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HBO's True Detective hasn't even been officially renewed for a second season (but surely that's just a formality), but casting rumors have been circulating ever since Marty and Rust walked off screen after conversing about stars, darkness, and hope. First it was the scuttlebutt about female leads, then Jessica Chastain was reportedly offered a lead role and the internet pegged her as the Season 2 star (which was apparently news to her), and even Brad Pitt has been mentioned as a potential successor to Matthew McConaughey's bootprints. 

But now we can return to the comfort of knowing nothing, because the show hasn't yet started its Season 2 casting, according to True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto. While speaking on the radio show To the Best of Our Knowledge on Sunday, Pizzolatto dropped a few details on Season 2 (at the very end of the extended interview), which sounds like it will be quite different from Season 1. 

The biggest change? There will be three lead characters instead of the two that dominated Season 1. "Right now, we're working with three leads," Pizzolatto said. And neither of them will be Rustin Cohle or Marty Hart. "The characters are all new, but I am deeply in love with all of them." 

Season 2 is also leaving the swamps of Louisiana for the varied terrain of California. "It takes place in California. Not in Los Angeles, but some of the lesser-known venues of California and we're going to try to capture a certain psychosphere ambience of the place, much like we did with Season 1." So yes, Season 2 will still be a crazy mind trip, just like Season 1 was.

Pizzolatto also said he has the whole second season mapped out, a couple scripts written, and that casting will begin "in earnest" in about a month. 

The dusty expanse of nothingness that is the Central Valley? The rocky, foggy coast near Big Sur? The gorgeous landscape of Lake Tahoe? A murder in Toontown at Disneyland? California is kind of big, so that's a lot of psychosphere possibilities. I'm in. 

HBO has yet to formally announce a second season of True Detective. Who are your (three!) ideal leads, and where do you want it to be set? 

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