True Detective

Season 1 Episode 7

After You've Gone

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2014 on HBO
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Cohle and Hart try to discover if a series of missing persons reports could be related to the Dora Lange murder.

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  • After You've Gone

    The show continues to reinvent itself by taking the investigation into present day. It was not as strong as the early days of this show, but this episode did set the stage for an explosive finale.
  • Fragments (Spoilers Ahead)

    True Detective kept us firmly in one time period this week as we fully shifted to 2012 as Rust and Marty sit down for a beer to discuss the unfinished business from 1995. While Rust's fixation with the case should come off as cliche every bit of evidence he had to show Marty (and the audience) kept me absolutely riveted. We also learned of the reason for Tuttle's supposed overdose. Rust broke into his home back in 2010 and found pictures as well as a videotape of Marie Fontano getting presumably sexually assaulted by masked people. Not seeing the act itself and seeing Marty's reaction to it was great as it is that much more horrifying to see his reaction speak louder than words as to what depravity they stumbled upon. Rust's storage locker is creepy but also thoroughly planted in the evidence of the case. No wonder he didn't want Gilbough and Papania to search the place, as doing so would make him look insane and possibly incriminate him in crimes (such as breaking and entering on Tuttle's estate). But the area that Tuttle and his fellow group had been making children vanish from the 80's to the present is supremely horrifying and any sort of investigation would've been wrapped up the Governor (now running for Senator) if he was involved in the rituals at that time. Rust and Marty focus on an old departmental friend who had handled the Marie Fontano case back in '95 who lies based on the report according to Marty's source and Rust and Marty take him hostage to get him to talk after trying to get it out of him nicely. Surely this will lead to them discovering even more about Carcosa. Another piece of the puzzle is finding more leads to the "man with the scars" when they question someone who used to work for the LaDouxs and trace the facially scarred man as a distant relative. Also an auto mechanic tells them of a man he saw as a kid (being the cousin of Reggie LaDoux) and how showed up on a hunting trip when he was a kid. Further rounding out the episode was a great reunion scene between Marty and Maggie as they catch up and talk about their kids as well as Rust and Maggie meeting up again as well. Rust line, "Get out of here you're starting to class the place up" was the zinger of the night next to Marty's "you know I could never control Also leave it to Gilbough and Papania to stumble upon the actual killer mowing the grass (the creepy one that Rust asked about the Wellspring schools a few episodes back who told him that the school had been closed down for many years) as they look for the deserted church Cohle mentioned. Also, we learn that Rust was actually living in Alaska between '02 and 2010 before he resurfaced which explained a lot. But it was weird having True Detective take on a linear storyline this time and with only one more episode to go I'm very intrigued to see how the guys connect the dots to get to creepy lawnmower guy and how Carcosa and how deep Tuttle's network went with the abductions. EIther way it will be sad to see True Detective go, especially with a 2nd season still hanging over us. Will it be about Gilbough and Papania? Or will it be somewhere else entirely? The advantage of an anthology series is that the second season doesn't have to have anything to do with the first which was probably why is drew or will draw actors of McConaughey and Harrelson's calibre because of the quality of storytelling, the pay from HBO, and the limited time commitment which is more like a mini or limited series than anything else. Bring on the finale, HBO! Let's see dem boys wrap it up. Also, thanks for saying what was on all our minds Rust that maybe they should've gotten more out of Reggie before Marty blew his brains out, no matter how evil of a scumbag he was.moreless
  • It's good

    You know it's good, I know it's good and if you haven't watched True Detective yet, then I feel both sorry for you and jealous as you haven't watched it yet, but haven't watched it yet.
  • Cohle knew he must become more then just a man.

    Cohle left the force, to become Batman, the greatest detective of all time.

    While being Batman for some years, he realize that he needed a partner to finish some unfinished business. So he turn his previously partner Martin, into his sidekick Robin.

    Cohle became not a hero people needs, but what they deserves.

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