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I was browsing stuff to put together Another Big Bundle of Video Goodies and I kept coming across True Detective videos... a lot of them.

So many that it just made more sense to give them a Big Bundle of their own.
And where better to start than with the various title sequences that have popped up.

Here is the original, so you can compare:
(via HBO)

And here are some of the alternate versions that have popped up:
(via Bellman)

The Twin Peaks version:
(via Blunt Objects Studio)

The Law & Order version:
(via PoppedCulture)

The Cat version:
(via AKN Alt)

And if the Olsen Twins were cast in season 2:
(via Complex)

Speaking of season 2, Jimmy Kimmel threw hat in the ring:

He also put together this True Detective/Looney Tunes mash up
(via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

In a similar vein, there are a couple of True Detective clips with laugh tracks:

(via TOMBZ2012)

Before moving on to another group of videos, here is an alternate ending to episode 5:
(via tutpsu)

The next group of videos that have been popping up concern the tape that Rust showed Marty - I am not going to show the original.

We'll start with my favorite:
(via DecentFilmz)

And now some of the other versions:
(via Double Prizes)

(via PelicanJack)

(via Conor Lastowka)

Moving on from those, here is the buddy cop/ Tango & Cash ending:
(via Danger Guerrero)

And finally here is a sizzle reel mixed to the song "The Angry River" by The Hat ft. Father John Misty & S.I. Istwa:
(via HBO)
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