obedience that, not only its supposed to keep them alive, but streghten their bond as a family.

    Little did they know the family unit was about to be threaten by stepmom ...err stepmaker Sookie and her flair to mess with supernatural affairs. Ironically, it's Pam - and not Jessica - the one sent to her room (after she shot a bazooka on Sookie), Eric trying his best to protect his own version of a nuclear family, as monstrous as that notion may seem to Bill.

    I don't think gregarious creatures, such as werewolves and shapeshifters, would ever understand such a thing, despite how precious family may seem to them. Hence why Sam'd let Marcus go despite he just killed his brother or Alcide would only kill him because he was going to leave with Debbie. And Emma, poor messed up Emma, stuck in the middle of the werewolf-skinwalker-shapeshifter drama with no one who'd actually care about her.

    No, gregarious creatures wouldn't understand how important its for vampires to leave a progeny behind, to protect their flesh and blood even from their own love life; gregarious creatures wouldn't understand the taste for violence when a supernatural force threaten their families, even if said families are made out of monsters, even said families are based on dead adults, fairies and/or demons, gregarious creatures wouldn't know a thing about what Jesus is about to suffer ...once Marnie gets killed only so her spirit would posses Lafayette.