True Jackson, VP

Season 2 Episode 1

True Concert

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 2009 on Nickelodeon

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  • Spanning the show to bring you the constant variety of talent. The thrill of teriffic & the agony to the ears.

    I've seen many talent show episodes on many tv series. Some that were awesome while others disappointed me. But this episode gets my seal of approval.

    First you had Justin, who was discovered by Usher & Justin Timberlake. Nice voice & is also a southpaw guitarist, a rarity just like Billy Ray Cyrus & Ryan Lambert (Kids Inc.).

    Next was the lame magic act, which made me laugh.

    Then for the second time in the series, we see Jimmy (Robbie Amell) playing the drums & singing the lame song "Fire & Ice". Keep playing the drums, Robbie.

    Then you had the marching band geeks that played as a garage band, which saved the benefit!

    Awesome episode!
  • justin sang one time and it was great. i liked the pizza dalivery part when true and ryan and lu lu all go in and True has that accent. it is the funniest thing ever. justin can be a really good actor.

    i love justin and his song was amazing. i listen to that song over and over again! the episode is amazing and so is the whole cast. two thumbs up to everybody in the making of this show! i also like crusher! way to go guys!!!!!!!!!!! i love waching true jackson vp. true is a really good singer. that would be soooo cool if theysanf a song together. i would so buy it! they so should. they should sing like one less lonely girl together or somthing that they write. they should write a song together! i think that it would be a hit!!!!!
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