True Blood

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2010 on HBO
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Sookie and Alcide turn to an alpha-wolf "packmaster" for advice on how to deal with Russell's minions. Jason meets his match in a mysterious girl named Crystal. Tara considers a proposal from Franklin, who's completed his mission for Russell. Lafayette learns the meaning of patience from Jesus, his mother's orderly. An heirloom reminds Eric of his past and his ongoing thirst for vengeance. Joe Lee breaks his promise to Sam and Tommy.moreless

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  • Still looking...

    Don't get me wrong, I'm completely hooked on True Blood, but this hunt for Bill is getting a bit old. I know (well, I hope) Bill is just trying to protect Sookie by staying away from her, but one of the most compelling elements of the show is the romance, which, without Bill, is lacking.

    But, besides that, there were many elements I loved. Showing Eric's past and the fact that it still pained him made his character more human. We've had glimpses of this humanity that he tries so hard to conceal throughout the series. This makes his character more relatable and gives the audience a reason, besides his captivating looks, to root for him in the fight for Sookie.

    I don't know about you, but I'm about done with Lorena. I was a bit confused when her and Bill made love a few episodes back, is the ability to control Bill one of her powers? Because he's made it quite clear that he wants nothing to do with her, including (but not limited to) sexually. Now that I think of it, maybe it had something to do with her being his maker. But anyway, Lorena's character is so cruel and sickening that the audience wants nothing more than for her to be killed (at least I know I do). Just the idea of her and Bill together makes me lose hope in the show.

    From the second the episode started, I was waiting for what happened in the last five minutes, Sookie and Bill's reunion. It proved to me that what he said about Sookie not being "his" anymore and he not being interested in her was a lie (this was also proven when Coot told him that Sookie was sleeping with a werewolf, even though it was untrue). I felt this reunion was cut short though, as Bill didn't even have the time to explain what was going on before the royal vampires came to kill him.

    If Bill dies, I'm going to be pissed.

    I absolutely love Alcide. I don't understand what he sees in Debbie, but he appears to be such a kindhearted and good person that he could see appealing qualities in anyone, no matter how horrible the person. I almost want him and Sookie to be together, though I do love her and Bill (plus between Sam and Eric she's already juggling enough admirers). He seems to be the only kind werewolf on the show, but that could be because we've only been introduced to the branded pack.

    I'm so happy Lafayette finally found someone who he could have a future with. Jesus seems to bring out the best in him, though I have always loved his funny and witty "worst". I can't wait to see how their relationship progresses and if it will lead to a brighter future for Lafayette.

    Tara's situation keeps me biting my nails. I can't tell if Franklin is just playing stupid or if he is truly insane (I'm leaning towards insane). This is, by far, the worst situation Tara has been in since the show first aired. I'm anxious to see how she'll fight her way out of this one (hopefully soon).

    Sam continues to impress me. His good nature always prevails, especially when he decided to allow his biological family to stay on his property. His ability to see the good in Tommy, even when he seemed like a complete jerk, has exposed to everyone that the only reason Tommy acts the way he does is out of unexplainable fear, not only to leave his parents without help, but also to stay with them and continue to be abused. He is in a situation where acting tough and unaffected seems to be a good way to deal with it. To be honest, I think Tommy is the only Mickens with any hope of being a good person.

    Don't get me started on the cliffhangers. The show always gets cut off at the exact moment that my heart begins racing. It leaves me wondering how I can possibly wait another week to see how the situation will turn out!

    Overall, this was a great episode. But, because they all are, this was not one of my favorites. It feels a bit like this and the last one or two episodes have been fillers with random high points that keep the viewer engaged. Now that Sookie's finally found Bill, I can't wait for next weeks episode. I admit, the only reason I subscribed to HBO was for True Blood. I'll definitely continue to watch.moreless
  • Trouble

    Best episode of the season tonight. I had been looking for a reason to justify watching this show (other than Anna Paquin obviously being very chilly on the set) and got one here with a highly action-packed episode that ended with about as big a cliffhanger as you can be as Sookie used magic to dispel her attacker.

    We saw Tara on the run only to find out that Franklin Mott is helping her and wants to marry her, and convert her. Should be interesting to see the progression of that.

    Of course the show is still far from perfect. I could do without the bickering waitresses, but as of right now I was satisfied with this episode of True Blood. It still does not deserve an Emmy, but I certainly am glad I started watching it.moreless
  • The kind of episode you wait half a season for. One word: Awesome.

    So in this episode so many things happen. Tara sees that Bill is not on the human's side anymore and refuses to help her. Franklin is obsessed with Tara, and asks that he marry her and become his vampire bride. Bill learns that Sookie is "with" a werewolf in Jackson, MI. We see that the pack master isn't as great as the book says, Eric remembers an old memory and realizes who killed his human family. And the best part? Sookie FINALLY sees Bill, who tries to get her to leave, but the King of Mississippi gets to her and she accidentally shows her gift, the same as she used on Mary Anne. Eric was awesome, Tara was someone I could stand today, the King was a great villain, and Sookie finally sees Bill. And the best line? Between Bill and Eric. "You're here of your own accord? Which means..." Eric. "Sookie is no longer mine" Bill. "Huh" Eric says, a little grin on his face. Oh yeah! Finally. Thank you God! Move over Bill fans here come the Eric fans!!! 10/10 for sheer slyness.moreless
  • What's with all the gayness this season?? Yes, I get it. You have a character here or there. But now it's just getting ridiculous. Still, it's the best episode this season so far.moreless

    Definitely the best episode of the season, even with all the over-the-top injection of homo-eroticism to the show. Cut it out! Alan Ball and his writers must know the non-gay viewers are getting a bit tired of it. Revenge perhaps?

    Lafayette is hardcore and funny at the same time. Great character, who happens to be gay You also have Pam sweeping the Bulgarian carpet. Fine. They even introduced the King and his man-biatch. Ok.

    Meanwhile Sam is having homo dreams about Bill... wait, huh?

    Hey guys! We don't have enough gay characters! How about Jesus the gay nurse! Still not enough? Let's drag Eric Northman into this! This is getting out of control...

    Unfortunately, Sam and Jason's storyline are still just filler. Luckily for us, the werewolf thing is getting pretty cool. So are Sookie's new powers. But what really set off this episode was Eric's viking flashback. Awesome. We want more of this, and less forced gaying up everyone just because you want to send a message, Mr. Alan Ball.moreless
  • two weeks in a row


    yes im quite convinced that this season is finnally back on track with the uniqueness and greatness that makes true blood such an appealing show. i was worried that the quality of the show had already fizzled out after only three seasons, but not anymore. lafayette finds a new romance from the man who takes care of his mother. i knew the character would be back after he had alot of dialogue for just a nurse. the last two episodes have performed a miracle, it made me actually like tara as a character. her story with franklin is eerie and exciting. franklin is a very freakishly likeable character. tara is pretty much trapped with this psychopathic vampire, but its so much fun to watch. it shows that eric is probably going to kill or atleast attempt to kill russell after having it revealed that russell murdered eric's family(even though it didnt show russells face but cmon its common sense to know it was him). the final scene with russell and his minions attacking sookie was definately the best ending of the season...sookie has super powers? hoping that i didnt jinx it and have the future episodes suckmoreless
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John Hans Tester


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    • Featured Music:
      "Sober Interlude" by Paul Mirkovich (Edington dining room background music)
      "I Got More Bills Than I Can Pay" by Sonny Ellis (Jason trying to keep busy at work)
      "Baby, Let's Play House" by Arthur Gunter (Lafayette and Tommy smoking outside Merlotte's)
      "Small Town Banjo Breakdown" by Thomas Richard Smith Sr. (Crystal arrives/flashback)
      "Devastation Road" by eBlueshighway (Jessica and Hoyt spot each other)
      "Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 19 in F major, K. 459; I. Allegro" by Production Music, Naxos/Source Q (Edington mansion background music)
      "Damned If I Do" by Jace Everett (Jason is bummed, Jesus flirts with Lafayette)
      "Little Moon" by Honneycombs (Jason finds Crystal in the parking lot of Merlotte's)
      "Trouble" by Jackie DeShannon (end credits)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany - November 18, 2010 on Syfy
      Czech Republic - December 21, 2010 on HBO
      United Kingdom - February 11, 2011 on FX/FX HD

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Potíže (Troubles)


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