True Jackson, VP

Season 2 Episode 31

True Mall

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 05, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

True and Lulu help open a Mad Style store at the mall, where they meet a number of interesting characters.
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  • 231

    Another great installment of True Jackson, VP. Man, I'm going to miss this show when it officially ends. I have no idea why people hated on this show so much. It was always consistently funny on a weekly basis and the characters weren't as cliche and stereotypical as the ones you see on Dan Schneider's shows. Yes, I'm looking at you, iCarly.

    This show is different an unique. We really saw that with this episode. I honestly thought this was a backdoor pilot for some sort of future spin off. With the strange focus on 5 other characters, I was a bit confused. But that's what made the episode all the more memorable.

    It was also great to see things come full circle before the show ends. We saw that here when True gave that girl the job as president to the store in the mall. Definitely a heartwarming hilarious episode of True Jackson, VP.moreless
  • Perfect episode

    I thought that this a perfect episode of True Jackson VP, it was funny but not as funny as last Saturday's new True Jackson VP episode "Principal for a Day". I don't give the points for the comedy though, I go with how the writing of an episode is and I thought that this episode was very well written and I thought it deserved a perfect score for that. I loved the plot of True and Lulu helping out at the mall where they have a Mad Style store. It was funny when True and Lulu didn't want Ryan to come to the mall with them and ask Jimmy to keep Ryan from finding out. Jimmy keeps Ryan away by sitting on him and putting him on that closet... haha hilarious scenes. That girl who talked to the dog and the parrot at the mall was funny. It was also cool that True defended herself and fired that mean manager and gave the manager job to that pretty girl... I forgot her name but man was she a pretty girl. Anyways, that pretty girl was freaking out because she didn't want the manager job. It was nice to see that the pretty girl handled being the manager toward the end of this episode. The ending was hilarious when the gang was talking about of whoever can get the key to the car in the mall is the luckiest person ever and then Ryan tries it and it works and then he drives it and crashed that little food place and then the guy that works there freaked out. Overall, it may be not as funny as last Saturday's new episode but it was most certainly a perfect episode. 10/10moreless

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