True Blood

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2009 on HBO

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  • So much happening

    When you think a arc has been concluded and it gives you a cliffhanger instead, you know you're in for a ride! This episode was filled with amazing parts from start to finish, it excelled from last episode (which was a hard task in itself)! Seeing Maryanne doing what she does is interesting and although I've already seen the conclusion, I'm equally intrigued each time!

    Great touch bringing in Greek mythology and hinting at it before hand with Bill's reading material during his break-up with his maker. This show during season 2 stayed top-notch quality from season 1 even though I'm well aware it will falter a little later on only to get back on its feet.

    I haven't seen past season 2 before so I can't wait to catch up and see what goes on. It's not my kind of show (feel-wise) but you can't deny suspense!
  • Those silly little fangs are annoying all by themselves. It just makes you think that the hands, feet, and everything else is equally small. And I understand that people used to be shorter, but Godric is like five foot four.

    If a five foot four guy threatened me, even if he was an archangel id die laughing and not be frightened. Come on. This was not great. The revrend isn't that offensive, the vampires aren't bad ass. Im not feeling Godrics messiah complex either. Looking at the flashback of him and Eric they are both bad enough that if they die, they are a bit beyond redemption. Where they are going its warm. Very warm. And although a lot happened there was no plot. Next. I love this show, but thats two episodes that were under par. This is really no better then watching 90210. More annoying in fact. I don' expect a lot from that show.
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Sookie's captivity takes an unexpected turn when Eric arrives to do his master's bidding on the eve of the Fellowship's lockdown. In Bon Temps, Sam finds himself in hot water after making a gruesome discovery at Merlotte's, and Andy proves no help in coming to his defense. Sent home by Bill, Jessica and Hoyt learn that when it comes to sex, every time is the first time. Tara and Eggs devour a mysterious meal prepared by Maryann, with unexpected results. After Jason pays off his debt to the vampires, Godric looks to enlighten his more single-minded followers. After an awesome last episode the start of this one is awesome, Godric hot, Eric super hot both of the together, heaven. I love every scene amaing, especially thr scenes with Eric in! I love the scene with Jason and Sarah. I love the scene with Eric and Sookie where he doesn't understand what Sookie is saying. Oh and the scene where Eric is pretending to be a human, the scene where Sookie and Eric are trying to get out awesome. I love the scene with Barry, Eric and Lorena. I love the scene where Bill walks in on Hoyt and Jessica. I love the scene with Eggs and Tara, interesting story. I love the way Jason comes to help his sister and Eric! I love the storyline with Sam. I wish Maryann would just get killed off already I HATE her, through its a good storyline. I love it when Bill comes to get Sookie oh and the fact that Jason comes aswell. I love the whole storyline in the church, I love Godric, he is awesome. I love the way Andy is helping Sam he is so good. I love the scene with Jason and Eric, amazing. I love the scene with Eric, Bill and Sookie, I loved it. I also love the scene with Bill and Jason, I love the way they hug. Oh and the scene with Godric and Eric damnnnn. I love the scene with Lorena and Sookie, amazing scene. Awesome ending.
  • Too much gore for me into this episode, why eating heart cooking by satan is going with vampire ?

    Too much gore for me into this episode, why eating heart cooking by satan is going with vampire ?
    This is too much desgusting, heh i love vampire , i love this show , but i think that sequence with the heart cooked and cut and .... was really not intresting and no needed for the show, True blood is better than that.
    I wish that show will not turn too horror, and keep more vampire style cause vampire doesn't mean horror for me. I loved Godric and all things happend around him the force he have and everything, nice caractere !
  • Eric && Sookie try to escape from the fellowship of the sun! =0 && Some very interesting stuff happens! (:

    I loved it! It was great && absoulutely breathtaking, there was a point where I even needed to gasp for air. One of my favorite episodes. Love, Love, Lovee True Blood. (:

    FangBanger. ;]


    I loved it! It was great && absoulutely breathtaking, there was a point where I even needed to gasp for air. One of my favorite episodes. Love, Love, Lovee True Blood. (:

    FangBanger. ;]


    I loved it! It was great && absoulutely breathtaking, there was a point where I even needed to gasp for air. One of my favorite episodes. Love, Love, Lovee True Blood. (:

    FangBanger. ;]


    I loved it! It was great && absoulutely breathtaking, there was a point where I even needed to gasp for air. One of my favorite episodes. Love, Love, Lovee True Blood. (:

    FangBanger. ;]
  • A very good episode with some very interesting vamp-stuff, which unfortunately makes the human and other-unknown-monster stuff seem like a waste of time. Jason finally gets something right, and Sookie's blonde and ditzy as usual.

    Godric makes his appearance in this episode but I don't really think he left that deep an impression, he was way too cool and zen, and it just felt wrong when he looks like somebody's little brother. Maybe he should put on Eric's muscle shirt?

    Speaking of that, Eric's muscle shirt's really starting to grow on me, Alex Skarsgard must have been working out! And Lorena's beautiful dresses and hairstyles certainly add to the glamour factor of being a really old vampire. I can't believe she's in love with Bill though, really, I'm seeing less and less in him. I'd choose Eric over him any day.

    The part where Eric offers himself in exchange for Godric and Sookie's just plain stupid, but it's also something we see all the time on TV so I guess we'll have to let it go. Then Jason finally does something right. Though the awkward hugging scene with Bill later may have the both of them regretting it. I'm really very curious what the writers have in plan for Jason next. Personally I think just going back to meaningless sex with trailer trash suits him best.

    Poor Jessica and Hoyt gets their first time interrupted by Bill, only to discover her thing grows back and she will be a virgin all the time! I've been thinking of solutions to that problem all night, and the best I can come up with is using a tampon or something all the time? I hope the writers figure out something better.

    The part with Sam putting half of Daphne in a bag is just ridiculous. Later on the nice pie Maryann made and the eating and beating scene with Eggs and Tara's just plain disturbing. What the F is Maryann anyhow and what does she want? This is just plain creepy. Oh well, guess all will be solved when Sookie, Bill and Eric returns home.

    My favorite part is the last one, taking place in the Dallas vamp bar. I just like vampire cocktail lounges. Then when Sookie first stood up to Lorena I thought she was brave and cool, but after that she was just stupid and I'm surprised Lorena didn't snap her neck right away or tear off her arm like in Kill Bill or something.

    I can't believe Eric brought Lorena in just to keep Bill away from Sookie. I mean it's not like he made a pass at her or anything. I don't imagine vampire flirting to be as timid as human flirting, they should just grab and conquer, or something, I dunno. But I do wanna see Eric in bed with some one.

    All in all, I liked this episode very much because of all the vampire But the do make the other plot lines, like Sam's and Tara's, seem like waste of time in comparison. We wanna see more vampires, more sexy clothing, and more teeth!

    Cliffhanger ending by Jason's equally intellectually challenged buddy Luke, can't wait till the next one!
  • Home Run!

    I loved this episode; likely my favourite to date because it was more oriented to the vampire story for one thing, but it also gave a lot of insight into the recurring characters as well as some of the HOPEFULLY recurring characters.

    Eric is such a good boy, as bad boys go...and once back in Bon Temps I fear for Bill's future with Sookie. Bill should not have baited Eric, but I do approve of where his gaffe will likely send Sookie running...straight to the bad boy!

    Arrrggghh! I was so waiting for "Rev. Smarmy" to die an inglorious death. And Hugo too! That was a bit anticlimactic compared to my expectations, however the "cliffhangar" type ending was beautifully set up because of it. While I'm on the, "I can't believe they are still alive" tack, Stan was lucky too. Is it possible that far away look in Godric's eyes means he is losing it in his old age??!! Nah...

    Jessica and Hoyt were a hoot as always, though poor Jessica...I guess humanity does have! **Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. say no more...**

    Maryann is turning out to be a total head-case, and I hope that in fact she is like vermin which can be well controlled by the appropriate predator. And that once said predators get back from Dallas, she will be vanquished. Not loving that storyline I'm afraid...

    Best line once again belongs to Eric who dismissed a perfectly intimidated Jason as though he were a naughty puppy! The next time said puppy pees on Eric's carpet, I fear he won't be so lucky...

    And that ending! Hubby and I are taking bets on what happens, because while we DO have great taste in TV shows we apparently have no OTHER life to speak of...! :op (grimace face)
  • Almost perfect!

    I just can't stand when users rate every single episode of a show they enjoy as 'perfect;' it is like saying that every episode is impeccable and without flaws, and that every episode, therefore, is on equal grounds. It doesn't make any sense...

    With that being said, this episode truly stands out as one of the absolute best in the series thus far, and my favorite episode of this second season. A ton of things happened, all of which were magnificent in advancing the story-lines and development of the show. Godric is one hell of a great vampire and sheriff; he appears as to want vampires to evolve and be on good terms with humans. He spares the lives of so many people in this episode, much to the chagrin of some of his fellow vampires. But I really enjoyed getting to know Godric in this episode. It was a welcome breath of fresh air.

    So, to the pivotal revelations in this episode; Daphne's heart is cooked and served by Maryann to Eggs and Tara, who devour the souffle in a giddy, evil manner. The then proceed to 'change' again, under Maryann's spell, eyes turned into black flying saucers and all. It is made to appear as if Sam is responsible for Daphne's death, as her body is found in Merlotte's freezer. Sam ends up in prison along with other people from town who were involved in last episode's beginning orgy scene. Jason isn't dead (big shock there) as Sarah fired a paint gun at him rather than what appeared to be a semi-automatic gun at last episode's end. Sookie and Bill finally share some on-screen time together, something I have been looking forward to for a long time. Their chemistry is amazing. Eric obeys Godric's every command. Jason apologizes to Bill and they embrace each other. As the episode ends, Lucas from the Fellowship of the Sun appears in the vampires nest in Dallas and is armed with a sweater and vest filled with bombs and silver; as this episode ends, we see him push the button. My only other thing to mention is how much I love Jessica and Hoyt's relationship and their presence on this show.

    I have always enjoyed this show. I anxiously await every new episode. Sometimes, their are episodes that aren't as good as others. This episode, however, was PHENOMENAL and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next episode. This show has exponentially catapulted TV to new boundaries and heights.
  • Great twists to this story as Godric, Eric, and Sookie take care of things. Jason seems to be straightened out. The Order has been slowed down for the time being based on Godric's leadership. We have a number of surprises and a surprise ending.

    I really enjoyed this episode for the most part as it was somewhat a return to normalcy if True Blood can have that.

    The whole ordeal at the Fellowship of the Sun Order was sort of surreal. Reverend Steve sort of got his comeuppance but you knew from the way Luke acted he was going to be trouble in the end. I just didn't expect that much. Talk about Jihad! I'll leave any other thoughts on this till next week for those of you who haven't seen the episode.

    Poor Jessica and Hoyt. I really like this couple. I think she's going to have to get use to that problem she has if they are going to work things out. I must admit though she can't seem to catch a break and she does seem to be trying hard to be good.

    Sam's in trouble but really Tara's in more I think. People are starting to realize they've been blacking out. You wonder is dumping Daphne's body in Sam's freezer really the best Maryanne can do. For being as powerful as she is she really has no foresight. She seems to spend more time fooling around then taking care of business which may be her downfall in the end! What's with the heart stew?

    Boy Sookie is really something. She stands up to everyone. First it's for the humans against Eric after he promised not to hurt anyone. The it was against Reverend Steve about Eric being chained up on the table. Boy does Steve have a bad attitude by the way. Then she stands up against one of Godric's seconds. Finally she has a cat fight with Bill's maker. Talk about getting yourself in trouble! Godric stepping in really saved the day in this case. I loved the description of getting wacked in the head with a 52" plasma screen TV!

    Jason came through in the end. You sort of knew that was going to happen once he found out Sookie was there. He really was very upset about being deceived. Anything The Fellowship knew about Jason before hand was common knowledge and Jason had supposedly repented so I'm not sure why Steve went off the deep end about Jason's past as he was not aware of his wife's infidelity. The only explanation is Steve is crazy!

    Godric has turned out to be really something as well. He's turned into a pacifist. Not a bad thing but I would watch out if I were him. Some of his followers don't seemed to be convinced. Based on his age though I don't really think he probably needs to worry. He does seem to have evolved and you can understand his thought process. I liked his line about being older than Jesus Christ but he would have liked to know him.

    A great episode and full of wonderful stories. The acting was stellar as always and the writers seem to be getting back on track. A very enjoyable time. Thanks for reading...
  • Whoa so much crap happening at once! Intense episode.

    Here are my thoughts broken down:

    FELLOWSHIP/DALLAS VAMPS: We all know of course that something is going to go wrong with Luke's naive attempt at Fellowship martyrdom, so how much mercy is Goderic capable of dishing out? The man is even sweeter than Bill. ERIC: It's amazing to think how much Eric has changed from last season. In season 1 he was arrogant and selfish and now we see a more vulnerable, weaker side of Eric. I think it's intriguing.

    TARA AND EGGS: It was a creepy/cool scene when they were slapping the hell out of eachother, but was it really that necessary for Eggs to take off his shirt for, like, the 5th time this season? I know you ladies dig it, but I think the show's better than that. It's good already. They don't need to keeping selling it with rediculous sex appeal.

    SAM: Sucks to be him is all I can say.

    LORENA: Great scene at the end. She is definitely a sad and lonely creature as Bill so eloquently put. Phenomenal actress who portrays her. Great episode through out. Plenty of surprises.
  • Gross gross gross gross gross! but good

    This was a great episode although I agree it was just a little over-full and busy. That's my only criticism - otherwise I absolutely loved it. I have to admit though there was one scene when I had to close my eyes for the most part. And I'm not usually one to do that. But this - wow - this was soooooooooooo gross. Anyone who has seen this ep will know what i'm talking about!

    I loved how Sookie stood up to Lorena (although on some level it also seemed a bit dumb as in reckless...). The revelation of Sheriff Godric's enlightened state was intriguing - although I have an ominous feeling he's going to get burned by the nasty ones like Stan especially after what happened in this ep. The Maryanne plot is good but at this point it also feels a little overwhelming because she doesn't seem to have a worthy opponent yet - her power is so complete and unchallenged - i hope that changes soon. what's her vulnerability? does she have one?
  • Really good, though could have been better

    I did really love this episode, but there were just a few small things that made it less impressive than it could have been. One thing that really bothered me were the dallas vampires who showed up at the fellowship. I am so sick of the stereotypical vampire being decked out all in leather. Only Stan wore non leather, instead being decked out as a cowboy, which may not be stereotypical of vampires but is definitely stereotypical of Texas. In the book Stan had the appearance of a nerd, which actually worked to his advantage, but that didn't irk me as much as the leather clad vampires. It makes sense that the vampires of fangtasia would wear leather durring club hours, because they're trying to attract attention from tourists by rising to the hollywood image. The first season did this when Eric took Bill to be tried by the other vampires and every vampire except Bill dressed in clothes to look as bad ass as possible. There's nothing wrong with looking bad ass, but they tried way to hard and over did the leather. I do think it's strange Sookie would be so outright mean to another vampire even if Lorena does have it coming. Lord knows Lorena deserves whatever she gets, but Sookie should be smart enough to know not to pick a fight with a vampire. Meeting Eric for the first time in season one, you could definitely detect the fear in Sookie's voice and face. Meeting Lorena shouldn't be much different, especially since Lorena is openly hostile. Maybe Sookie has become much to reliant on getting saved in the tv series and had faith that Bill would jump in if it got too dangerous. It makes me anxious for future seasons when Sookie will be less reliant on Bill or others to help her. I loved Jason in this episode. He went back to the church even though Steve Newlin was out to get him just to save his sister. The last moment in the church, when Jason tells Newlin he had already been to heave. . .inside his wife, was the best. For awhile I was worried that Jason and Sarah were going to get into an actual serious relationship, but I'm glad her fanatics against vampires and the fellowship cause will sucessfully prevent that. It makes Jason's comment to Steve even sweeter.
  • Too much blood and gore. Thirty seconds focused on a hole in someones chest is a waste of story time.

    Too much blood and gore. Ok this is a Vampire series so you gotta expect a certain amount of blood, but to focus on a hole in someones chest where the heart has been ripped out - for 30 seconds of footage - is over the top. Two or three 2-second glimpses gets the message across. These days an effect like this can be digitally achieved in post production with minimal effort, (in fact any level of gore can be achieved this way), but do we really want to gawk at it for 30 seconds. And the baking of the heart-pie scene was over the top also - in my opinion. If we have no interest in 'story' and we want to see blood and gore we can tune into reality surgery TV and watch the removal of real life tumors.

    The last couple of episodes I think have been heading in this gore-for-extra-shock-value direction a tad more than is necessary (ie the scene in Hard Hearted Hannah where the couple are mutilated after accepting an offer for sex with Bill and creator).

    Don't get me wrong a certain amount of blood and gore (and sex, including violence against subordinate beings) definately have there place in a series like this, but if the blood and gore continue to escalate at the expense of storyline, I'll be rating the series down a point or two each week.

    I suppose at the end of the day how much 'shock' audiences enjoy depends on how much they have already been exposed to. With enough exposure, no limit will ever be excessive. I wonder at what point we'll say "enough is enough".

    I agree with some of the other comments that too much was happening in this episode. Why are the writers rushing everything all of a sudden.

    To this point I've rated all episodes in series two with a 9 or 8, but this one gets a 7/10.
  • Oh my God...ric.

    Hrmm. A lot goes on in this episode, and I have pointed out, although never stressed it, that perhaps there’s too much going on this season. Cliff-hanger aside, is that really the end of the Fellowship of the Sun? It also seems Maryann’s devious plan has slowed down considerably -- she went from almost sacrificing Sam during a sexualized ritual, to baking evil, icky soufflé. What’s so important about Eggs and Tara? Is she attempting to impregnate Tara? Hrrm.

    There are a ton of great character moments, I admit. But I was rather disappointed by Godric. I like his affect on Eric, but I find it difficult to care what his agenda actually is. Eric and Godric’s reunion is extremely underplayed, while his curious behavior compared to the rest of them feels a tad forced without any valid reasons for this compassion towards humans. The Lorena plotline also ends on a drab note. We know that Lorena is an extremely vicious vampire, and yet she lowers herself to trading petty insults with Sookie (who is amazing during said scenes). Did she hesitate cos she knew she would lose Bill forever? Or that she sensed a very old vampire among her? It kind of just waddles off, doesn’t it? There’s no teasing that she’ll be back (although she does mention the inevitability of herself and Bill bumping into one another again). Are Lorena and Bill still standing outside when Luke pulls the trigger?

    What also came as a shock is how well Jason was written. He is…and this is hard to say…almost likeable. I loved his paintball attack, as if any sane person would attempt such a maneuver, oh if he wasn’t prettyful. His scenes with Bill are a real highlight, and Bill’s reaction to his hug is priceless. And Eric’s little charade as a hillbilly? All kinds of amazing!

    And yet…this episode left me cold. Jessica’s plight, again, feels isolated from the rest of the meatier storylines (although she is just too cute for words). And Sam’s arrest is ridiculous, it feels tacked on. I appreciate the storyline, but it isn’t given enough screen time to evolve naturally. And as for the ending? Luke either explodes, injuring a few main vamps, killing a few no-names, or else someone cuts the wire before he punches down the button. And as for Lafayette suddenly being psychic?...

    ACTUALLY, what Lorena says about Billie’s blood. It got me thinking…is Sookie what prevents Bill from turning evil? Not just emotionally, but physically. Sookie is clearly a supe, and Bill probably knows her blood tastes different from other people’s, so maybe that’s why he keeps her around, as it somehow naturalizes him? Is that why Lorena didn’t just kill Sookie? It just seems likely since Jason, of all people, gives Bill his blessing. And this IS an Alan Ball show. So maybe Bill is the bad guy after all. Is that why Eric is keeping Lafayette alive? Is his blood different too? Hrrmm… I think I may just be looking too much into things.
  • About Sookie

    Wow, this tv series is very good with few exceptions. For instance I strongly disagree with murdering Sookie's grandmother, that episode when she came in and almost fell on her blood was horrible. I say this now because I watched both seasons last night. Then again the poor Suzy, the teen vampire it is vey injust what's happening to her,first kiddnapped and make vampire then Bill does not much like her or treat her with care or teach her anything then he stopped her with her boyfriend in bed, then this stupid idea she would be virgin forever when she herself said she did not like it. This happened because she had noone to protect her, because she was nobody's important character's lover?
    If you can do good things for the pet characters then you can do good things for Anybody we,the viewers like.And we like Suzy.Got it?
    Then again there is not much love tension between Sookie and Bill anymore, It was much better in former episodes.
    I strongly hope that there will be an episode where Sookie goes back in time before the vampire frenzy or the murder of her grand-mother and she gets to know Bill again, but this time everything would be perfect and differently peaceful. And this with help from Cedric who wants to stop the Association lady to make the vampires known to the world and leave them unknown as it was better to be separated from humans.
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