True Blood

Season 6 Episode 2

The Sun

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 23, 2013 on HBO

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  • Continuing the good signs we saw on season premiere


    With season 6 premiere being the episode that I really enjoyed after season 3 finale, the second episode of season 6 continues to walk a great path!

    Great acting, strong horror element and pure classic vampire scenery were the things that make this episode awesome!

    Sookie is finally going to learn how to control and harness her powers, a good and powerful relative is on her side, Eric is trying to loose the anti-vampire initiatives that the Governor justifiably implemented, we see PURE CLASSIC vampire scene with Willa and Eric and of course, Bill as the original vampire is showing off his ridiculously powerful existence by feeding on humans with the most horrible way, smashing their insides with telekinesis, extracting their blood and directing it into his stomach without even swallowing! Man, it was the most horrifying scene on this show, I almost puked! Last but not least, Jesicca preying was a heartbreaking moment, I really loved it!

    Drawbacks were, once again, the supporting storylines and Bill's ability to see the future (too much)!

    If the season continues like this, season 6 is going to be pure epicness!
  • Stupid

    Utterly boring and senseless episode that was out of the main grid of the show. Some nasty thing about vampires changed into... I don't know what.
  • The Sun

    I like the anti-vampire initiative that may be going on for the season, that could create some fun drama, but as a whole this episode was just forgettable. They ruined any potential by immediately making Bill a good guy again.
  • The Poor Whooping Crane

    I gotta say this episode was much more sound than the season opener. I think part of it may be the trim 10 episode order may cut down some of the meandering plots that has plagued True Blood that past few seasons. They fixed the Jason problem from last week almost instantly while also revealing Rutger Hauer isn't in fact Warlow but the Stackhouse Fairy Grandfather of Sookie and Jason (even though Jason isn't a fae). The episode tried its best to remind us that Sookie was still in fact only supposed to be a waitress by having Arlene desperately call her to come in and having to remind her that she still had a job at Merlotte's. While on her way to work she just happens to meet (doesn't she have that ugly yellow car anymore?) a half fae named Ben. He had been bitten by a vamp and blasted it off. Which, ok, first off fae blood is like a drug like they've estabished just blasting it wouldn't have stopped it from trying to drink let alone just leave him in the ditch, some part of it seemed falsified. Sookie, against her better judgment, takes him and nurses him and misses her shift (of course, when was the actual last time we saw her work a shift at Merlotte's anyway?) and then promises to show Ben the safe haven of the portal. She leaves him to it before they can predictably make out, while Andy howls at the field where the portal is that he don't know nothin' bout' raisin' no babies. At this point I hope Warlow or some other vamp just kills his fae kids then his problem is solved and he kept his promise to take care of them, in fact have it kill Andy too. Not gonna bother with Terry and Arlene although Lafayette watching Emma was sweet and Sam's whole "we're taking Emma" from Alcide and grand-mammy was weird. Especially the young girl who approaches Sam about needing to come out as a shifter and then catches the whole scene along with her counter-culture friends from bushes. Lafayette getting punched out by were-girl #2 was uncalled for. Is Alcide supposed to be becoming a dick now? Because that what is seems like, even though it is "in Emma's own interest" even though Emma wants to stay with Sam and he had promised Emma's dying mom that he would take care of her. Btw, the whole Warlow coming through the bridge was a pretty awesome opening, although why it makes the contract glow makes no sense. Also, Grandfather Fae showing Sookie the plot device of the hot sun faerie blast that will take away her light forever and is as hot as a supernova was kind of lame but as a concept also really cool. Eric had a really good arc this week as he posed as a nerdy reporter and tried to glamor Governor Burell out of his vamp-hating ways. But cleverly he had developed a pair of contact lenses that he and others use to prevent being persuaded by vamps. He remains a rather fun villain and his argument with Eric about the whooping Crane was quite enjoyable. The show continues to have ingenuity, as Tara has a silver-UV radiating bullet pulled from her as well while Nora continues to go through the Book of Lilith and Pam seethes of having never heard of Nora before while Pam says that Pam is the thing that Eric is most proud of despite his lack of being able to always show it. Eric flying away was pretty great but you think they would've had him in silver handcuffs at least and that he could've still gone all fast away or something given how lazy they were in trying to get him into the back of the truck. Also, who are we supposed to root for? Vamps do bad things, people do bad things (haha the theme and a pun, I'm so clever) and we don't know beyond the main characters if anyone else deserves revenge or not. Eric going after Burell's daughter was clever and he will now surely use her as leverage to get vampire rights reinstated and anti-vamp crimes prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as he so claimed earlier. Bill went into a trance after last week and spoke to Lilith (apparently the fully nude blood soaked things are Lilith progenies or something as she sends them away) and how he is not a God but could be spoken of as she is now for his deeds to come as a prophet of hers. Jessica's trying to get him to snap out of it led to an uneasy death of a blood donor from a service and Bill drinks all of her blood like a mid-air juicebox while Jessica prays for him. The closing montage of her praying for everyone and hoping Bill will hear her and God, was a nice touch as we don't often get to see where all the characters stand at any given time at the end of an episode. But Bill recovers and his whole "I can feel all vampire pain" thing comes into play in a big way by having him see Jessica, Eric, Pam and a bunch of others in a detention center and then getting toasted by sun rays after his premonition of a bunch of rednecks dragging a vamp behind their truck got his goat. But now that he can see the future we have to know if this will come to pass or if it can be avoided. Without an Authority and Bill as Lilith's Prophet (hopefully Jessica can keep him humane although it is good to see him stronger than Eric for the first time) there remains a lot to be seen in terms of supernatural-human conflict especially if shifters and weres are outed too. Rutger's whole going through the way point and coming back saying "it was worse than I'd thought" seemed lazy though in the whole "show-don't-tell" formula they should follow he should have at least described the other dimension or come back a little bit more disturbed by its contents. The show also seems to be in the pattern of introducing older and older vampires, and apparently Sookie's ancient fairy family is Faerie royalty or something. And if Warlow wants her so bad, why doesn't he just come and get Sookie already I mean he does have a supernaturally binding document saying that she is his property, but this is only a minor quibble. I also hope that they elaborate more down the road why he is so obsessed with the Stackhouse Faerie clan beyond "they're delcious" and why he's been obsessed with them for "centuries" and Rutger claims. I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the premiere and now I have a sense of where this season is going and with only ten episode I think it will do the show a lot of good to have to trim the fat off of the tertiary and secondary characters of the show.
  • The Sun

    The Sun was an excellent episode of True Blood. I like how the story lines are unfilding. I'm suspicious of all the newly introduced characters and find them interesting. It was cool to see who Jason was with. I'm glad there was finally a little more Warlow but not enough. Bill discovers new information about himself from Lilith which makes me wonder what's the real deal with her agenda. I like watching Andy deal with his babies. Sam and Alcide disagree over Emma which was dramatic. I liked how everything played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Of Granpas and prayers...

    Tara's grandpa swoops to the rescue after she gets shot, just as Jason's fairy grandfather has done all his life. Whether its a vampire or a fae, their grandchildren's safety remains a main priority. Eric, as ready to face the Governor that put a bullet in the baby of his family, as fairy grandfather is ready to confront Warlow for Jason's baby sister.

    In the wake of the hostilities, a baby vampire prays for everyone in Bon Temp, hoping that God'd listen to dead and living alike.
  • Well...

    I feel like this show is going downhill. It's looking more like a network show than HBO. It was all pretty boring except for the delicious Alexander Skarsgard dressing up as a nerdy guy *drool*
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