True Blood

Season 5 Episode 4

We'll Meet Again

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 01, 2012 on HBO

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  • We'll Meet Again

    I did not really like all the things with the fairies in this also am finding it very hard to swallow the Dieter Braun character in this one. Just too boring and not plausible.

    Not bad, just not up to the quality we know this show can bring.
  • Hide and Seek

    Bill and Eric are finally returned to Bon Temps to begin their search for Russell while the Guardian, in suspicion that Nora may not be the only Chancellor of the Authority who is compromised, looks for another traitor in their midst. Tara is rescued from her "death by tanning bed" fiasco on maker's orders from Pam and she begins to teach her the ropes of being a vamp at Fangtasia. Sookie breaks down in front of Alcide and tells him everything about what happened with Debbie the night she died and Alcide leaves and she suspects he'll tell the Pelts that she murdered Debbie much to the fury of Lafayette who blames her for not keeping her mouth closed. Also interestingly the rumors circulating that Sook turned Tara into a vamp in peoples' heads drive her a little up the wall too so there's also a heightened social aspect as well. Terry and his old war buddy arrive in North Dakota and blandly get held at gunpoint by their loony other ex-Marine friend. Terry's flashbacks to the war aren't boring just his side story wastes minutes from things I'd rather watch. Alcide tells the Pelts that Marcus killed Debbie and then he killed Marcus which is great idea since pinning it on the dead guy usually means he can't speak up for himself and Sookie is relieved to hear this and the Pelts leave town much to Andy's frustration. While hunting for Russell Eric talks to the only other person of him Bill and Alcide that knew where he was buried. And since Alcide and his father are in Eric's pocket them betraying him makes little to no sense so he confronts Pam about it and she is upset over how little he trusts her. Their scenes together carried this episode along and added magnitude especially when he releases her to be free since he may well die from an encounter with Russell. Bill tosses over the mansion and has a good scene with Jessica where he tells her what is happening and how Sookie is doing. He finds a bug that means that someone could've listened in and heard about Russell's burial ground and freed him themselves. And Bill's admittal of "I've done well" in regards to Jessica having grown quite a bit over the past four years (or however long it's been in the show) have shown that she has become a great vamp/character despite her not wanting to have been made in the first place. In the Authority story the other Chancellors discuss the Guardians Witchhunt for traitors and the Guardian comes forward with evidence of betrayal after a life altering encounter with Nora and Salame in Nora's cell. He has discovered that the little boy vamp, the least interesting one in my opinion, has been keeping records and shipments of stuff linked to the Sanguiniste movement and I loved watching Chris Meloni make him go pop like a jelly balloon showing the other vamps the price of betrayal. Sam gets a visit from his old shifter buddies with an invite to "run" with them as animals one night but when he shows up at their property they're already dead having been shot in the head and he retreats. True Blood does do mystery quite well and with the Shifter shooter now out there and Russell and other Sanguiniste-like vamps/followers out there to put out of hiding a whole lot of momentum is about to spew at us. Hopefully our characters can hold their ground since True Blood suffers massively from overstuffing its dance card with minor character quabbles like Lafayette spirit jinxing Sook's car to nearly kill her. But Sookie hooking up with Alcide was as good a precedent as it gets for the recently scorned Compton/Northman duo to use Sookie as bait for Russell. And the whole fairy safe-house thing that Jessica discovered briefly a few weeks ago is visited by Andy, Jason, and the Mayor who all play find the pickle with some dancing fae and we see Jason reunite with cousin Hadley who hints that Sookie and Jason's parents weren't killed by a flood but by vampires but he is kicked out with Andy before he can get more conclusive answers other than "spoiler alert." Not a bad offering but with a third way through the season already we've gotten get goin' writers.
  • Just horrible

    I'm starting to feel really bad because I actually used to love this show, sure it had it's flaws but it was entertaining and good. Usually by this episode, things have actually happened but it seems that we're still stuck in dullsville. Everything is just so boring, done in such a cheesy way and just plain terrible.

    - Pam keeps being the best thing of the season. Between her relationship with Eric and Pam, she completely shines in this crap of a season. I loved her scene with Eric, it was heartfelt and cute. Her relationship with Eric and the whole maker aspect of the show continue as great developments in the show.

    - Tara please stop with the bitching! I really thought that turning her into a vampire might help, but it seems she's just the same old annoying Tara. Why does she constantly keep blaming others of her s**t?

    - The car scene was really poor, I mean the special effects were as laughably bad as the Ringer boat scene and that's saying something.

    - Alcide meeting Debbie's parents.... wow that was just bad! It was cringe worthy: I mean the acting and the whole Lifetime movie of the week feel.

    - They killed the annoying kid! Thank you! God he was so annoying.... can we get Christopher Meloni to do the same with Henry from OUAT?

    - The whole Authority thing continues to bore me.... are we ever going to get to Russell? Why are they dragging this so much, are we even supposed to care by this point?

    - Oh great they brought the fairies back... and I thought it couldn't get worse.

  • We'll Meet Again

    We'll Meet Again was a perfect episode of True Blood and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character and plot development. It was fun watching the Dynamic between Sookie and Lafayette, Pam and Tara, and the other characters. The story was awesome and the Debbie Pelt issue was wrapped up nicely by Alcide. It was great seeing Sookie having a few drinks at home alone to be visited by Alcide. It was about time to see them get a little heated. The scenes of the Authority were pretty great too! I also enjoyed what happened to Jason and Andy as they visited a secret Fairy club. Jason hears some truth from his Cousin Hadley who works there but she says too much and takes off. I liked the background of the club that gives some clues to the mischivious nature of the Fairies. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Humanist Pam & Eric, don't do drugs and exciting return (Spoilers)

    Don't turn your friend into a vampire even if she's about to die. That's what we learned last time thanks to Tara's real nightmare. As for tanning beds we already knew they caused skin cancer but she proved us that these evil machines take things to a whole new level when you're an undead. But the important moment in the vampiric triangle shaped by Eric, Pam and her new born child was of course the release of the second. Kristin Bauer van Straten's performance was quite emotional and the words of her maker about bloodlines were heartbreaking. Long live the Northman dynasty ! An other arc actually touched me and it was unexpected to say the least. Indeed even if I couldn't care less about Andy's brother road trip I believe covering the collateral damages provoked by drugs and hallucinogens was a bold move. Stay away from them, watch The Cleaner and just use your imagination if you want to travel beyond the stars and feel the planet's heartbeat under your feet ! As for dealing with our daily issues such substances are the ultimate opposite of solutions. Still I have no idea what they're up to so let's just skip to the dusty part Fairies ! They're not as heady as Kylie Minogue in Moulin Rouge or even Tinker Bell herself but the one Andy had already met in Soul of Fire definitely has my vote. As for their club it's not a match yet for Fangtasia but it's exciting to have them back as season 4's pilot, She's Not There, left me craving for more even if the sorcery-driven story was full of surprises.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • A Filler Episode

    Tara saved by pam, and introduced human blood, Eric & Pam scene's are touching!, Now pam released by Eric., Sookie & alcide did it on d couch. pam & tara joined team whats nxt for them?, Oh! and jason didn't make it with d fairys! just for info! over all its OK filler episode, for awesome things to come!