True Blue (1990)

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True Blue (1990)

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When a citizen needs emergency help, they call 911. But who do the police call? They call the Emergency Services Unit, a unique band of professionals trained to handle the most difficult emergencies. This entertaining ensemble action-adventure drama follows the lives of the men and women assigned to the ESU.
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  • From what I remember, I liked it.

    Unfortunately, I can't remember much of the show.

    I remember that my sister and I actually agreed to watch it...which for a 13 and an 11 year old, that was saying something. I remember trying not to miss an episode, which wasn't so hard at that age.

    I remember the show being dramatic and action packed.

    I remember some sort of fire truck or emergency vehicle (given the plot of the show, this doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility.)

    But I think what I remember most, be it wrong or not, was it was some of the first shots of New York City that really made me feel a sense of awe.

    The valley's of skyscrapers that I saw in the show were breathtaking, and I can still call up the image of them presented in this show.

    So, a lot of it is gone from my mind, but there are still things that stick out. Whether these are what the producers wanted us to remember or not, is anybody's guess. But, I'd be interesting in seeing this show again sometime and rediscovering the memories I've lost.

    I'm sorry if you're sitting there thinking, gee I wish his review said more. I'm with you there. I wish I could say more, as it's connected with some positive memories of my childhood. I guess that's one of the reasons I wrote this review.(That and I don't like seeing shows I liked not have a review!)