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  • True Comeback ?

    Season 1 was great in almost every way, story and cast, enough said !!!

    Season 2 ? Well........ it was barely okay at best. With that said, I do hope HBO will take this as a wake up call and really dig deep and blow our minds with a Season 3.

    Yes, I know.

    Modern day TV executives are quick to cut the throat of a struggling show but this one deserves a one more season chance/pass if for no other reason than Season 1 was so awesome.

    I also believe because the viewing audience of television needs to see a series can rebound from a flop season and the Networks are willing to occasionally "Let it Ride" and "See where the Chips Land" instead of always
  • Highly recommended!

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    Hands down one of the bests overall seasons of any show I've ever watched. The acting, the characters, the gloomy/creepy story. It sucks you right in and you can't help but stay hooked all through the eight episodes. It's a shame the story ends after only eight but it never gets dull and comes to a satisfying conclusion. I can't believe anyone could give this show a proper review before watching it all the way through. Though, I was impressed right from the first episode.
  • Great season 2 of True Detective

    Great season 2 of true detective, better then season 1.
  • Season 2 or season blue?

    Seriously? After a brilliant season 1 the producers could only muster up only 1 thing from season 1 that was to get a mind blowing cast. That's it. Rest of it is awful. From story to conclusion. Monotone the whole season. This wasn't true detection this was laziest cop work at finest. Also this wasn't out of the box either, the sympathetic characters must be killed just put viewers in aw. Nobody goes in aw with season that was built on the foundations of crap.
  • second thoughts

    Very Good Season 2 but In the shadow of season 1. Characters were great but not developed linearly and not as engaging as season's 1. Maybe, more episodes needed for the writer to engage the viewers.

    Plot not great, confusing, and many times disorienting the viewer. On the other hand, hidden treasures, like the story of the two brothers were hidden, and came to light at the last episodes.

    At the end of the day, the great characters, great cinematography and scenes like the death scene of Frank, the very good music and "true detective" atmosphere had won me.

    Waiting for the 3rd season.. More work on the scenarios please...
  • end it

    season 1 first 4 episodes were great, but then it became a conservative apologist in the end. Season 2? I'm not watching. Sometimes it just has to end.
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  • Briliant

    For a long time, i have lost all hope for a true Detective story TV show. Not that crap and morbide CSI, NCSI...

    Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey the opening credits/intro and song, acting is strong, good mistery behind it...

    Once again, have to give credit to HBO !

    Thank you!

    My only dislike is the 8 episodes lenght !
  • i miss season 1

    I loved this show in season 1 but hate season 2, why didn't they make #2 a progression of #1keep chasing the yellow king
  • Fingers crossed

    I'd love it if the fleeting Leven Rambin's character actually turned out to be the major player in the scheme. But I do like an intense noir and I love how they portray the city like this nasty, dirty, hot, damp hellhole where nobody can be a good person. I'll be very glad if they manage to pull the high stakes of this premise through *cough*TheBridge*cough* and the second season will be a work of art in its own right.
  • Season 2 wrong actor selection 4/10

    Same powerful imagery - true film art -, but totally wrong selection of actors. Actors should carry the show, helped by impressive artistic visuals. Writing falls apart too. Actors feel like faint holograms, almost not there. Maybe HBO should have framed Season 1 as best that cannot be surpassed.
  • Best Ever

    Best series ever ... can't wait for Season 2....
  • Fantastic and Engaging Show

    I was interested in the show because of who was starring in it (first season had Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) but it quickly hooked me. The production was fantastic, the locations were creepy and realistic, while the acting was superb. I would often forget it was a show when I was watching it, the plot was really great. I was sad that the first season was so short, but the season was satisfying. The story was creative and just complicated enough. I am looking forward to the second season.
  • True believable character detectives

    Initially, I found this series alright but kind of boring and I was wishing there was a bit more detective work going on instead of all the 'Days Of Our Lives' issues that the series focused on. However by the end it certainly delivered.

    Woody Harrelson plays an excellent Marty Hart, I had no problems with this character.

    Matthew McConaughey on the other hand had an interesting character in Rustin Cohle but my main issue is his slurred and at times too quiet speech and vocal use(it was the same in the movie Interstellar). Mr McConaughey as an actor has so much potential if only he would sort out his spoken word skills. At times he was hard to understand and I was glad for the digital age, so I could go back, turn up the volume, crane my head towards the speaker and decipher what it was he was saying(often). The character tries to speak as little as possible but it's through Marty he's often forced to make a speech he may not have otherwise given. So with the dialogue in mind it would be nice for the audience sake to deliver the spoken word audibly and with better delivery of his words. It's not that hard to open your mouth a little more and round vowels and the result is better delivery of spoken words.

    The main aspect of the show that kept me watching was the creepy background story of the satanic cult and 'what are these twig sculptures all about?'(That's not a spoiler, it's all through the series and will have you wondering as well if you have not seen the show yet).

    Over all I give the series a 7 as it was well directed and the characters were believable. It lost points for the poor delivery of dialogue on Mr McConaughey's part and for a show titled 'True Detective', not enough detective work(which is the primary reason I watch a detective series).
  • over-sophisticated and slow, with great performances though

    I tend to like gloomy crime series, where felonies are not glamorized and detectives do not look wealthy fashion models, but as for the plot, there are 2 options for me: either the evildoer is latent to the very end, or he/she is known from the beginning and one can follow his/her actions and law enforcement efforts to catch and punish. Here, the content is focused on detectives only - in past and present, the pace is protracted, and the essence of the crime and the offender's person were evident too soon. Thus, both the pre-ending and ending are rather trivial as well.

    True, Matthew McConaughey as Detective "Rust" Cohle and Woody Harrelson as Detective "Marty" Hart are splendid, there is a good chemistry between them regardless how they get along, but the rest are just good (perhaps due to non-elaborated characters), and there is no fitting antagonist present who could provide intensity and witty nuances to potential cat-and-mouse play.

    And last but not least: the almost 8 hours is too much, it could have been easily shorter twice, or a 2-3 hours TV-movie.

  • The best crime serie

    Really good series to watch. I totally recommend this, you can't stop watching it 10/10.
  • True neo noir Detective show!

    Well constructed, solid scenario accompanied by stellar performances! An exceptionally good first season and looking forward to an equally good if not better second season!
  • Absolutely dark, twisted, compelling and brilliant

    What else can be said about a show so sinister in it's premise, so dark in its story, that's ultimately delivered so brilliantly, other that it's pure genius. This is the Television that viewers want. Suspense, intrigue, characters that are flawed but likable and believable, and that gives you a story with an absolutely amazing beginning, middle and ending.

    I wish all major networks would move away from 22 and 24 episode seasons and move to 8, 11 or 13 episodes like AMC, STARZ, and HBO and Showtime. It allows for much more concise writing, better overall stories, and episodes that impact more.

  • A masterpiece

    Some tv-series are bad, some are good, some are not so bad, some become cult and others are just masterpieces.

    True Detective is a masterpiece, pure and simple. Great Acting, wonderful writing,awesome cast and the all show atmosphere is amazing.

    If someone didn't see this show and it's wondering about it: go and watch it, you will not be disappointed.

    Highly recommended.
  • Maybe the best of the year

    I never liked either actor but they're fantastic together in this. Maybe not as "fun" as Fargo but every bit as good or better in its own way. These recent miniseries-style shows are putting contemporary movies to shame - I'm off to Top of the Lake next to see how it stacks up, and hoping our library picks up The Fall.

    I'm mystified though by what a second season of TD - or Fargo for that matter - might look like...
  • Very Very True Detective

    Awesome show! Perfect in every department Cast is great , story is awesome. Even the 90s are well depicted and justified. Importantly the twists in the plot are too often but still very very unpredictable. Great show but BEWARE OF SPOILERS
  • Really good acting !

    I really loved this show ! Great acting, the climax was really great during the whole show. Can't wait to see if season 2 can live up to the expectations the first season has left on everyone.
  • dark and captivating

    Great acting and story telling. The end of the season was somewhat anti-climactic though, and as a mother some of the parts involving violence against children were difficult to handle.
  • More Please !

    What a series ! I hated Matthew McConaughey till now.
  • Unpopular opinion

    Very slow paced and boring series.
  • Can't wait to see where it goes for season 2

    This is what comes from having one talented writer and one talented director handling every episode. A cohesive, perfect story with a very clear beginning, middle, and end. Fantastic performances by the two leads and it will be hard for anything else to top this. (Though I do think it is unfair for it to be running in the Best Drama category)
  • Great Story-Telling, Scary, Mysterious and Hits all the Emotions

    I wish i hadn't watched this alone, it's rather nightmare inducing, and I'm a fan of a lot of crime shows so I've seen some hinky sociopaths acted out on screen. But this is WHACK!!!

    What is most unique about this show though is, of course, the way the story is told. The piece by piece flashbacks, the deceptions, the personal stories entwined in the case, the suspicions and the unique characters played by both stunning actors. It's dark, it's weird and it's wonderful.

    Not your average cop drama, this crime show will have you wondering what is going on and who dunnit right to the very end. But maybe watch it with a friend....
  • A HBO Series

    One more time the HBO brings a great serie.

    True Detective have a great intrigue and a hell of a story.

    The final episode have one of the best intrigue/suspense scene's i have seen.

    Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson with a great role.

    The way the director capture the story is sublime and bring us a great finale.

    It's series like this i can say in our days the american tv bring us greatest stories than american cinema.

    The only thing i can said: Thank you HBO for make my 10 best series i have seen.

  • Minority opinion

    I disliked this series. I believe it lacked substance or intrigue and tried too hard to be deep and meaningful. The premise of a hunt for a serial killer, the soundtrack, the far-too-many scenic shots and the 'good' acting does not affect my opinion, however much a minority it is, that this series lacks a gripping story. There are too many unanswered questions and yet I didn't mind not knowing the answers.
  • As good as it gets !

    This was one of my highlights between all the pulp Breathless The acting was so good ! The ending came as a blow and left me with so many questions . Never to be answered . A season 2 without these actors ? They have a hell of job to live up to this season
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