True Jackson, VP

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Nov 08, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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True Jackson, a 15 year old sandwich salesgirl with a flare for fashion, gets a job as the Vice President of the fashion magazine "Mad Style." She is joined by her friends, Ryan and Lulu, to help her with her new job.

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  • Fantastic

    Woohoo yippee blahblah yay
  • A great way to start a series!

    This was a great episode! I'm very surprised! Most pilot's arn't that great. I really liked the charecter Lulu. She was very funny! And so was Ryan. He could've been better though. MUCH better. But he might get better over time. Keke/True was ok. I loved the part when she heard Amanda and those other girls talking about her. I think the show has a good chance. And, I think it will last 3 seasons. What i'm really wondering is, there has been so many show's that have at least 1 person from an old one, (Suite Life On Deck, ICarly, Cory In The House) will there be one with "Lulu" and "Ryan"? Thank you for reading! -_Karate_Master_moreless
  • True gets a job at Mad Style because of her fashion sense and has a terrible first day

    Okay episode, but the whole story line of the pilot lacks detail. I don't really think the episode gives enough info on any of the characters. Lulu is a nice touch up of excitment this episode, as well as Ryan, and add a nice bit of humor too the episode. Truly, without them, I wouldn't have watched this episode. However, things got a little better at the meeting. I agree with True's ideas about the color. Soon, the work is set. I just love the technigue of firing set in this episode. (Hands over eyes pointing to the next person to be fired.) After a while, Amanda and True rumble and finnal the first big mistake is made. Ryan sends the outfitt down the trash. I think the "mistake" part in the story wasn't very well written. The "speech" True put on in the trash area sounded like we were far away in a future episode. The writers tried to tackle it all to quickly. All together, this episode has some interesting points, but not many.moreless
  • It's about true startting a job at a fashion and everybody hates her but her friends and her boss. Amanda was the meanest!

    I think it was a really good begingin for a first show! I really liked it. It wouldn't be the same with out her friends. Ryanthe dumb one and Lulu the confused one!it was really put put together well! It is one of m most favorite shows I really really really really really enjoyed it! I mean seriously it was totally AWSOME! this is like my first favorite show! I love drews personality! and Amanda it the mean one and plays her part sooooooooooooooo well! I have to have 100 words on here so that's why I'm writting a lot!moreless
  • True's crazy and cool designs get her a job as a Vice President.

    What can I say? This was a great start to the show. Although this was like the 6th episode that I ended up seeing, it really did help me understand those other little details. I was a bit confused over why Lulu wasn't True's assistant straight away, but then I realised after, and True firing someone in the first episode-what good work! :P I'm not going to explain what the episode was about, since I basically did that in my review of the show overall, but she just explains how she became VP, and how everything went wrong on her first day-but ended up well at the end. Really good! Of course, Pilots aren't the most interesting, but this one was one of the best pilots.


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Suzy Nakamura


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Ron Butler

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Robbie Amell

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    • True: (To Amanda and her friends) You know, there are these girls in my class, we call them "The Pinks," and they think they're so awesome because they stick together and make everyone around them feel small. Well, you know what? They're not so hot.
      Amanda: Was there a point?
      True: Yeah, neither are you.

    • True: (While making a dress) Thread...
      Lulu: Thread.
      True: Scissors...
      Ryan: Scissors.
      True: Pep talk...
      Lulu: You're doing great!
      True: Thank you.

    • Ryan: So, how's it going?
      True: Oh, great... Everyone hates me.
      Ryan: Oh, come on. Who would hate you?
      Lulu: (Laughs) Everyone! Ella in accounting called her a "Junior Execu-turd."

    • True: (Arriving late to a meeting) Sorry I'm late, but uh, I was in my office and I just...
      Amanda: (Cutting her off) There's no excuse for lateness. (Points to True's seat)
      True: Right... (Sits down)
      Max: (Walks in the room) Sorry, I'm late.
      Amanda: Oh, are you? I hadn't even noticed...

    • Lulu: (While looking through the catalog) Ooh look, a disco ball!
      True: Lulu, this is an office. I need furniture that's gonna make me look professional. You know, like I know what I'm doing... (True also looks through the catalog) Ooh, an indoor trampoline!

    • True: Wait, so I get to think up the designs?!
      Amanda: Yes, thinkin' is one of your responsibilities. (Rapidly) There's also approval, testing, marketing and production. There's a lot that can go wrong and not enough time to get it done, so your eye has to be on the ball at all times. Miss a deadline, the whole machine falls apart. Do you understand?
      True: No...
      Amanda: Good! (Walks away) My door is always open...

    • True: What am I supposed to be doing?
      Amanda: Well, you should be playing Jacks in a school yard somewhere. But, since you're here, let me run it down for you. "Mad Style" makes and distributes a wide variety of fashion lines: high-end coutour, working woman, daily wear and yes, (Unhappily) youth apparel. That's where you come in- overseeing the designs for little boys and girls.

    • True: (To Cricket, about Lulu) That's my best friend, we met in space camp. Oh, little heads up, you don't even get to go to space. Kind of a rip...

    • True: (To Cricket after seeing her refrigerator filled with soda) Oh, I'm not supposed to drink soda- makes my tongue sweat. Is there any bubbly water?

    • Max: Amanda, who's the youngest person we have on staff?
      Amanda: (Proudly) That would be me.
      Max: Huh... Why don't we have anyone really young, like that girl? (Points to True)
      Amanda: Why doesn't a hundred million dollar fashion empire employ children? (Sarcastically) Gee, that's a tough one.

    • True: (To Max) Would you like a sandwich? They say lunch is the second most important meal of the day. Third if you count dinner...

    • Max: I don't care if they loved it in Milan, we're not making solid gold bathing suits. It's not functional...
      Amanda: Functional: no, fabulous: yes!

    • Ryan: (To True's customers) All sales are final so we apologize if the sandwiches cause you to throw up or get the poopies.
      True: Ryan!
      Ryan: What? It's called being polite.

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