True Justice

Season 1 Episode 9

Brotherhood: Part 1

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 31, 2011 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

Kane meets with an informant at a local garage to get information on a Yakuza gang. Kane meets up with his team for a stakeout. Kane's informant calls him to inform him that the meeting has been canceled. Instead, the Yakuza are going to take out the MS-13 gang that are competing for the drug trade.

Kane and his team arrive at the warehouse in time to arrest the Yakuza. As a gunfight breaks out, one of the Yakuza members is able to use the confusion to escape.

We next see a man place a shotgun and a few shells into a guitar case and drives away.

At another warehouse, we see the Yakuza and Tong meeting during a cage match sealing their partnership over sake. Back at the station, Kane begins to interrogate the Yakuza arrested at the warehouse, while Radner investigates a repeated number on one of the phones picked up at the warehouse that leads to a Tong gambling house.

The man with the guitar case parks his truck and walks into a bank, where he takes everyone hostage. We learn his name is Leroy Jacobs, who lost his son in Iraq, has been foreclosed on by the bank. Kane gets a call about the hostage situation because Leroy is asking for Kane.

At the Tong club, a Yakuza reports Katsuo's death to Ichrio Yamazaki. As Ichirio walks out, he is bumped by one of the fighters, who narrowly escapes death by Ichrio.

Kane and team investigate who Leroy Jacobs is, as Leroy threatens the bank manager who foreclosed on his house. Back at a Yakuza gambling house, Ichrio learns that Elijah Kane was responsible for Katsuo's death. Ichrio doesn't want a confrontation with Kane and the SIU, but still need to meet the Tong shipment arriving soon. Radner and Sarah arrive and provoke a confrontation.

Andre and Juliet visit Leroy Jacobs house. Leroy demands his house back from the manager. The Yakuza members arrested by Radner and Sarah are released on bail. Back at the gambling house, Kenjiro Yamazaki (Ichrio's brother) wants to kill one of Kane's team as retribution for Katsuo. The police talk Leroy into releasing everyone in the bank, except for the manager, as a goodwill gesture.

Back at the station, Kane gets a briefing on Leroy. His wife got ill and he had to take time off to care for her, causing him to lose his job, then his wife, son and house. Kane flashes back to memories of his wife. Kane details a plan to try to save Leroy's life. Kane arrives at the bank to talk to try to talk Leroy into surrendering. Kane promises to help Leroy all he can if he surrender to Kane.

Kane's informant calls again with information on a Yakuza warehouse full of guns. Back at the warehouse, Ichrio is waiting for Kenjiro to return, when Kane and his team arrive. Ichrio is taken into custody, as we see Kenjiro watching from a nearby rooftop revealing he setup his brother to be arrested.