True Blood

Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2012 on HBO

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  • Sunset

    The overacting during the fairy and vampire sequences really bothered me here, but as a whole my main gripe is that the show seems to be losing its voice as of late. Where are they going, and more importantly, will anything different than what has happened in the past happen?
  • Stop recycling Russel Edgington and Steve Newlin!

    Seriously, haven't we seen enough of these two? Isn't it enough to use a villain once in a TV show and not recyle them? Especially not so soon? I mean come on, there could have been plent of better bad guys in this season, the Authority, Lilith, without spending so much time and film on these two clowns.

    The only thing keeping me watching is Pam and Tara's character development, they are really a fantastic not to mention hot ass duo! As for the fairies and the authority and the very very lame Bill, let's please get this over with now. How about sticking to the Charlene Harris books huh? Isn't it about time we get a hunky tiger called Quinn soon?
  • God Is a Vampire

    Jessica, now in the Authority Compound is ordered by Bill to Jason into a vampire after she pleads for him to let her go and protect him and Sookie (which doesn't phase Bill at all). He sends two Vamp soldiers to escort her and oversee the turning of Jason. Jessica overpowers Jason and begins to drink from him and digs the whole but she tells him to be ready to fight back. The two vamp guards are then wooden bulleted by Jason, whom Jess apologizes to and makes Jason extremely angry. Alcide deals with more baby vamps who are attacking a werewolf in the same trailer park vicinity of his father. Alcide learns the truth about why his father left his pack and that's that he embezzled money from them and another werewolf comes to warn them about baby vamps in the area attacking weres and tells Alcide not to turn out like his old man. When another were (in a trailer with a silver fence is attacked) Alcide takes a rifle with wooden bullets and does away with one of them that is running towards him (good aim Tex) and his father with a bow and arrow kills another and this drives the other into the woods away from them. Bill is given a vision of Lilith telling him to drink all of her remaining blood and that he is her chosen one to rule the world as the elite vampire. My thoughts of Salome putting her own blood (which I believed was something hallucinogenic) to manipulate the other vamps into following her agenda was put to rest a little anyway when she hallucinates Lilith telling her the same exact thing. But that can just be attributed to her just drinking her own blood too. The old lady of the Authority comes to Fangtasia saying that Elijah was one of her progenys and that she felt his death but that she has about 400 others. When she asks Tara if she did it Pam steps forward to accept the punishment instead and is taken into custody by Authority soldiers. The Authority gives audience to a Colonel in the military who was working with Roman for the mainstreaming agenda. And him armed with the video of Russell eviscerating the entire frat house with Steve Newlin he threatens to take public and initiate a government protocol that has been in place should they ever lose their alliance with vampires. He says that he knows that the Authority was behind the Tru Blood factory bombings and not some "terrorists" as they claim. With he threat and he is about to leave Eric snaps his neck with saying "God is a vampire." Rather foolish you might say but all part of his plan to break out it turns out. He says that he and Nora will go on a glamoring spree starting with the soldiers the Colonel brought with him and anyone who knew anything about it. Nora comes to him to admit that Godric's being torn apart in front of her did convince her that Lilith is a false god. They have sex and when they are released from the compound they kill their escorts and escape into the night. But with Pam in custody and his loyalty to Bill I believe he will return to the compound to exact his revenge with Nora now safe. Sam and Luna's attempt to save Emma by smuggling themselves into the Authority Compound and then getting taken as shifter food. Sookie stays in the Fairy Club and gets a visit from the Fairy Elder who exists in many different dimensions. Sookie and Jason have a plan to lure Russell to her and take him out. Jason gets taken by Russell and Steve Newlin outside of Sookie's house and he tells them to take him to the field where the fairies are and that's where Sookie is. The Fairy Elder, who can't tell Sookie much about her ancestors pact with Warlow simply says that John Stackhouse was a handsome man and that Warlow is dangerous. She leaves the safety of the veiled club to confront Russell and when Steve tries to feed on her she blasts him away and tries to banish Russell to some place called the "Far Realms" or something which I groaned at thinking that they would banish Russell away to another dimension for another season but the spell hits Jason instead and him being unaffected Russell sneaks up behind her and feeds on the Elder to death. Invigorated by her fairy blood he then sees the opening to the club and proceeds to attack them, end of episode. Uh-oh for Sookie don't really see a way out of this for her. Bill's path remains cloudy if her will ever see the light seeing as he decapitated Kibwe who said he saw the same vision of Lilith. Much of this has me wondering what or how Lilith's influence is given to them beyond the blood and if she is being manufactured by Salome through the blood or if Lilith is really a god of chaos trying to turn every vampire against one another until there is only one left. Next week may give us the answers we need as Sam faces death being the choice fall guy for volunteering to be Bill's breakfast when he sees the oh so many naked humans the Authority now has locked up to serve as food. It looks like there is a lot of strife building up both humans and vamps no longer have tolerance or willingness to speak. A battle is sure to follow but will it be enough to set True Blood back to its early glory and give us a finale that worthwhile? With the Alan Ball run days ending next week we can only hope that this isn't the peak of this once great now good guilty pleasure series.
  • Amageddon, for or against

    As the elder fae would've said ...if Russell wouldn't have drained her to death. In a strategic turn of events human generals make a stand, sheriffs of Area 5 are avenged and every supernatural creature from skinwalkers to werewolves chose a side in an upcoming conflict that threatens to engage anyone with or without a nexus to the supernatural.

    Warlow goes to the background as Jason warns his sister and the faes to stay hidden, Eric and Nora escape using the general's death as the only mean to ensure the humans a fighting chance, Andy is contacted by Maurella in order to protect her and their unborn child and Jessica ran from the religious zealot that has become her maker. All taking position into what promises to be warfare of massive proportions.
  • Very good epsisode!

    I like the evil Bill a lot! He was so boring when he was with Sookie and had this disgusting bromance with Eric.

    I love that Lafayette is acting like he used to. I prefer to watch him like this for 10 secunds in every episode that wathing him for 10 minutes in the horrible mask of mexican demon.

    I would also love to see Alcide and other renegade warewolves hunting down baby vamps in the next season.

    While I like Andy, imo it's bad that the writers started a new story with him and this pregnant fairy. I hope that they will finish it soon and Andy will not have any problems in the couple of next seasons :)
  • worst season ever

    Cannot wait for this awful season to end. Another like this, and the show is done. The books are popular because they revolve around Sookie. Her love life. Her special gifts. I was so disappointed with how they rendered the witch story arc in the TV show, compared to the books. This whole vampire authority BS is a distraction. Terry Bellefleur is such a background character in the books, and that is where he needs to retreat.

    Now, admittedly, the most recent book in the Sookie Stackhouse series was also a complete waste of paper. But before that there was a lot of good material. Surely the TV writers can do better than a blood-soaked swimsuit model as the foundation for a series. Or not. I guess.

    Return the focus to Sookie, and the show will recover. Otherwise it's doomed. This was just about my favorite show, and one of the reasons I subscribe to HBO. But if the next season starts out as poorly as this one, I won't even bother watching.
  • Fairies vs vampires?

    It may just be me, but this has really been a blah season. It's had its moments of interesting and engaging, but it's also been particularly uneven in the way the stories have been handled. As a result, I really haven't connected to any of the plots or subplots. Most of the subplots came and went (Lafayette, Debbie Pelt, The Ifrit, the masked hate group) and were finished and dismissed with seemingly few consequences. Meanwhile the overarching Authority/Lilith/Russell line has been painfully slow and mostly trapped in uninteresting and claustrophobic sets.

    Character development has been interesting (Tara and Pam in particular), but it's not been consistent either. LaFayette in particular has been nothing but a clichd afterthought for the last few episodes, simply swanning through the few scenes he has with a sassy retort.

    And for me, Bill's religious transformation has been not a little unconvincing. It's hard to get any steam up over his epiphany when you don't really buy any of it. He's never been a threatening presence and that doesn't help.

    I'm not anxious to see the finale. Now that I think of it, I haven't had a single "I can't wait for the next episode" moment this season at all. Not once...
  • Why do most season fives....

    SUCK? Shows seem to flounder somewhat in the fifth year. This season did CORRECT some lame plot lines from the previous season(s), but at the same time it delivered a repetative barrage of the same old dramas and activities. I feel like I am watching the same episodes at times because it is just too repetative. I find myself praying to Lilith for character developement and growth but all we get is childhood regression. To quote Pam, "fucking baby vamps!"

    Lafayette should be on top of his shit and not afraid of his powers, plus be using them to help out, granted, maybe he will be the season finale big hero, but enough is enough with the weak woman routine!

    Just the whole cast is a mess and I really don't want to wait around a whole season for them to get their acts together for the last three episodes of season six! Russel should have been killed a long time ago, this Faerie sub plot should have taken precedence this season and we need to ditch the wolf/shifter/fire demon bullshit sub stories and dedicate more episodes to the Vampire/Faerie plot and story line. Sookie needs an upgrade too already. Its time for these characters to step up and completely take over their world so that we can see more of the entire picture of the planet.

    That said, this episode should have been number six of the season because it was a much needed improvement! We all know Russel is going to die and next season we are going to have to deal with a love sick and broken Steve, which really is just another lame plot device we can live without. I wish this show would flush out the weak story and just hit us hard with the fast paced action and background stories we crave! (or add more episodes to the season!)

    As Pam said, "fucking baby vamps"...

  • A better episode...

    A better episode this week. My favourite scene is Pam passing Sam in the Authority corridor 'Who the fuck is Lunar?' Classic line and confirms that the writers this season have just flung in storylines for the sake of boring the crap out of us.

    A big improvement this episode is but that's because the whole story is coming together and the entire show's characters are crossing paths with each other.

    Kudos for a better written ep but why the hell did that Elder lady feel the need to break dance and start talking stupid to Sookie? No need, she made a show of herself and more importantly she made a show of me.

    Alcide looked fit with his top off but his storyline at the moment is just pointless. I'm not bothered about Alcide's relationship with his father at this moment in the season as its just not interesting.

    Plus Sam with his top off... I had a double whammy this week. Hell yes sir :)

    Loved Jessica. She was the star of this episode and her character is so textured and emotional that you feel for her in every scene. But Bill has got to go. I believe he doesn't fit into the show no more and I'm continuing to find him extremely irritating. Please kill him off.

    As for Lilith, put that Bush away girl, ya knocking me sick and ya boring the hell out of me now.

    The only good episode this season. Lets hope the final episode stamps an exclamation mark on the worst season ever of True Blood so that we can soon forget about it and look forward to a more organised and entertaining season 6.
  • Sunset

    Sunset was a perfect episode of True Blood and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to see Roslyn inquire about Elijah to Tara and Pam. I also enjoyed Jessica's story line as she was told by Bill to turn Jason into a Vampire. Lilith appeared to a few on the council and gave them her blessing as the one true leader leading to some deaths. I liked how Alcide bonded with his father who had a nice set up for living in a camper. Russell gets Jason and encounters and Elder Fairy which leads to a cliffhanging ending. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
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