True Detective

Season 1 Episode 8

Form and Void

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2014 on HBO
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Despite being 17 years ago, Cohle and Hart manage to find a new lead in the murder enquiry.

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    the characters , the landscapes , the music, the plot : outstanding , i'm completely stunned by the exterme quality of True Detective , it's an absolute masterpiece , and i so want a spinoff with rust and hart!!!!, i want to see more Rust Cohle, he is god
  • great

    i liked it from start to finish, simple,
  • Form and Void

    The ending was far from perfect, they did not need the nonsensical dialogue and mumbling during the final 10-15 minutes, but the payoff fight and capture was worth it.

    A strong end to the season, but per usual a little bit overrated by the internet.
  • Exit Wounds (Spoilers Ahead)

    The cultural phenomenon of True Detective closed out this week and we had to bid farewell to the newly Oscar minted talents of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. I expected a bit more out of the opening scene from the guy they are holding at gunpoint as he basically cites "chain of command" in his reasoning for how Sheriff Childress basically covered up Marie Fontano's disappearance back on '95 when she was clearly "sacrificed" by those of Carcosa. Rust's threats were genuine as he has his bar owning boss take some shots at the newly minted sheriff along with the great line, "l'chaim, Following the Childress line from the old women they interviewed last week they discover a fresh paint job done on a house (where they found the Devil's Trap in Episode 1 in canvasing pictures). Following the tax records of the woman who used to own the house and the Childress family company that did it they follow the trail to a possible grandson or son of Childress at an old address listed many years ago. We also see our guy Childress introduced in a creepy manner as he disgustingly does things to his sister while speaking of how his grandfather molested her. Kudos as always on the art direction here as the set looks disgusting and lived in in the worst possible way. He also seemingly has his father tied up to the bed in the back of the large area of land but I don't think that's his actual father but instead someone he kidnapped and is calling his dad (possibly having done so before) and how "the flies are a Hart goes to see Papania and says that they'll call him should something "come up" in the old case that they're digging up. Papania doesn't think it's the right call but he agrees to take it if they need backup. Rust and Marty go to the old address and as soon as you see the dog run off and squeal in the distance after Marty asks to use the phone you know it's on as Cohle draws his gun and yells, "Marty! Clear the house!" Marty goes deep into the house and threatens the sister (who doesn't own a phone, seriously?) while Rust finds the dog murdered and Childress retreating deeper into the woods. Behind some old walls is a winding lair which I assume is Carcosa as Childress taunts Rust to come deeper into the fortress and "come die with me, little Rust looks into the abyss (not sure if it's one of his hallucinations that he still occasionally gets) but Childress gets him gutted deep with a knife before Rust headbutts his way into breaking Childress's nose. Marty empties a few founds into Childress's midsection but not before being subdued by an axe to the chest (luckily not the side his heart is on) but not before Rust puts a bullet through Childress's head. We are left with them mortally injured, it would seem, as Papania and Gilbough arrive on the scene with other State CID police. Left to fade to black I assumed that one or both of them were goners but I was happier with not letting Rust off so easily. Rust was ready to die and only came back to drink and put the case right and putting him in death's clutches subverts his entire Nietzsche-esque philosophies as he saw some version of the afterlife and the love that his daughter and first wife had for him and now his punishment is to keep on living. Marty also got a visit Maggie and his kids. I don't read this as them getting back together but rather an understanding that they will no longer be as estranged as they have been the past several years. Turning the 180 on Rust was a great way to take the series in the ending direction in the show's pointing out of the eternal battle between light and dark and how perspective plays a big part in how you see which side is winning. I'm happy the Tuttles got off (not because I think they're good people) but it would've been cliche to have the entire Carcosa network taken down with the key witness and suspect dead at Rust's hand. Luckily the weapons found on the property were linked to Dora Lange's injuries as well as the Lake Charles murder where Rust was suspected of being linked to earlier. Marty's right in the realism that you can't take down everybody, "But we got I can see how some people could have a problem with this ending but I felt completely satisfied with it, I just feel sorry for those that take over for Season 2 and what they have to live up to from the heights of the quality of Season 1 was. But I'm totally going to buy this when it comes out to show everybody who would like this genre (Twin Peaks fans surely will) and I look forward to see where Nic Pizzolato takes the series next season. The interesting thing that I thought of is that Childress should never have been able to work near a school yard but I guess the point is that the worst kind of evil fits into the crowd and could very well be the neighbor that paints your house, or checks your pipes, hiding in plain sight as Stephen King often uses as a device. Interestingly, the fact that he was riding a lawnmower the first time Rust and Marty saw him (good callback on Rust recognizing him but not realizing the significance with his face having been dirty that day) also ties into when Rust mowed Marty's lawn in the third episode I think it was and he says "You don't ever mow another man's lawn!" Itself being a reference to Harrelson's other film Kingpin, but the fact that the biggest evil in True Detective's world is ends up being a man who basically mows other people's lawns added a great bit layer of coincidence onto that that made me chuckle when I realized it. I know we won't be seeing the likes of Rust and Marty and they will surely be missed but this show was more about the two characters than the case ever was. How two men who loathe each other end up needing each other and coming to an understanding as they do in the final episode and develop a respect for one another as the only one who can really communicate with the other as evidenced in their hospital interactions. This will surely go down in recent TV history as a crowning achievement and all I can do is say that I agree. In Season 2 I would just like the leads to not be 2 white guys again. I always thought Season 2 would be Gilbough and Papania, and maybe the worlds will be linked but this series can jump back and forth in time which is its strength so I'm not sure we've seen the rest of them as it is always great to see Tory Kittles and Brother Mouzone on screen as much as possible. Hopefully they don't extend the run for next season as the 8 hour film structure that Season 1 had only added to its cinematic quality, and it's a shame that Cary Fukunaga will not be returning to direct Season 2 after all the amazing technical prowess he brought into establishing and maintaining the world of True Detective. We'll also get a new opening theme I think since Harrelson and McConaughey are gone. I'm honestly willing to wait as long as possible and have a better product (as is my stance on Sherlock and having to wait roughly 18 months to 2 years for a new season) than rushing a new season out on the air but HBO doesn't really do that. Let the wait begin!moreless
  • Not Enough

    After building higher and higher from episode 2 thru thought the last two were a bit of a let down. The finale defintely did change the tone of the relationship between Rust and Marty. I absolutely doubt knowing the situation that they would "go it alone" entering that house without backup. I realize they were unable to reach anyone but would they really have risked it all without waiting for backup. Someone said Turner and Hooch more like Crockett and Tubbs entering thought that was a definite flaw. I am also not sure exactly what that pyscho had he responsible for all the cult deaths. I get the feeling the writer came off his weed high to pen this finale. it did kind of change the tone of the show. I dont want another BUDDY Copmoreless

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