True Jackson, VP

Season 2 Episode 30

Principal For a Day

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 26, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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    True Jackson VP continues to deliver quality installments after it's abrupt cancellation. I hope Nickelodeon regrets their decision to cancel this show. The 3 floors thing was absolutely hilarious. And I love how the cast was divided for 2 separate story lines.

    Okay, so the story line in itself was a little ridiculous. The person that injures the principal becomes principal? Is this an actual law? And if so, where? Because that's just not believe. Hilarity ensued after Ryan became principal though.

    Also the car sequences were also pretty funny even though it's also not believable that Amanda let 3 cars slide off a cliff for the sake of picking daisies. Still this was a well-done episode in it's entirety. Great episode.
  • Hilarious episode of "True Jackson VP"

    Oh my gosh!!!... lately I've been getting hilarious episodes of "True Jackson VP" and I haven't been disappointed in an episode for a long time. Ryan's experiment injures his principal so he has to become the principal for his school. I thought it was hilarious that Ryan became the principal and when he gave all of the teachers permanent detention. It was funny that Ryan was calling his teachers by their first names and when he treated them like students. It was hilarious when Amanda kept crashing Mr. Madigan's truck and the other car and they show the cutaway with the truck falling off the cliff. It was funny when True and Jimmy walked into places such as "Bad Smiles" and "Rad Tiles" and it looks exactly like "Mad Style". It was hilarious when Lulu gave Ryan the chemical thing to injure Ryan and it worked but Ryan spilled it and slipped on it... that was also hilarious. It was also hilarious that Kopelman rode on that mechanical bull and fell off. Lulu being principal at the end of this episode was also cool. Overall, a hilarious episode of True Jackson VP and it gets funnier and funnier everytime I see a brand new episode. I wish Nickelodeon would air this show more than they air iCarly. 10/10
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