True Blood

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2009 on HBO

Episode Recap

Godric rescues Sookie, killing Gabe. Godric tells Sookie she should not have come. Eric shows up. Godric says Eric is a fool to send humans after him. Eric had no choice. Godric tells Eric about Hugo's betrayal. Suddenly an alarm goes off. Eric and Sookie leave on Godric's orders, along with orders to "spill no blood".

Jason isn't dead. He thinks God saved him, but Sarah just shot him with paint balls. Sarah is angry that Jason lied to her. Sarah shoots Jason again. Sarah says that Jason made her break her vows and then ran. Jason tries to explain what happened and wants to know why Sarah told Steve. She didn't, Steve told her. They've got his sister. Sarah insults Sookie and Jason hits Sarah and takes the paintball gun.

Eric and Sookie watch the Fellowship evacuate. Sookie and Eric discuss how to escape. Sookie wonder why Bill isn't there. Eric says bill is irrational and would kill everyone. Why doesn't Eric? Because he's following Godric's orders. Sookie figures out that Godric is Eric's maker. Eric confront the guards, and almost tricks them into believing he's one of them. the guards try to attack Eric, but he overpowers them.

They find Steve in the chapel. Members of the fellowship charge in surrounding Eric and Sookie. Sookie tries to persuade everyone to stop fighting, but Steve is not convinced. Sookie says that Godric got away and will be sending for help. Steve doesn't seem to care as long as they have a vampire for the ceremony in the morning.

Barry is in Bill's room with him and Lorena. Lorena tries to persuade Bill to bite Barry but he refuses. Lorena bites Barry. She says he tastes different and asks what he is. Before Barry can answer, Bill attacks Lorena with a TV and leaves, taking Barry with him.

Bill interrupts Jessica and Hoyt. Hoyt seems worried about what Bill will do. Bill just says Hoyt should drive Jessica back to Bon Temps and leaves.

Lafayette is reading Tara's tarot cards in Sam's bar, she's going to have to make a sacrifice, a choice, in matters of the heart. Eggs comes in. He lost time. He doesn't remember the last few hours. He's scared and upset. What happened? Tara says that they'll figure it out, and they leave.

Jason shows up at the church and convinces the guards to let him in saying he's a cadet for the Light of day Institute. The guard starts to brief Jason on the situation and say he should see Steve. Then he realizes Jason is holding a paintball gun. Before the guard can do anything, Jason hits him with the gun.

Sam is startled awake by his phone ringing. The caller ID says it's Maryann. He answers but she hangs up on him.

Sam walks into the bar's freezer only to find Daphne's dead body with the heart ripped out. He grabs a couple of garbage bags and starts to put her in them, but stops. He then starts to call the sheriff department, but they show up at the bar before he can even say anything.

Maryann is in the kitchen at Sookie's house preparing to cook and eat Daphne's heart.

Eric is tied with silver chains to the alter in the Fellowship church, while Steve preaches to his followers. He's willing to give himself up in exchange for Godric and Sookie's freedom. Steve thinks that's noble but rejects it, saying that Sookie is a traitor to her race. Suddenly Bill shows up, telling them to let her go. Steve again says that he won't, and orders his soldiers to tie Bill up when Jason shoots Steve with paint balls. Sookie lets Eric go so they can escape, but he attacks Steve. Sookie tries to stop him while Jason eggs him on. Just then more vampires, led by Stan, show up and attack saying they've had enough. Godric stops everyone and offers Steve a compromise, vampires will leave him alone if he leaves vampires alone. Steve rejects the compromise. Godric captures Steve and asks who is willing to die for Steve's cause. No one volunteers, so Godric order the vampires to stand down. Eventually all of Steve's "followers" abandon him, and the vampires leave too, led by Godric. Sookie and Jason reunite and Jason apologizes for everything. Sookie asks if he's lost his mind joining these people, and Jason says that he felt brainwashed, "it's like he [Steve] sucked out my brain and planted all his little babies in there". Jason hits Steve one last time and leaves.

Sheriff Dearborne and Deputy Kenya question Sam. He wants to know who made the tip, but they won't tell him. Sam tries in vain to explain what happened. Just then Andy tuns up and backs up Sam's story, or tries to anyway.

Eggs and Tara are discussing what could be causing blackouts...gas leak? Eggs feels like he's done something wrong. Just then Maryann interrupts them and tells them she thinks they've been enjoying themselves too much, and that they'll ease up on the partying. She says dinner's ready, hunter's souffle. What she doesn't mention is that it's made with Daphne's heart. Tara and Eggs eat, thinking it's the rabbit, and get practically euphoric.

There's a welcome home party for Godric. Jason apologizes to Godric for what the Fellowship did, Godric says that he helped save him and that he's got friends in the area whenever he decides to visit. Eric confronts Jason and tells him that his heroics make them even for him buying and using V, and to not do it again. Sookie wants to know why it took Bill so long to come to her. Bill tries to avoid the question, but Sookie doesn't let him. Bill says he was held prisoner, and Sookie assumes it was Eric. Before they can talk any further, they are interrupted by Eric. Sookie is angry at Eric for sending her into a trap saying that he would risk anything for Godric. Eric explains that the bond with a maker is stronger than she can imagine, and that one day maybe she'll find that out.

Jessica and Hoyt arrive home. They begin to make love again, but stop because Jessica says it hurts. She realizes that "it" has grown back, and becomes angry that she's a "deformity of nature", and that she'll be a virgin forever.

Bill confronts Eric, he's to stay away from Sookie. Bill is angry that Eric called in Lorena, Bill's maker, just because he couldn't win Sookie for himself. Sookie will never be Eric's and he should just accept it. Isabel brings Hugo in as a traitor to be punished by Godric. Godric asks if Isabel loves him, and she replies that she thought she did, but Godric can do as he pleases with him. Godric let's him go because Isabel still loves him. he tells Hugo that he should go and not return. Godric orders Eric to escort Hugo out safely. Bill starts to tell Sookie about Lorena, but is interrupted by Jason who needs to talk to Bill.

Sam is being put into a cell. Several other townfolks are there for strange things, such as not having pants, and sodomizing a pine tree.

Jason apologizes to Bill for the way he's behaved. Bill should be allowed to love whoever he wants, including Sookie. Bill forgives him and thanks Jason for helping to save her. They embrace...awkwardly.

Eric tells Godric that Hugo is gone, and there's an AB negative human on the way. Why didn't Godric leave when he first came for him? Godric explains that over time vampires have not evolved, they've grown more brutal and predatory. He does not see the danger in treating human as equals, and it's because they didn't that the fellowship was started. Godric says he could have killed everyone within minutes but it would have proved nothing.

Tara and Eggs finish the pie. Eggs feels like a superhero, invincible. they begin half-heartedly trading insults and punches. This progresses into a full blown beating which then turns to love-making.

Lorena shows up at Godric's party, and confronts Sookie. Bill appears, and Sookie asks him if Lorena is his maker. He says that she released him years ago and has no hold over him. She says that she and Bill had 2 wonderful nights in their hotel room. Bill adds the information about Lorena holding him prisoner. Sookie tells her to leave Bill alone. Lorena says that Sookie can't win, but she responds that she's already won because Bill doesn't want her and Lorena just hasn't admitted it yet. They fight and Lorena almost bites Sookie. Godric stops her and scolds her, saying that Sookie has been a courageous and loyal friend to vampire, and Lorena treats her like a child treats a dragonfly- ripping off wings for sport. He says that it's vampires like Lorena that make humans hate them. He says that he can tell she's an old vampire, and has had hundreds of years to better herself, yet she still acts like a monster. Godric orders Bill to escort Lorena out of the nest, and orders Lorena out of his area before dawn. Lorena tells bill that she sill loves him and wants to know when they will see each other again. Bill responds never.

Just then Luke shows up at Godric's nest. Jason tries to talk to him, but Luke pushes him away. Luke gets everyone's attention, and tells them who he is. He says that he's come with a message from Steve Newlin. He then opens his jacket to reveal that he has a bomb wired to him and he pushes the trigger.