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Last week, #TrueDetectiveSeason2 trended on Twitter for a while, with tons of funny ideas for creative casting of two detective leads. But if you consider it seriously for a moment, there are some awesomely creative potential duos. Without knowing the story, setting, director, etc., which two actors would you like to see working together?

1) The Wire Reunion

Bunk and McNulty could step right back into character or try on something new for size. Or throw Idris Elba and Wood Harris together. Or Michael K. Williams and Michael B. Jordan. Or...

2) The Mara Sisters

Creator Nic Pizzolatto has dropped at least one hint that a female detective pairing could be considered next year. With Kate Mara's House of Cards experience and Rooney's film work, they'll fit right into a more cinematic TV show.

3) A Mad Men Reunion

With Mad Men wrapping up filming on its final season, a huge number of great actors are going to be available shortly. Jon Hamm may be more likely to head towards a lighthearted comedy, but I'd still love to see him tackle an even darker role. Pick your favorite duo and start filming.

Who else would you like to see working together in a future True Detective season?
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