True Blood

Season 4 Episode 11

Soul of Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2011 on HBO

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  • Assault on the Moon Goddess Emporium


    The vamps arrive at the Moon Goddess Emporium weapons in hand but Jason warns them that Sookie is indeed inside the building and Eric and Bill refuse to try anything with explosives. Marnie kills one of her own with Antonia's powers because she was to go against her and Jesus and Lafayette fake that she is indeed still alive in order to set up a spell in another room to save their friends. Marnie binds Antonia too her after Antonia tries to leave her once again and as Marnie casts a spell to get the vamps to walk into her Sun equivalent of a forcefield Sookie uses her fairy magic break the spell and save them (not unexpected at all), Bill and the rest must fight Marnie's vampire minions too and when she goes outside to do some negotiations she says that she'll let Sookie go in exchange for Bill and Eric taking their own lives. Before Bill pulls the trigger Pam jumps in saying she won't sacrifice her maker for "Little Bo Peep" and fires an RPG into the forcefield, which puts a rift between her and Eric. Interestingly, didn't he forbid her to do it? Doesn't that mean that she couldn't overwrite it with free will since she's still not released from her maker? Anyway, maybe the moment came too late since as he said it it launched so maybe it's the issue of timing, I'm just curious. Sam continues his search for Marcus and Luna shows up at the body shop and it turns out Marcus kidnapped Emma. While Marcus tries to convince Debby the leave Emma calls Luna and Alcide and Sam take on Marcus. But just when Sam shows Marcus mercy Alcide must step in to kill Marcus and save his life. The whole were breakup words were cool but I couldn't understand the gruffled words behind Alcide's growl of a voice for half of it. I guess this means on top of being a whore Debby will no doubt blame Sookie and go after her again, big surprise. Andy walks home a clean man from V when a fairy named Morella shows up and binds him into swearing he will protect her and they make love for some weird reason and then she disappears. In the end Marnie's binding spell to Antonia is broken by Jesus and Lafayette magical efforts which allows Bill and Eric to move in while Jessica heals Jason from the RPG blast and they confess their feelings for one another. Bill shoots and Antonia and Eric rips out the hillbilly who was Marnie's number one fan's heart out. Then they glamour the rest and that's that right? Nope, cliffhanger for next week. Marnie possesses Lafayette in the last few seconds of the episode. Finally a showdown that appears to last the whole latter part of the season, and there's quite a few threads to be tied up. A better episode than the rest this season, and it certainly didn't drop the ball like Season 3 did, so hopefully a solid season finale will give us a better ending than the rest of the season has been thus far.

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