True Jackson, VP

Season 2 Episode 13

True Gift

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 17, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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    Why don't more people watch this show? Seriously. Hopefully it will get picked up for the next season, because this episode was just fantastic. A very underrated show, and a very underrated episode.

    Sure, a horse running around Mad Style really isn't the most realistic plot, but True Jackson manages to make it seem like it could actually happen to you, and we got a lot of funny moments here.

    All the episodes I've seen, we got some sort of heartwarming moment in the end, and this episode was no different with Ryan being the forgotten son compared to his brother.

    Mr. Maddigan is goofy almost all the time, but he gives great advice and that was the case here. Nice tie in with Amanda's golden apple, I really enjoyed that. Overall, a great episode with some really memorable scenes.

    The fact that this show is unpopular is just unbelievable, considering this show is easily one of the best on Nickelodeon, right up there with iCarly.