True Blood

Season 6 Episode 1

Who Are You, Really?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 16, 2013 on HBO

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  • The best episode since season 3 finale


    The episode was quick-paced, mysterious, action packed and with a great cliffhanger!

    The dull side-storylines are still here but drastically cut. The show seems to work hard to recover. And it's working!

    Only drawback was CGI effects for the Authority explosion, Jason being too good at aiming and how stupid the Authority guards were, I mean Eric was driving a car and they were scanning the premisces with high speed and they still didn't notice him, please (unless Eric killed them)!
  • recaps

    can u start writing recaps for season 1 2 3 4 5 6 please
  • Who Are You Really

    The opening sequence and following minutes with the evacuation of the building was good old-fashioned fun, but after that, around the midway point of the episode, we saw True Blood entertain us with the same dull storylines that plagued last season and have brought down the quality of this show.

    Solid, interesting, but not a good outlook for the season.
  • Season 6 would watch all the time

  • Who Are You, Really?

    Who Are You, Really? was an awesome season six premier of True Blood. I really enjoyed watching because the story picked right up and I liked how everything played out. There was lots of great character development as well as new characters. It was awesome watching Alcide take his rightful place as Pack Master. Sam does what he can for Emma and Laffayette was great. I liked how scary Bill was and later how he summoned Jessica. There were some great revelations. The ending was exciting and I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilith's progeny

    The episode taps into the very trait that makes vampires look human: a connection to their progeny. Warlow as Lilith's progeny, Jessica as Bill's. A connection expoited by the resident expert, Nora. As well as explored by the resident human, Jason. As odd as it is to watch four different species clashing together in one van, its more so to watch two species fighting for half werewolf/half shapeshifter Emma, the pack clearly winning over lone shapeshifter Sam.

    In the end, its progeny what grounds Bill so perhaps its progeny what is grounding Lilith.
  • Still Visceral Guilty Pleasure, Still oh so many problems

    Let me start by saying that at one point in time around Season 2-3 this show was the best guilty pleasure on TV. Everyone was talking about it and couldn't wait for the next season to come out in the summer time. Season 4 came and the Eric/Sookie thing happened, also hit or miss at points and it was by far the worst season. Season 5 improved slightly giving us a look at the Authority and Russell Edgington back. Then Russell was ganked and now there's a big hole where the show's heart used to be. There are so many characters that don't need screen time anymore or that I just don't care about. There needs to be nothing short of a mass slaughter at this point or else the only interesting parts of the episode will encompass very little of my preferred time. I always hope that the next season will be better but am constantly surprised by the show's lack of consistency on the part of its characters' arcs. The biggest problem now is Jason; you can make him hate vampires and want them all dead, or he can decide that hate mongering isn't for him and some of them are ok. But the problem is that they keep flip flopping him. This issue of his was asked and answered all the way back in Season 2 and they just keep on going back to it. But regardless there are still things that I enjoy. The fact that Bill is seemingly "unkillable" now and can even survive a staking from Sookie is hella weird. The show also, since it's a premiere, decides to force contrivances on itself such as the Jason "I'm done with you forever Sookie" thing, or the Jessica's "offended because you staked my maker to almost killing your It's all just spinning wheels. And Andy Bellefleur having six kids who age really fast? Who gives a crap, I never cared. Andy put them up for adoption and get a better storyline or just be written out at this point. Alcide's big achievement this week was that he had a threesome. That's right, a threesome?! That's what this show has made him, one of the only consistently moral characters is now dissolving into the "Packmaster" vibe after using V to beat the former one last season finale. And hey, remember how Luna and Sam were like the last interesting couple on the whole show? Well, she's dead. Sam leaves her outside the Authority compound and takes Emma with him, no questions and then hides out at Merlotte's. I do however enjoy Nora being a series regular still and being away from the the whole Authority thing will hopefully flesh her out a lot more. But what this opener did that offended me the most was the Warlow/Jason scene where he happens to hitchhike with the guy after telling him how sad he is that his parents were killed by Warlow and then it turns out the guy that picked him up is in fact that guy?! Then the car crashes. I do like the writers' choice however, to keep Bill at base form rather than just as a grunting machine. Man when he wanted evolution last season he sure got it, and if the episode ender is any clue Lilith can make him bow down to her whims at any moment. And the love triangle thing just gets rearranged. Eric softens as the former, harder bad boy and even gives Sookie back her house (which was halfway decent of him) and then insists that Nora and he leave her alone for the time being. Also we get introduced to the Governor of Louisiana Burell who says that humans have a right to defend themselves and they should buy guns in troves to do that. But he also gives a Japanese representative of the Tru Blood company an old bottling factory to use for their vampire population until the three factories Bill and the gang destroyed last year can be back up and running so he clearly has a bit more going on than simple hate mongering. But after seeing all of Season 3 and 5's "Down with Vamps" stuff I'm surprised it hasn't escalated to this already. With Russell dead though, the big bad of the show is long gone but it seems like Warlow can fill the shoes if need be. He's said to be, by Nora, the original progeny of Lilith herself which makes him as old as if not older than Russell was but his big opening show of power is showing up to a battle scarred Jason and tell him his life story and then cackling (ooh real spooky there TB writers) and making his car crash. There is a way that this season can get better if it can just cut out Andy altogether, focus on the Bill/Lilith thing, the Warlow thing, the Eric/Nora/Governor thing, and maybe some other new subplot this may be a good season but with only ten episodes (the same as Game of Thrones) it gives this season a lot more condensed time to get itself going. I don't want to dislike this show but at this point I will likely only keep watching for entertainment (fast-forwarding to what I deem are the "interesting parts") and seeing where this ends up which is sad since this was once such as a great show as the early Nip/Tuck was as well but then fell off the rails at some point around the same time. It's an HBO staple much like Boardwalk Empire or Treme so it lacking the cohesiveness pains me to say but the show has been that good before but has never quite reached the heights of Seasons 1-2 for me ever since. I'll at least give it a few more episode before deciding if I'm out or not just looking at the premiere as a sole representation of the whole season would be a misstep (and it's not like I don't have an informed opinion I have watched the first 5 seasons after all).