True Detective

Season 1 Episode 3

The Locked Room

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2014 on HBO
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Hart and Cohle are led to tent-revival minister, Joel Theriot, after a hidden image is discovered.  A known sex offender is implicated in Dora Lange's murder, but Cohle is sceptical and dives into reports of old cases instead.  Meanwhile, Maggie arranges a date for Cohle.

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  • Detectives Hart and Cole's investigation leads them to a tent church which sends their investigation in a new direction.

    A fascinating episode from start to finish. Unlike the first two episodes, "The Locked Room" seemed to move at a much faster pace. I think the reason for that is that the scenes of Hart and Cole's interrogations were shorter. As important as they are, they can become a little long. I'm glad that was not the case here. The opening scene at the church tent was excellent. The dialogue is razor sharp and the great chemistry between Harrelson and McConaughey is made even greater in that scene. The episode just gets better from there. Another highlight is a further look into Detective Hart. You see what a control freak he is. He tries to control the lives of both his wife and his mistress to the slightest detail. We also see what happens when things don't go his way. The show just keeps getting better. Hopefully this trend will continue up until the identity of the killer is revealed. I can hardly wait.moreless
  • Disappointing

    True Detective is only 8 episodes long. They should not have filler episodes like this. They should not have a square dancing scene that seemed like it lasted an eternity.

    And there was just too much incoherent mumbling throughout.
  • From start to finish...

    show is above and beyond one of the best on television, and it's barely begun. From the opening and AMAZING credit sequence to the closing credits you have an absolutely stellar cast, amazing writing, and a fantastic twist on the detective/mystery genre. This episode in particular ended on a very high note, and I'm looking forward to episode four.
  • "Don't Mow My Lawn When I'm Not Around"

    True Detective continued to be one of the best new shows on TV this week as the mystery got narrower and we might now have our suspects for who killed Dora Lange. Rust and Hart visit the Friends of Christ tent and have another great nihilism vs. faith discussion as they so often do and question the preacher and his flock but besides a creepy mentally challenged eunuch they seem fine and say that Dora Lange was "with a tall man with facial scars" when she visited. They put out an APB and while putting insomnia to use Cole comes across a woman whose death was determined to be accidental but certain cuts, the fact that she was high on meth and LSD, and the same marking as Dora Lange (the spiral) lead them to head to her hometown to find out if anybody knew was happened to her. They get a name from her grandfather of a Reginald LaDoux (however you spell it) who was coincidentally cellmates for a few months with Charlie Lange (Dora's husband). So is this guy the Yellow King? That seems to be the assumption as they both out the APB on him and the haunting closing shot shows a man in a gas mask in his underwear wielding a machete. On the personal front we got some humorous scenes Rust mows Hart's lawn which he chews Rust out for because we all know what that really means. There may seem to be chemistry between Maggie and Rust but he's so detached he's almost asexual when they speak to one another. Rust can't even muster an evening of non-bleakness on a double date where he gets set up with their good friend (who was cute and didn't seem to hate Rust's intensity but he is Matthew McConaughey so it could just be because he's good looking that she's interested people are capable of being that shallow). I also enjoyed him going into synesthesia and explaining his senses and perceptions of colors interacting on a first date and how engrossed his date is by the fact. We also saw Hart's violent side as he sees his mistress out on a date at the same bar and then later drunkenly breaks into her apartment and beats the guy she was seeing up and leaves distraught after saying loudly that he "wasn't a His musings about being a good man and his somewhat reconciliation with his wife (although he still loves two woman and is a philandering piece of crap) was nice to see as hopefully now he can try to work his marriage out. Not sure if his daughter drawing sexually explicit things has anything to do with the main narrative of the story but it was still good stuff for drama sakes. Also, being the audience and knowing that LaDoux isn't guilty (although it's a hell of a coincidence that he is also connected to Charlie Lange) makes me wonder if he did do any of the killings and how things play out and getting from point A to point B much like how Breaking Bad had the flashforward sequences in its last season it has me playing out several possibly scenarios in my head about it to try to see how and where they connect. The episode title "The Locked Room" comes from Cole's talking in 2012 to the detectives of human denial and how looking at all the dead womens' eyes post-mortum shows him the peace and that pointlessness and struggle for meaning that they had all put in their lives up until death and then just being able to let it go. I can't wait for next week to see where/if the 1995 and 2012 narratives switch over and how the crossover works when the 2012 murder investigation (if at all) is shown and if Rust and Hart help out with it after their lengthy interviews.moreless
  • This show is just.. wow.

    This show is just so good.

    It has this intensity about it, where every scene you're wondering if something is going to happen.

    Matthew is solidifying his spot as perhaps the greatest actor in the world with this show.

    I'm not the biggest fan of the arising tension between Harrelson and McConaughey but it's only a small detail.

    Anyway, yet another great episode, and I read online that episode 4 is where things really get crazy. Things are about to get very fun!moreless
Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario

Lisa Tragnetti

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Shea Whigham

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Robert Beitzel

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Kevin Dunn

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