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True Blood

Season 7 Episode 10

Thank You

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2014 on HBO
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In the series finale, Sookie and her Bon Temps companions bid farewell to an important chapter in their lives while looking forward to several new ones.

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  • Dull ending. But thanks for an entertaining show.

    I still liked the series overall. There were some great moments and hilarious dialogue throughout the years.

    Even some parts of the finale were entertaining . Pam and Eric. If it wasn't for them I'd fallen asleep.

    Don't get me wrong. I didn't expect for there to be non-stop action... However, they spent way too much time in the finale (and final season) on Bill's suicide and him expressing his dying wishes to Sookie (kill me because I love you so much, and get rid of your fae heritage because you can't be happy just being yourself), Jessica (marry this guy now, who doesn't remember you, so I can walk you down the aisle) and even Andy (allow my daughter, who by the way killed your 3 kids, to live rent free forever).

    I shouldn't be surprised. Anything is possible on tv. lol

  • I wonder if

    there will be ever any morthy ending for people who can't let go of the characters they lerned to love.

    In all honesty True Blood had maybe 3 to 4 really good seasons and two of them are #1 and the final, in witch the series came back to its roots. And the final episode was more then fitting and worthy. I am only torn, wether they should have ended right after Sookie leaving the cemetary and skipping the hole happy ending stuff, or not.

    And Brigette as MVP, really? Is this a kind of protest ot just to many drugs?moreless
  • Thank You

    Not a terrible finale, but just not worthy of the series that it was for.

    I kind of liked the unknown guy being Sookie's husband, showing she had truly moved on, but I needed more action throughout than we got.

    I also didn't like how the show essentially tortured Sarah for the last five episodes. Why not give her redemption or even death?
  • True Death (Spoilers Ahead)

    True Blood came to an abrupt and utterly middling series finale that will go down with the likes of Dexter among other turkeys. Although I won't venture to say that it was as mediocre as Dexter because this ending was a resolution but a bad one whereas Dexter was no resolution and more of a "we give up, I guess he's a lumberjack It's not like the Sopranos where it was authorial intent wanted there to be some ambiguity in the fate of the characters it was poorly written.

    The saving grace of the episode of course goes to Eric and Pam, who become tired of "playing f**king nice" and wants to kill Gus Jr and the Yakuza (couldn't they have done that a lot sooner then because earlier in the season before Eric was cured he was barely a match for them. Bill can't even speed at all in his Hep-V state but that could do with some BS mythos about faerie blood and yadda yadda yadda that the show spits so ridiculously well). In fact I was looking forward to seeing Bill try to dispatch them with Sookie looking on, nearly helpless as the man she loves fights for his life against unknown assailants. Gus Jr is dispatched after they reveal that they let Sarah go and hide until they find her, do a cool jumping backflip and kill some Uzi-wielding gangsters, and then burn a crawling Gus Jr alive with Eric poiniently saying "Humans are But the Bill/Yakuza fight, while out of place, had he won against them would've made for a perfect third act reversal where he discovers that he does want to live and Sookie and he can be together forever. Or if she had tried to cure him with Sarah's blood but it didn't work (because faerie blood or something) Bill accepting his fate would've hate at least some modicum of weight to it. Instead we get, "because I said so" and Sookie can finally hear his thoughts (which sound lik they came out of a greeting card or a comic book page) "So weak, must be strong," and "I love you so much and want this for you some He thinks like an on the nose romance novel's dialogue is, stating everything expositionally and to no particular point. Ultimately I'm glad they had the stones to bury Bill with his family and kill him at least. Seeing him go pop was the most drawn out sequence of the whole episode, what with the bad guys dispatched in the first ten minutes by Eric pulling a deus-ex on the Yakuza assassins and swooping to save Sookie off-screen. Although him bobbing his head to angry music in the car with bloody bodies piled high in back was the top part of the episode. Although as a Bill/Sookie fan I was sad to see Bill go. I did tear up when he inhales after Sookie drives the stake into his heart and she cries while pulling herself up out of vampire boyfriend's grave and walks home covered in dirt when her ex was buried less than a week before. Because in Bon Temps, who needs grieving if it's not Gran and Tara that're being remembered?

    Is it me or did Bill kind of bully Hoyt and Jessica into getting married? His whole "I never will get to walk my daughter down the aisle" smelled of contrivance on the writers part to appease Bill's inevitable passing with a moment of joviality. Why did they have the wedding during the afternoon? Shouldn't they have worked out a sundown time? Although with Bill going any minute I guess that makes more sense than most of what else comes out of this show normally. True Blood uses the obligatory flash-forward that True Blood it always uses as a regular gimmick. Hoyt and Jess wed in what was the most eye-rolling moment of the whole episode which really makes Bill's hypocrisy all the more palpable. "Jessica can have a human partner, but you deserve better than me Sookie because I'm the man and I know what's best for It's just so ragingly sexist, let Sookie at least have a say if you do indeed love her so much. You didn't take the cure when it was in front of you because the writers ran out of material and didn't want to kill you out of nowhere Bill, be thankful and less old-fashioned. They never did really tie in his flashbacks besides it just being a tool to show us more relatable material for us to get back into "Team Bill" mode again with a target having been so firmly on Alcide's head?

    Sam comes back from off-screen hell without Nicole I might add (Luna, if only you had lived to spare us the blandness!), and Sookie is married to someone with only the back of their head revealed. But she's pregnant so who cares? That's what every woman needs to be happy, right? Just shoot out the babies and start a mothering! (I'm being totally ironic here for emphasis). Wasn't this the show that was heralded as the anti-Twilight only a few years ago? Think pieces springing up about how Sookie was a feminist icon who went out and did something rather than just relied on her brooding beau to save her. After Season 3 that all came crumbling down after her relationship with Bill went more South than that were bar in Mississippi. What was left was Sookie left to love whatever supernatural being stumbled into her life. So ending a show that was trying so hard to re-kindle an initial romance from the start of the show really flopped in its message to young women. Hold out and fight for the perfect dead guy, until he's really dead and then re-marry, have kids, and you'll never have another problem in your entire life. Even the LGBT allegory fell apart with all the minimal promise it had (True Blood does subtlety like a sledgehammer does not-quiet things) and after they kill off all the interesting villains from the books (Antonia and Marnie from Season 4, Russell Edgington in Season 3 and 5, Warlow was a pathetic stooge that was very underwritten, and the charismatic Maryanne of Season 1-2, even The Fellowship of the Sun and Rene were better bad guys than Gus Jr and the Yakuza this year) and veer away from that framework of the books as Alan Ball at least kept the skeletal structure and you've got a pile of gloppy red jello much like the corpse of a recently dead vampire. I stuck with the show because of its camp and my long investment in the characters (no matter how awful their scenes may have been over the years). Arlene dating a vampire was the only thing I honestly did not see coming, and Lettie Mae doesn't even show up in the finale after being promoted to the main cast, but REVEREND DANIELS gets a scene all by himself with Sookie? Daniels is fine but we've never known him as more than the guy who left his family for Lettie Mae back in Season 2 until earlier this year, and Willa just kind of happens in in the flash-forward.

    Eric and Pam making their infomercial, with Charlaine Harris, for their newly minted (Nu Blood) was a highlight. Although what they never address is if it cures Hep-V at once and acts as Tru-Blood did or does it cure it slowly like Gus Jr. wanted to keep it as a marketable product? I'd like to have known because not killing thousands of vampires seems like something Eric and Pam could get behind no matter how selfish they. Seeing Eric and Pam at the top of their game like this was a sparse contradiction to where they started out this year. It's almost like they had an arc when no one else didn't.

    By all means this season was an utter disappointment with bad cultural messages for the once promising and indulgently campy show. I will surely remember "Lost Cause" as the season's stand out as the high point. But other than dragging its feet I'm glad it's over because I don't believe I would've stayed around if it was renewed through Season 10, which wouldn't be surprising given how the ratings are always fairly high so if HBO did want to shamelessly cash in they could.

    In closing karma truly is misfortune as I got immense satisfaction out of seeing Sarah Newlin as the world's most expensive vampire beverage for one hundred thousand a minute. How many times has this show gone back to the Fangtasia basement as the default place to set dreary things?! Don't answer that you would count pretty high is all I'm saying. Hopefully they fixed that back door problem otherwise Sarah might escape. But the fate worse than death is having to hallucinate her cartoonishly over the top husband who tells her about how he's along for the ride until she dies. Guess genocide can be punished with fates worse than death. But why did Eric and Pam start up Fangtasia again? Wouldn't Eric just want to become King of Louisiana much like Bill did? I mean now there's not even an Authority any old person could call themselves the ruler of the vampires in a state now. Why didn't they ever touch on that? That would've been way more interesting than Season 7 was. True Blood I will choose to remember you fondly. I'll always try to get people into the first two or three seasons of you as a sign of good campy big budget softcore porn with a genre twist programming because there is so little of that out there. Some people have vampire diaries, or Twilight, for me it is and will always be true blood. And thank you at least for acknowledging that you don't know what will happen in the afterlife Bill, your honesty and lack of more utter sappiness is much appreciated. Bill could go to be a vampire lumberjack along with Dexter in series finale Purgatory before it all fades to black. Goodbye True Blood, I will miss you and all your infuriating soap opera-ish antics that go bump in the night, no show will ever be quite as sexy as you are/were. But now that you've met the true death I will miss my Sunday night splurge of being glad, angry, sad, thrilled and overall ambivalent at the hot mess that you eventually became. A HOT mess I might add, the hottest mess let's be honest. Fair well all, until next life this is the last drop of True Blood ever. . and know that there's more to life than pro-creating no matter what this show says in its discursive presentations through Sookie.moreless
  • A poor ending to a nice show.

    a poor ending to a nice show. The first season was so incredibly good that it is really difficult to accept what has become of the show in the end. The last episode? I liked it. It was a little boring, but was not that bad comparing to the previous ones in this season. Missing opportunities? There were definitely a lot, but I am still thinking about how the script writers could have developed a story about Godric, Eric's maker, a 2000-year-old vampire who chose to die, and died in a spectacular way. Bill's death was disgusting. After seven seasons he deserved a better death, not ending up as a slimy pool.moreless
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