True Blood

Season 6 Episode 3

You're No Good

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 30, 2013 on HBO

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  • true blood

    Love it
  • You're No Good

    There were some funny moments here, but I think Eric's behavior is not rational for what we have come to expect from him, and I just wonder what the end game is here. Obviously, they're not killing off the entire cast, but can we really respond to them positively if they massacre many important humans along the way?

    Where's the justice in that?
  • Eric Northman's fan here!

    Omg Eric had sooo much screen time in this episode!! Love, love, love this episode. Cant get enough of it! lol. And Eric is pretty funny too. The scenes at Ginger's house crack me up. Hilarious how he fools Ginger into letting him in and then turns her down. And his 'Im a vampire. I meant to be dead during the day' line was totally comical.

    Beside that, so far the writers have done a great job. Every episode in this season has been action pack, lots of things going on and the storylines do intertwine each other and move the story forward instead of complicating the show and confusing us audience. The girl, who wanted to film the werewolves, kinda bore me tho. I mean, who cares bout that when we can get more of Eric??!?! I do like the faries storylines too. Pretty hilarious how they are portraying the fast growing kids. Anyways, having high hope for this season. Hopefully, it doesnt disappoint. Cant wait for next episode!!
  • Vampire Charm

    This week's episode was all about how vampires exploited their charms. I mean, is there really no end to Jessica Hamby's sexual bewitchery? And what about Eric Northman? He looked finger lickin' good as ever as Willa Burrell found herself sharing a 'finger licking' moment with the one and only Eric. I guess she's a very lucky girl. And so was the professor or not.

    We finally got answers this week. Bill's vision of all of his vampire friends burning made him connect the dots and come to the conclusion that he will be able to walk under the sun. I almost wanted to believe him, but that's just it! With vampires coexisting with the humans in the daylight may be the only road to salvation. As there are no Vampire Diaries witches living in Bon Temps with the ability of crafting daytime rings for the vampires, the producers have finally come to a nearly scientific solution to all the current vampire problems. Bill seemed to find a way of synthesizing a new brand of True Blood which would contain synthesized fairy-blood as well. The whole Sookie and Bill scene proved to be useless after all, because Bill had found some other fairies in town: Andy's girls!

    Although I appreciate all the information, I think that the producers wouldn't have needed to jumble up so many storylines in season 5 in order to cause the events now. It has been a confusing ride up until now, but now that things are getting clearer, the new showrunner should stick with the primary subplots and involve every character. What is the use of Alcide's new pack for example? And how about Sam's role in all this? Or the Warlow / new fairy guy storyline? Readers of the book already know what great things lie ahead for the characters, but this should not let the producers deviate from a few solid storylines this season.

    here is, however, a big competition of scenes going on. With the return of Sarah Newlin's character (OMG) and Holly Clearly, things are definitely getting spiced up like with Jason for instance. Oh, I am looking forward to that, but Jason apparently is not as he abruptly fell to the ground. That was one of the weirdest concussions I have seen and it makes me wonder if Jason is going to die this season, but I stay by my choice that it's gonna be vampire Bill.

    Other than that the ending could have been done a lot better, True Blood has finally arrived on solid ground and I am really looking forward to what's coming next.
  • Search and Rescue

    True Blood got a little bit of its groove back and finally solidified beyond the meandering that can be so frustrating about the show sometimes with characters not being intertwined for a story purpose. Eric, close to being discovered with Governor Burell's daughter Willa, abducts her from his manor and takes her, Tara, and Pam to Ginger's house after bidding farewell to Fangtasia. Willa is obviously attracted to Eric and he simply broods and scoffs at her oh so subtle advances, telling her in the coffin they're in to "put your tape back I don't see why Eric doesn't consider turning Willa into a vamp since it would be the only fitting example to set against Burell's anti-vamp laws. Sookie continued her whole "Warlow is after me" thing with Grandpa Rutger in hot pursuit. He finds the fairy haven from last season that Russell attempted to wipe out overtaken by Warlow (and what was up with the screaming magic blood? Does Warlow do that when he kills? Please elaborate TB writers) and enlists Ben to help him hunt Warlow down. Bill's arrogance comes back to bite him when he thinks that he can Daywalk which humorously makes him burn as Jessica drags him back into the house (glad to see he's not all powerful). He tasks a willing Jessica to get on her Hot Topic best to seduce a Japanese American professor at Northern Louisiana named Takahashi, one of the pioneers of the synthesized blood in Tru Blood, and bring him to his house. Seeing Jess seduce him was a nice touch, (I think the Takahashi actor is Mr. Wu on Deadwood, could be). Bill clearly wants to stop the burning prophecy he saw of Eric and the rest of the vamp part of the show's ensemble burn up in that compound Eric found out about. Learning that Burell was simply a cuckold and had been running experiments on vampires showed that his intolerance and retaliation hadn't simply come from the Authority incidents of last year but had been a long time coming. Also I don't get why they had the line of Eric saying his phone was untraceable when they traced his phone anyway when he threatens Burell that he will not let him speak to Willa and that he is simply deciding how to end her. Tara hears this and decides to spirit Willa away with Pam and Eric in pursuit (but not before glamouring Ginger, who really deserves you as a consolation prize for all her troubles Eric come on just one night). Bill tries to get Sookie's blood I presume to get Takahashi to synthesize a Daywalking TB that vamps could drink or something. Although seeing the show's previous mythos on it it wouldn't last longer than SPF would. Steve Newlin reappears as does his former wife Sarah, new leader of the Fellowship of the Sun and one of the founders of the vamp compound he finds himself in. Jessie and her other disposable college kids go to the werewolf camp to get footage and audio of them transforming but Alcide and the rest find the cams. The pack murders three of them and Jessie gets hamstrung by Ricci while Sam (formerly known as an owl on the roof who no one was suspicious about) rescues Emma and then figures out to go after Jessie. Lafayette is now the "I told you so guy" simply offering advice to forget about Supernatural stuff to Jessie before her and her friends are killed by weres. Also shows how weak Alcide's leadership is, although it was nice to see Robert Patrick (Alcide's father is supposed to die in the book that was last season fighting to be the Pack Master but whatever). I was wondering if Nora would make an appearance and she did lurking outside of Sook's house looking for Warlow before getting blasted by Grandaddy Faerie. The show does remain to stumble but the big point of the episode was the parting scene after Bill declares Sookie dead to him (has happened twice this season and Jason instantly seemed to forget having said it) but I hope it sticks with Bill. Bill learns of Andy's four faerie offspring and can clearly smell their magic on the teddy bear in Andy's cruiser. I thought for a moment that Bill would have to hurt Andy which would've been sad since they've had a mutual respect since Day 1, although Bill's plans now shift to them as the new potential blood synthesizing hope to prevent his premonition from coming to pass. What had seemed like simply a goofy side story now works its way into the second most interesting story of the season so far. An episode without Arlene and Terry was good and the rest of the show can hopefully dispose of more characters' unnecessary stories than previous years with only ten episodes to fit the arc into. In closing moments I also enjoyed were that I knew Jason would turn things bad when he refused to simply go to a hospital and also the scene where Sook told him all about how their parents weren't all good and calling back to the insane hallucinations he's been having. Hopefully this will tie into the story a bit more as his hallucinations could be vampire caused or something else we haven't encountered before. Also, please develop Grandaddy Faerie a bit more, he's just kind of a blank slate at this point which makes me think that he can be working with or in fact is Warlow at this point with how thinly he's been written.
  • Daddy's little girls

    Werepups and progenies take the stand this week episode, either to vouch for their parents like Emma, or to accept them for what they really are - good and bad - like Sookie & the Governor's daughter, or to reaffirm them as the source of their universe, like Jessica and Andy's fae daughters do.

    Ironic how the human line left by Bill fathered 4 faes that may be the key to his plan as a vampire, more ironic how Ben appears to be the only adult fairy who survives a slaughter that conveninetly skipped him, but even more so, that his powers don't quite work the same way as other faes.

    A fact Sookie can't delve on because daddy's little boy, Jason, falls injured trying to protect her.
  • Flatter'n a pancake!

    I fast forwarded through a lot of it (ie: anytime the werewolves were on the screen) this series has lost its fizz, its spark, its name it, it's gone flatter'n a pancake. It's like Wile E. Coyote getting steamrolled by the Roadrunner over and over again.
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