True Detective

Season 1 Episode 6

Haunted Houses

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2014 on HBO
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Maggie sheds light on what led Cohle to leave the force.

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  • Haunted Houses

    A predictable "hook up" and that is upsetting on so many levels as you thought this show was above that kind of thing. It certainly had its moments, but this was not one of the stronger episodes.
  • I knew it, since first Episode

    I knew that Maggie was going to fuck Cohle. Anyone would know if they are smart (I'm stupid and I still knew).

    And to you girls, Martin is most guys in the real world. And if you don't think your friend, father or lover is like Martin, you are in denial.
  • Martin and Rustin's investigation is temporarily derailed by the most unlikely of people.

    "True Detective" gets better and better with every episode. What I loved about "Haunted Houses" was the twist that nobody could see coming. Maggie Hart shows viewers a side of herself that nobody could comprehend. Just another reason why "True Detective" is the best new show of the 2014-15 season. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConoughey are excellent (as usual). Michelle Monaghan gives her best performance of the series to date. The story concerning the investigation is also very well done. The episode ended on a perfect note and does a great job of setting up the finale. The inaugural season of "True Detective" looks like it is heading for a tremendous finale. I hope it lives up to expectations.moreless
  • Twist in the tale! plz

    The last twist was something well expected "Rust" as the reason for their divorce was established right from the first episode. As to the killings, there are many possibilities but Rust as the real killer. i doubt, The story would be very dumb then, Hart and Maggie also seem clean, I think the plot is still halfway and the chief conspirators are still yet to be shown though at least for now the CHURCH organization seem suspect at least from Cohle's perspectivemoreless
  • Shadows

    Staying firmly planted in 2002 for the most part we follow Rust digging deeper into the connection behind the "Anti-Christian" taskforce back on '95. His path takes him back to the preacher at the church that Dora Lange and Reggie LaDoux came through a few times during the murder investigation. He has taken up drinking much as Rust has in 2012 and he tells Rust that he had worked under Tuttle (the Governor's cousin in charge of a huge state religious organization) some years ago and found child pornography falling out of an old book in the library of the church. He was let go as the administration thought the porn might've been his. The preacher, Theriot, also says that he was intimidated to silence back in '95 by "powerful Rust visits Tuttle's ministry and asks for any records on the Wellspring project that had all of the schools he was looking into get shut down and this also would've been during the period the preacher was serving under Tuttle's ministry as a seminarian. Tuttle agrees to hand over the records Rust is looking for from all those years ago while also questioning families within the Wellspring school districts whose, the families of whom children of theirs had been missing so he sees a connection between the cases. His superior officer, after warning him, takes him off of the case for "wasting police resources" despite only doing so on his own time. In 2012 Marty walks out of the interview with Papania and Gilbough and we move onto Maggie's testimony and how she claims to only have known Rust as a good man. We finally see the what led Marty and Rust to split, as well as how Maggie fit into it. Marty finds the young girl who he had told to get out of the "bunny ranch business" back in '95 and she thanks him and they begin a sexual relationship. Marty is stupid enough to keep her pictures on his phone and Maggie finds them and doesn't let on as such to Marty (who pretends everything is normal). Marty also put a satisfactory beating on the two punks of had sex with his daughter (if I was a father I can't say I would've done any different to those kids). The curveball comes when Maggie goes to Rust and she has sex with him to get back at Marty even more when she doesn't go through with the act when she could have with a stranger. She extra rubs it in with a potent line: "I haven't been f***ed like that since before the girls were Clearly meant to just be salt in the wound and she isn't going to just lay down and forgive him again like last time. Marty got what he deserved in this instance. Even Maggie doesn't tell the whole truth of Rust, Marty, and her to the detectives when it's her turn for the interview. Interesting wrinkle in the overall case that Tuttle had overdosed a few years earlier and that Gilbough and Papania supect Rust (who fell off the grid during that period of time) might be behind that as well. Rust also visits the young girl he saved from LaDoux's place back in '95 to ask her about the men that assaulted her and if there was a "third man" as he thinks there was that might've gotten away that day. She mentioned the worst was "the man with the scars" and what horrifying things she did to Billy. She goes into a tantrum and Rust doesn't get anything else out of her. Sadly, with Tuttle out of the picture we're never going to final answers out of him if we don't find out Rust or someone else is behind his death or what his involvement was at the time of the Lange murder and how Wellspring connects to it. We're seeing bits and puzzle pieces but I'm guessing that the Yellow King, the "Spaghetti Monster" and the "Man with the Scars" may all be connected as someone who chooses to wear masks and is still at large and hidden somewhere close to the investigation. Hopefully Rust and Marty can find out who/what/why and how high this goes with Tuttle clearly being a player in the game somehow. The brutal fight scene between Marty and Rust when Marty finds out he slept with Maggie was hard to watch but seeing Marty hit that truck as hard as he did was a bit funny. Rust then quits before coolly saying, "Nice hook The final scene in 2012 where Rust pulls over Marty as he leaves the police station and offers to buy him a beer. Marty checks his gun, thinking something's up. Rust pulls out into traffic and the episode ends. This is some great stuff and with only two episodes left I couldn't be more excited with the mystery leading us wherever it will and how these characters' relationships will wrap up.moreless
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Paul Ben-Victor

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Jay O. Sanders

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