True Blood

Season 5 Episode 3

Whatever I Am, You Made Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 24, 2012 on HBO

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  • Whatever I Am

    I just cannot take this character of Tara seriously. I did not even really like her before this, but this is just pure stupidity.

    Way too much Andy so far this season too.
  • Tara Unchained

    Tara's newfound vampness causes her to almost kill a lost girl with an overheated car so she goes to Sam at Merlotte's seeking help before the sun comes up. Lafayette and Sook look for Tara but when they can't find her hope that she managed to go to ground in time for sunrise. Andy's rear end pops up on facebook thanks to Holly's sons who photographed it and he tells her about it and asks her to go steady with him. Jason runs into an old high school teacher who originally took his virginity but he seduces her after she says that what they did long ago was a mistake which Jason acknowledges post-coitus. When Jessica comes over to talk to Jason he says that he's damaged by sex and it's the only thing he knows how to do in interractions with women and asks her to leave since he doesn't know how to have a female friend. But her telling him that she can tell him all about it and that she will put on a pair of his sweats was a very sweet thing that is a real testament to the connection that the two naturally have and why they work as an item. Eric and Bill get the Authority's ok to go after Russell but only after getting a few restrictions put on them in the form of wireless shoulder strapped crosses that will instantly penetrate their hearts with stakes in a heartbeat should they try any sort of treachery. Then they mostly meander around the Authority compound for the episode all while both being seduced by Salome, for those who don't know is the daughter of King Harod from the Bible who seduced him with a lustful dance and asked for the head of Jon the Baptist on a silver platter, a powerful and ancient vampire who reports to the Guardian (apparently sex allows her to see both of their true colors) that they are true hearted if not a little misguided. The Guardian spews more about togetherness with the humans and Nora faces even more torture for being a Sanguinista suspect. Sookie looks to Sam and asks if he'd seen Tara to which he breaks down and tells her that he helped and that she's in the freezer. Lafayette and Sook try to help Tara out but Tara goes crazy and says that if they ever show up to her again she won't exercise what little restraint she has (and dang did she drink a crap load of TB at the bar slugging one after another of Sam's drinks). After running off Tara doesn't wanna live anymore so she goes to a tanning salon and tries to commit UV suicide, which Pam feels and is supremely annoyed by. Somewhat on the sidelines, Mr. and Mrs. Pelt, Debbie's parents, come looking for their daughter in town and confront Alcide about their daughter's disappearance. When he says that she fell off the wagon they deny it and cling to the fact of her being clean for over a year from V. Alcide learns that they found Debbie's car only a few miles from Sookie's house and asks her if there's something she's not telling him. She breaks down and tells him that she killed Debbie intentionally and not so much in self-defense. Alcide is upset, more-so because Sook let him believe that she was out there and not trusting him for having her back since they met than actually killing his psycho ex-girlfriend. He drives off, leaving Sook to think the worst that he will tell the Pelts and the Police in his anger. Also it took a little getting used to but I dig Vamp-Tara it's poetic because of how much she hated their kind while they were alive and it's drastic enough of a change to make her sympathetic to me for having her friends need to hold onto her when she wishes they would've just let her move on and die. Hopefully Eric and Bill will hit the road next week in Russell search mode.
  • Then What????

    We are heading towards the introduction of Lilith, but Supernatural already did that and also introduced the Leviathans and Lucifer. The major problem with series like True Blood and Supernatural is that no matter what supremely awesome evil comes their way, the heroes will prevail and all will be relatively good with the world. So really no surprises.

    I have two major problems with that. The first is existential; how is it even remotely possible for mere humans, even with an edge, to conceivably beat such supreme evil fiends, and why would these be remotely interested with us is beyond me. The second is philosophical; we are already sanitized to the most horrific depiction of human mayhem and now we are being sanitized to ultimate evil. Will we be allowed to have any proportionate feelings anymore? Smart people will make the part of things, but the many that are not will maybe finally accept such simple evil as corporate fascism as not so serious a threat.

    What I am saying is not that True Blood and such series are "bad" for you or me; but that we must look at them and take the messages that are there more seriously. I am absolutely appalled by those who actually said they would like to be vampires in the episodes's poll. There are people who are genuinely saying that they would like to suck the blood from someone else, that confess a desire to become among the worst kind of murderers. Do we have to take this as claims, wishful thinking, fantasy, or tongue in cheek?It is certainly not me to demand an answer, but still .....

    The other part of my criticism is when all these supreme villains will be dealt with, where do we go from there?What even greater evil is there out there for our godlike heroes still to expunge? Also, if there are ancient artifacts that have conquered these evils, how come they are back?

    Some sense in the plots would be nice and make for better entertainment.

    If I were the writers I would make Lilith win and kill them all and return with an entire new cast at another entirely new place, maybe in an entirely new country....Canada, Europe, the Middle East?Take the premisse and put out an entirely new series.
  • The wolf and the fairly duo is over.

    I loved how sookie delivered her confession to Alicide, (who still refuses to become the pac master but i think he will rock at the job!). The Utter devastation and disppointment in his eyes was pure television gold! Sookie is suppose to be everything good in the world, he has lost Vicky due to circumstances.. But thats life and i gues the writters will cause an event the moulds their relationship back to life. Becasue lets face facts no one can look as hot as Alicide AND hold a grudge!..way too much work. Then again if Sookie finds herself in a pickle couldnt she just call on her trusty pals Bill and Eric. erm no! not in this season. As Eric sad fuck Sookie! But we have been there done that, and the outcome was not worth it so Eric left broken hearted in a werid way and Bill seems to have stop caring. He has bigger fish to fry, like loosing his crown. At least they have each other they are The magnificant two! Hopefully they survive the torcherous grasp of Nora, a very sexy european vampire who knows how to encourage Bill to get her up against the wall. oh la la. I love the vampire geek,who appeares to be commanding the two boys to take their shirts (watch Eric's face when she does).
  • Time to Pretend

    Bill & Eric are feeling rough, are feeling raw and in the prime of their life. Mackenzie (Veronica Mars) is making music out a few torturing devices. The Authority is, dare I say it, a very functional team willing to wake for the nightime commute while Tara tries her best to forget about her mother, her lovers and her friends all fated to pretend. For the reality Nora is a sanguinista hits Salome worse than Roman, their dream of coexistance may not be as collective as they once thought.
  • Enthralling Authority, rocking Pam & Tara, Jason the king of candy factories but one dead boring arc and annoying vicious ads (Spoilers)

    With the new arcs finally taking shape this third installment was even better than the last. It proves once again this season potential and that True Blood is far from over. In fact some of the characters are so interesting and some stories so exciting that they invite us to check out the novels to descent even deeper in Charlaine Harris' black and red stripped mind.

    Before scratching this episode's surface let's just bash the two things that prevented it from being perfect. The first ? The zombie boring and anecdotic arc featuring Andy Bellefleur's brother and his "slap my wife". Where's the editor when for once we desperately needed its psycho scissors to get them out of the picture ?! Thank Satan they were only featured for a few seconds, still in the worst nightmare ever aired on TV, and I totally embraced Tara's fantasy of digging her bloody grave in the freezer. That's where she belongs ! Second and last element that bugged me, the subliminal advertisements for a social network. The last thing I want to hear about when I immerse myself into a fantasy or science-fiction universe, it's the capitalist side of our reality. And if I remember correctly Andy and some other character mentioned the website's title three times in less than thirty seconds ! Anyone would sign a petition if I decided to launch one ? Let's free our favorite productions from these vicious manipulations !

    After the second episode I instantly proclaimed the Vampire Authority chancellors as the coolest group since the Scooby Gang ! That's why I highly awaited Roman and Salome's return and they didn't disappoint. Moreover I have no doubt that the other members will be summoned in due time. Christopher Meloni makes a convincing leader and reminds me of Agent 47 (Hitman) with his immaculate black suit, white shirt and red tie. We'll see if such a strong man can go the distance once Bill Eric decide to free themselves from their BDSM inspired apparel. Be nice gentlemen or else we'll ask Desmond to push the button ! As for Valentina Cervi's role as the manipulative Salome her separate encounters with Bill and Eric were hilarious, specially when they met in the elevator and realized they had just been used. Men are so naive when it comes to seduction ! So I'm as curious as them regarding Mistress Authority's plan. However I question the gratuitous nudity because there was no point in showing her naked when Eric and Roman were around. They shouldn't have revealed what was behind the curtain to make her even more sexy and mysterious ! Now it's obvious she's the reincarnation of Lilith as an interdimensional transexual from Hades. Sorry, I should have written "spoiler alert" !

    The next big question was Will Tara make a worthy vampire ? I knew Rutina Wesley had it in her even if there's still a long road to drive before she can speak with a shiny white prosthetic in her loud mouth. My favorite sequence was the one showing her hypersenses. The stars at night were surreal and her lost of control around blood well staged. It actually reminded me of the mystic scene from season 1 when a stoned Jason has sex with his crazy girlfriend and that their bodies are surrounded by a golden aura. Let's hope we will have more of these irrational moments because they allow the audience to escape even deeper from reality, and of course go back to it with wonderful memories. Earlier I mentioned that some arcs were beginning to collide and it's exactly what happened between Tara and Pam. Using the last flashbacks was a smart way to remind her how important is the relationship between a maker and its children. She's a mother now and can't just give up on the thirsty and lost vampire Tara has become. Relying on our buddy Sam is not a solution, even if you get free drinks all night long. As for Pam's history as a whorehouse manager it was quite enlightening and tragically moving when she decided to give up on her humanity. The wicked "When Harry Met Sally" moment a wild Bill and a noble Eric, not related to John, shared was also what made this third session a bitter dream.

    The rest of the episode was filled with countless other spicy candy canes, yummy ! Sharon Osbourne's twin sister torturing Nora ? Only on True Blood ! Alcide on fire after discovering the truth ? Sookie, you're in trouble ! Lafayette turning into a demon and freaking out ? Don't break the mirror and stay away from the light or Donkey will urinate in your soup ! Last but not least, Jason. Covering his sex addiction proves that education is totally compatible with popcorn entertainment and even when it features vampires and other fairytale creatures. I worried that the cup of tea he had with the mature woman would be just an other lame excuse to show some tits and Ryan Kwanten's bubble gum butt but instead we learned more about the man and how he became obsessed with women and unable to control his libido. Considering the show's audience it couldn't be more welcome and beside making him grow on us even more his experience should definitely be useful to some viewers who struggle to balance their double life. You're a Robin Hood who throw arrows day and night ? You would like to but your bow is broken ? Jason Stackhouse at your service and a free Blu-Ray of American Pie is offered if you subscribe for season 6 today ! More seriously the cherry on the shortcake was definitely Jessica's visit because it should be surprising to see a whole new side of Deborah Ann Woll's talent. I'm not asking them to play house like Sawyer and Juliette in Lost but the little chat they had at his door was heartwarming. True Blood, my precious. Even princess Gollum would agree !

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • 'True Blood' Recap: "Whatever I Am You Made Me' (Season 5, Episode 3)


    Last week 'True Blood' left us with a lot of cliffhangers, most of which didn't get answered Sunday night. But since I couldn't care less about Luna's wolf-baby and Terry and Arlene's storyline is already getting tired, I'll just scold HBO for not giving us any Russell and leave it at that.

    So what's up this week?

    They didn't miss a beat to start the show. We saw Tara stalk and attack a stranded motorist and I though, just for a moment that Tara might do something exciting, and instead she apologized to the girl for attacking her and ran off. Pam had an amazing line to end this episode and it's one I've probably yelled at Tara many times. Keep reading we'll get to it. But I ask you all this: If Tara is so confused by her feelings about being a vampire, why would she go to Sam instead of her maker Pam? WHY?
  • Whatever I Am, You Made Me

    Whatever I Am, You Made Me was a perfect and very entertaining episode of True Blood. I really enjoyed watching because there was awesome character and plot development, intrigue and drama. It was great watching Tara dealing with her new life and Layfayette learns a scary truth. Sookie freely uses her powers while Jessica catches the scent of a mysterious guy who seemingly disappears into thin air. Jason revisits his past while Pam recounts her own past with Eric and what it means to be a maker. It was nice to see how this episode will set up future events. Bill and Eric prepare to help the Authority who are dealing with a huge threat. Sookie tells Alcide the truth and seems to be losing every one around her. Every thing was perfect! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

    Mediocrity continues in another terrible episode. Nothing really happens... There's so much talk but no action. I know the first episodes in the season are always kinda of slow but they still had something and were so much better. Everything is just so wrong: the pacing, the fact that now the music is horrible and super cheesy, the new characters are just boring and uninteresting and they're acting is terrible.

    - What happened to Christopher Meloni? He shined in Oz and Law & Order SVU, he just seems out of place here and frankly he's supposed to be menacing and just comes of as forced and lame. He can keep screaming all he wants but it doesn't mean it will make you scary. But seriously, between Meloni, the annoying kid, the Cougartown woman and Salome I don't which one is worse. Why is they`re acting so bad? Meloni is specially stiff and wooden in his performance.

    - What was the point of the Jason storyline? Didn't he realize that he wants more out of life like two seasons ago?

    - Can they just kill off all the annoying characters? I was against the idea of letting Tara live but I decide to give them a chance with the storyline. So far, it's been pretty boring and Tara is basically the same old Tara. She's always blaming others for her problems and complaining about things. We need CHANGE and asap. Hoyt, seriously? Just kill him off... he has no purpose anymore.

    - Pam continues to shine and I loved her flashbacks. "That stupid bitch"- Her reaction was priceless.

    - The Alcide and Sookie confrontation was also pretty good.

    I continue to hope for the best....
  • Awesome

    Pam & Eric 's back story continues! Tara wandering around, what's next???