True Jackson, VP - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • The Dance
    Episode 26
    When Ryan films a spooky movie with Jimmy in the hallways of Mad Style after hours, Oscar warns them about the ghost of Mad Style- an old receptionist who died 50 years ago and walks the halls at night haunting the staff. Meanwhile, True and Amanda are in charge of a photo shoot and can't agree on who to cast as the model. And when Lulu's boyfriend does not invite her to the Back to School dance, she suspects he is interested in someone else.moreless
  • The Wedding
    Episode 25
    Max plans to get married at the city zoo, and True and Amanda vie to design the bridal gown. Later, the wedding planner quits and True tries to save the day from becoming a disaster.
  • The Hotshot
    Episode 24
    True is initially excited that another teen fashion designer is joining the Mad Style staff, but when she learns he's a schemer, she sets out to expose him. Meanwhile, Ryan recruits Lulu to help him cram for his summer-school final exam.
  • True Crush
    Episode 23
    True gets two tickets to the Last Minute Ball and hopes to go with Jimmy. Meanwhile, Lulu and Ryan compete to be True's date to the ball.
  • Fashion Week
    Episode 22
    A committee chairman who used to be Amanda's assistant dismisses Mad Style from participating in Fashion Week, but True doesn't let that stop her from presenting dress she created for a special Young Designers Showcase.
  • Back To School, Part 2
    School is back in session, and when True's job begins to interfere with school, she has to make a decision. Will she quit her job at Mad Style, or find a way to fix her problem? Meanwhile, True gets her dream assignment.
  • 7/25/09
    School is back in session, and when True's job begins to interfere with school, she has to make a decision. Will she quit her job at Mad Style, or find a way to fix her problem? Meanwhile, True gets her dream assignment.
  • House Party
    Episode 19
    True's job starts taking up all of her free time. When she decides to cut loose and go to one of her friend's parties, she has to pay the price at a presentation the morning after.
  • 6/27/09
    True's science teacher acts as her assistant for a week.
  • Max Mannequin
    Episode 17
    Max seeks help from True and her friends in coming up with a creative way to propose to his girlfriend. When True, Ryan and Lulu head out to pick up the ring, they run into a little trouble involving a cop and Max's mannequin.
  • Amanda Hires a Pink
    Episode 16
    The mean girls at True's school show up at Mad Style and intimidate her. Amanda then takes advantage of the situation and hires their leader, Pinky Turzo (Jennette McCurdy), as her assitant. True then loses focus and makes an error at work.
  • True Intrigue
    Episode 15
    Max returns from his trip to Africa, bringing with him a secret environmentally-friendly fabric that he discovered. He plans to announce it to the world and asks True and Amanda to help him protect it from a corporate spy that is trying to steal the fabric.
  • Switcheroo
    Episode 14
    Feeling that his employees need to learn different skill sets, Max temporarily gives everyone a different job.
  • Red Carpet
    Episode 13
    True is asked to design a dress for a celebrity but is worried about getting her first reviews.
  • Keeping Tabs
    Episode 12
    The accounting department has a bone to pick with True after she spends an excessive amount of money on her company credit card.
  • Company Retreat
    Episode 11
    Max sets up a company retreat so that everyone in the office will learn to trust each other.
  • The Rival
    Episode 10
    True must decide whether or not she's willing to switch jobs when Max's enemy offers her a better job.
  • True Matchmaker
    Episode 9
    Amanda and Oscar bond over their love of a tv show while True sets Max up with a librarian.
  • True Takes Iceland
    Episode 8
    True has a tough time trying to sell her own line of clothes to an Icelandic fashion store owner; Ryan tries to impress a model by telling her he's the new vice president.
  • ReTRUEnion
    Episode 7
    Amanda freaks out when she learns of an upcoming high school reunion. Meanwhile, True, Ryan and Lulu discover Amanda's old yearbook.
  • The Prototype
    Episode 6
    True accidentally lends Lulu a work-in-progress dress for a school dance. On the other hand, True also gets Jimmy and his band booked as the band for the dance.
  • Telling Amanda
    Episode 5
    When True, Ryan and Lulu learn that Amanda's boyfriend is cheating on her, True decides to tell Amanda the truth. Meanwhile, Lulu is convinced Max's accountant is really Santa Claus.
  • Ryan on Wheels
    Episode 4
    When True is put in charge of a project that requires her to have skateboarding knowledge, Lulu and her come up with a plan. They decide to dress up like boys and enter a local skateboarding club to get the inside scoop. Getting all the info they need, True creates slammin' designs for the celebrity project manager, Ryan Sheckler. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to prove to Oscar that her lack of kindness isn't the reason that her assistants keep quitting.moreless
  • Babysitting Dakota
    Episode 3
    When True is put in charge of a high-maintenence fashion model named Dakota, she quickly loses her patience with her. Meanwhile, Ryan falls for a new worker at "Happy Berry Yum Yum" and enlists Lulu's help to win her over.
  • Firing Lulu
    Episode 2
    When Lulu makes a serious mistake on one of True's projects, True must decide whether or not to fire her friend. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to come up with an awesome online video that will be an internet sensation.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    True Jackson, a 15 year old sandwich salesgirl with a flare for fashion, gets a job as the Vice President of the fashion magazine "Mad Style." She is joined by her friends, Ryan and Lulu, to help her with her new job.