True Detective

Season 1 Episode 5

The Secret Fate of All Life

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2014 on HBO
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With the murder solved, Cohle and Hart celebrate.  However, back in 2012, they are shown new evidence by Gilbough and Papania.

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  • The Secret Fate

    They spent too much time rehashing the past and now it seems they have to rush toward the finish. I wish the show could have found a little bit of a better balance in that regard.

    This episode was solid, but nothing too earth shattering.
  • My theory about what's going on

    Ok, here goes: my theory

    -I think Cohle and Hart had a fallout because Cohle wanted to reopen the case in 2002 when he realized they hadn't caught the real killer. Whereas Hart had a lot to lose (hero status, his murder potentially coming to light etc). So he didn't let Cohle reopen the case.

    -So Cohle becomes so obsessed with finding the killer that he quits to devote himself to this full time. We already know he's gifted at going undercover, so he is pretending to be drunk and a redneck, in order to fit in and find clues in the backwaters where the killer finds his victims.

    - I think he realised when he went to the school that the killer was Tootle (the governor) but can't come out with it without undisputable evidence because the killer is so high up.

    - Probably in the end he won't be able to bring him down with evidence, so maybe Cohle will kill the governor to stop him killing any more women.

    Ooooh I know, Hart's daughter will be the next intended victim and Cohle will save her and kill the governor. Voila.

    Anyway, let's see how it all turns out :)

    Really good series. I enjoy the philosophical bits!moreless
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    True Detective shifted gears again this week as we quickly saw the fallout of last week's public housing shootout be for nothing as LaDoux's accomplice DeVall say that he doesn't like the look of Rust approaching him. Creepily he doesn't say anything about him potentially being a cop, he mentions that he can see Rust's inner demons and how he wants to hurt him. While keeping Red tied up in their truck Marty follows DeVall to the site where LaDoux and him cook. A creepily wired safehouse in the backwoods of Louisiana, chalked full of grenades and traps just waiting to go off. The way Rust and Marty narrate the falsity of LaDoux opening fire on them being seen while they approach the house without backup played out as a nice juxtaposition. The tension mounts as Marty gets the babbling LaDoux into handcuffs. Unfortunately DeVall sees them and even Rust tells him to freeze he makes a run for it and is blown to bits by his own home security landmines. Marty finds two kids in the back of a truck in the residence and then executes LaDoux on the spot without hesitation. What came to mind was how Maggie used to say how Marty "used to be a good man" and how the murder was a reflection of anything but. Rust firing the AK out into the field to sell their story of "being seen" was well executed as he coldly fired round after round across the field (the thing had an extended magazine too which is that much more deadly). Cut to later and Rust gets a bravery commendation despite his reputation and Marty gets a promotion. We finally move forward seven years to 2002 (the year of the duo's falling out) and we see Marty's house go into turmoil as his eldest daughter becomes a teenager who is fraught with problems. Her being found in the back of a car with two guys (not that horrifying had they not been 19 and 20) and Marty's anger shows us the anger still inside of him. We also see that Rust had a semi-functional relationship for a few years with a doctor friend of Maggie's although we aren't told exactly how it ended. Rust continued to spout his philosophical lexicon to the 2012 detectives. But the catch is we finally get to see them do more than listen as they question where Rust was between 2002 and 2010 when he reappeared in Louisiana. The gap seemingly corresponds with a break in the killings (because we already know that LaDoux isn't the guilty party). Rust actually gets a line on the activities of the Yellow King from a guy he is getting a murder confession out of (he's the best there is at it) and the guy wants to trade information for leniency (on a double homicide yeah right!) But Rust insists that he's lying but that he may well know something. Weirdly the guy slits his own wrists the next day after receiving a call from his "lawyer" which is tracked to a payphone in a sparse field in the middle of nowhere and Rust smells a rat, even saying that the "Anti-Christian Task Force" may have been in on the Lang murder for all he and Marty know. The 2012 investigators play a card that I certainly didn't see coming in that they believe Rust is the actual killer and due to his history of substance and alcohol abuse he may not be aware of his own killings. They float it to Marty who insists that people don't change that much in ten years. The episode ends with a chilling discovery in the high school they had looked at earlier but were told it was closed down. Rust goes in there alone and finds the same stick buildings that he found at the Lange murder and the missing girl's playhouse in the first episode there. Not sure if there is anything to Rust possibly being the culprit of any of the murders, but what do you expect from people who can't get a read on him. Although it is convincing that he was identified (along with his truck) of having been at the scene of that dead person's house before the person died (hope they elaborate on that much more so we can get further context). Rust's musings on life from a 4th dimensional perspective added some great quality to the aging between '95 and '02. Marty even hits his daughter for having almost had sex, who knows what he'll do to the two guys who were in the back of the car. But True Detective had another chilling and inspired episode that built the mythology of the show and put us much further down the rabbit hole. The big question now is that is Cohle the closest to the truth? Or is the answer right under his nose as Marty said and he can't even see that it's himself that's the killer. But the big part that stayed with me from the episode was Rust's statement on "how nothing is And how even if Dora Lange's murder is solved, will we ever really know for certain with LaDoux dead if he had any involvement in it at all? I can't help but think there was a third cook that was in it with LaDoux who killed Dora Lange who maybe saw Rust and Marty approaching the place and got out of there. The suspect who offered information said that he was still out there, maybe the killings just weren't considered pertinent to Dora because her murder was solved? The fact that there are this many questions swirling around in my brain proves how amazing this show truly is. Can't wait till next week's episode where hopefully we'll get some more answers, or better yet more questions.moreless
  • 10 10000

    10. If you are alive , breathing and was probably a dose of reality. tf there no way to change LIFE and. The dice always come up 7 or snake eyes . Woody likes Pink Floyd wore a 1994 T shirt. POINT of the episode. Your SOUL is always TRAPPED in the same dimension just different time. Same soul, same miserable fate. create your own LIFE . Will not work. Episodes point was you have already lived, Fate is predetermined just didnt know the facts along the way due to loss of memory at . Birth. someone could find a way to LINK past you DO know the way the road out.

    WHY Does Woody shoot the guy in te head when he is already cuffed?

    the metaphysical explanations of the Secet a reality I came to upon reaching Consciousness

    THE TRUTH.. Some people cant accept this reality. This was ground breaking television. TEN all the way around.moreless
  • Going out on a high note

    I just found out what "Anthology Series" means, and I'm VERY excited. This is a relatively new concept since American Horror is the only one that does this.

    McConaghey definitely isn't the killer. HBO (exception Girls) doesn't make its plots so obvious prior to the finale. I'm kind of hoping the Yellow King is Harrelson's girlfriend on the side or the chief. THAT would blow my mind!
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