True Blood

Season 5 Episode 1

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 10, 2012 on HBO

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  • where's the episode

    Where's the episode please?
  • Turn Turn Turn

    Cable shows sometime struggle to get going and season premieres are rarely that strong, but this is a little disappointing for True Blood.

    Really nothing got me excited for the upcoming season. Who knows though? Not really that bad.
  • trueblood

    i can not wait to see trueblood tonight i been missing this show loke for ever cant wait to see it tonight an i also cant wait to see what direction they take the show they always take in diferent directions love it
  • Under the Rug

    Following last season's sweeping of seemingly unnecessary characters Tara seemed like a goner. Contrary to what we thought would be akin to Eric and Bill being on the run after killing Nan and her entourage and then rushing to Sookie's aid they get nabbed by agents of the Authority before being able to help Sookie. Lafayette shows up and begs Tara not to let him live on alone and when Pam shows up Sookie begs her to turn Tara for them rather than letting her die in exchange for Sookie's help with fixing her perceived distance with Eric and any problems he may have with her. Terry's old war buddy Patrick shows up to visit and confronts him about mysterious instances that have happened to members of their old unit which he dismisses and sends him away because he doesn't wan him disrupting his life. Reverend Newlin, who showed up on Jason's doorstep last season, glamours his way inside and professes his love for Jason since he came to join the Fellowship of the Sun and wants him to have sex with him. Jessica shows up and claims Jason is Hers and Jason revokes his invitation thus making him untouchable to Steve Newlin. Jessica throws a party with college people her own age, who aren't frozen at age 17, and they drink and do general pleasureful things in Bill's House. She gets a message he left her about him leaving town right before being captured which declares her to take care of herself while he's away. While stuck in the trunk of the car Bill devises a way out of his and Eric's restraints and blows up the convoy carrying them but a driver, an Emissary of the Authority turns out to be Eric's "sister" or just another vamp created by Godric who no one else knows about and they haven't seen each other in a while. She offers them a life as runaway vamps away from the Authority but not before banging Eric in a storage container. Alcide informs Sookie of Russell's return and also calls Eric to deliver the same message. Sookie and Lafayette bury Pam and Tara for a night while she makes her and they clean up Debbie's body, which Sook doesn't want to tell Alcide about it since he wouldn't understand. While getting set up with new identities Eric and Bill and the sister get attacked and about to set off on a boat are ambushed by Authority agents who kill all of the other vamps there and take them as prisoners. Jason goes to Jessica's party and tries to have a "thing" with her even after they've talked it over also while trying to fill the void between him and Hoyt for having sex with Jessica. Sam gets kidnapped by Marcus's pack after his death and his mother's return he gets tortured and almost dies if not for Alcide's intervention at Luna's behest to tell the Pack that he killed Marcus. They then disgustingly feed on Marcus's exhumed corpse. He hooks up with another girl when Jessica shows interest in another guy and tells the girl nothing is going to happen between them that night seeing a new side to Jason he doesn't want to show anymore. Andy has slept with Holly and she is ambivalent about it when she awakens to her kids having found them together. The night after burying them Pam emerges from the shallow grave to show that Tara is still not awake but when Lafayette sees it and breaks down she happens to awaken and ghosts her way in front of Sookie and the episode ends. I like the direction but I wish that they would've finished Tara off or at least made her mentally challenged and a vampire. Pretty stalling start with too much of it a continuance of last season with not much having changed with the characters except for Bill and Eric and Jessica/Jason there was nothing really engaging in that respect but it could get interesting but it better fast.
  • Lame misguided premiere saved by naturist werewolves and not gay men (Spoiler-free)

    Up. Down. Up. Down. Chu ! Oulala it seems Sookie is back and so are her zillions of vampire fiends from planet Earth. Sadly it met my worst expectations as it failed in lighting back se4son fangtastic red candles. When She's Not There, last year's premiere, was intriguing this one didn't leave us with enough fresh meat on our bone to satisfy our carnivorous needs. And the predictable cliffhanger didn't help either ! As for the story it lacked something as wicked as the fairies. How to sum things up ? A quick and dirty bunch of arcs. Don't get me wrong Sam's side was wild and it was also jargonautic to have Jason back but his few moments with Jessica felt like dj vu. As for the scenes their short length prevented immersion and emotion. One second we're supposed to care for someone, the next it jumps to a completely different location and mood. Empathy breakers, welcome to heaven ! Still Bill Eric could be our new guilty pleasure, beside teddy Pam, because their relationship has potential. The introduction of a new character was rushed but definitely exciting. However in the end nothing really drove the episode and at times I really wanted to stop the ride and slice up an hedgehog ! Otherwise last season proved that summer rhymes with True Blood so I'm convinced that the upcoming installments will be bloody funny and that a new entertaining plot will rise from the ashes left by Marnie and her witchy followers.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • Who made you King of Anything?

    Most mothers give birth after 9 months of sweet waiting, joined by friends and family who receive her offspring and celebrate her sacrifice, creating a nurturing enviroment that allows mother & child to recuperate and bond forever.

    Pam wasn't so lucky. Forced on a yellow sweat suit by her progeny's friends and family, she makes Eric a grandmaker by being buried undergroud, holding a baby she didn't like nor want. Sookie sounds so innocent, all full of good intent. Swear she knows best...

    Who cares if they disagree? Sookie is not her. No one dares tell Pam who to be and, as soon as Tara wakes up, it's clear that Pam was meant to be the most awesome maker this show has seen since Godric.
  • Wow! This was a fun episode!

    Where to start: Jason... That poor guy seems to always get the crappy end of deals. Newlin is back and declaring his love. The whole time I was watching I was thinking, oh no! You have to be kidding, but nope... He is ready to become an honest man for Jessica, who doesn't exactly feel the same way. Just coming out of a long relationship that she is learning didn't suit her, she seems to have little interest in settling down. Now, Jason has lost his best friend and the respect of other townspeople all for nothing. No matter what, I always feel bad for Jason.

    I was hoping that Tara died. I am all for liking characters for the good and bad they do, but I just can't seem to get on board with her. She was a b---- last season and I can't get past it. Then again she did take a bullet for Sookie. She is going to HATE being a vamper.

    Thank goodness that Lafayette loses the hair. But, also his boyfriend's body??? what?

    Eww what was the deal with Eric and his 'sister'???????? They were both sired by Godric, but you would think that they wouldn't advertize it as brother and sister. Now, she has said that if Eric and Bill try and go back to their old lives she would be killed. That will be a problem when we know they are going to go back for Sookie when Russell really decides to come for her. Bill will at least.

    Alcide has a lot going on here... He lost his love, got her back, then she went crazy again and got her head blow off, which he doesn't know about... How will he react when he finds out it was Sookie? And he has all this mess going on with the pack, and Sam...

    Yeah, this season is going to be awesome! Lets hope that Sookie keeps her darn pants on for a while!
  • Turn! Turn! Turn!

    Ok, so to write a proper review about the True Blood season 5 premier, it seems as though I will have to approach this subject critically and be analytically correct. What a joke! How can you analyze this show with logical reasoning when there's nothing logical to analyze? The show is based around fairy tale creatures. So come on you critical critiques and pop that sore thumb out of you know where. Indulge your selves a little with the fantastic and imaginative fun that makes True Blood by far one of the best Sci-Fi T.V. shows out there. I mean, not only do you have the ever so popular vamps, thanks for that one Miss Myers, but you also have the werewolves, who I personally think should be top "dog" get it? Dog? You know you giggled. You have shape shifters, witches, fairies, goddesses, demons, ghosts and every exciting fairy tale creature you can think of. True Blood is action packed, funny, saucy, sexy and down right naughty. The season 5 premier was not a disappointment. So what if 99.9 percent of the world knew Tara was going to be turned. What was the title named again? Oh yea, Turn! Turn! Turn! I don't think it was suppose to be a huge secret. Tara becoming a Vamp, even though now technically the undead dead, brings her character to life giving Tara fans a sense of renewal. Especially with Pam as her creator. That's going to be freaking awesome, because we all know Pam is narcissistic. That's why we love her so much.

    Ok now that I'm through with my little rant, onto a more emotional note. Poor Jason. Ha ha ha! He's such a sex crazed idiot who now has a true love boner for the wrong chick. Out of all the woman he's been with, why Jessica? I can answer that question, because Jessica is the female version of Jason. It's going to be a fun seeing him strung around for a change.

    Speaking of Jessica, I wonder what she's going to do with her new power of position while Bill is away?

    Oh yea, Bill. Good ol' Bill. What have you gotten your self into this time? And Eric talk about keeping it in the family. Oh, and how could you be so cold and callous to Pam? What did she ever do to you except try an kill Sookie? You ask me Sookie could maybe use some tough love and a bazooka shoved up her butt.

    Any way, moving on. The only thing I will criticize in this weeks episode is Alcide's role. What is his role? I really hope they give him a good brake, because I think his character is being severely underutilized.

    Other then that, I think Turn! Turn! Turn! was a good start for an exciting season.
  • Rushed, boring and generally meh

    Honestly, I thought it was terrible and a horrible start for the season. It was such a mess, everything felt so boring, uninteresting and predictable. This was a huge problem for me because even at its worst, True Blood has always managed to be entertaining. Don't get me wrong, I mean I'm still excited and looking forward to: Christopher Meloni, the return and revenge of Russell and the Pam- Tara dynamic.

    - As for Tara, much like everyone I totally saw coming her being turned into a vampire by Pam. I still don't know how I feel exactly about this storyline. I mean I wish she would of just stayed dead. For a moment, I thought maybe she is going to stay dead... but then I quickly realized they don`t have the balls to do that. Frankly, it was a total copout.

    At first I really liked Tara, but by S3-4 I seriously just wanted her to die or leave forever. She turned into this annoying and whinny character. I was actually kind of glad when they killed her off as I felt she had served her purpose. Hopefully now that she's a vampire, she will grow and evolve as a character. I really hope they make her into this badass yet sassy Tara, a new and better Tara. No more whining and complaining!

    - Nora = Meh

    - What's up with HBO's obsession- trend with incest? Just look at Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.

    - Oh Alcide... they seriously have to give you a storyline and a decent one.

    - Another thing that really bugged me: the missing body. I mean I liked Jesus, but what was the point of killing him off? I have a feeling they're going to bring him back somehow and that would defeat the whole purpose of his death. He needs to stay dead!
  • Turn! Turn! Turn!

    Turn! Turn! Turn! was a perfect return for True Blood's fifth season! I really enjoyed watching because the story picks up right where it left off. It was awesome to see all the character and plot development taking place. This episode covered just about every thing within the series currently relevant. It was crazy how easily Bill and Eric were captured but fun to watch. It was great watching Steve visit and glamor Jason and confess to him. I liked the camp factor when Jason revoked Steve's invitation. It was also surreal when Jessica showed up and decided to take Jason for a wild ride, what a great change of circumstance! Sooki and Lafayette work together to clean up a few messes and help Tara with Pam's help. Pam was hilarious and it was funny to see her in walmart sweat pants and sweat shirt. Jason had a lot of great moments in this episode as he seemed closer to Andy than his friend Hoyt who still feels betrayed. Alcide and Sam and the Wolf Pack had great scenes and character moments. Russell Edgington is still alive and though we didn't see him directly his influence was felt. Jessica partied with some people close to her age and it was fun watching Jason jump in and turn out to be a gentleman. Sookie and Lafayette made a big decision for Tara and though they felt they failed, success came in the end, though what the price will be is unclear. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!