True Justice

Season 1 Episode 3

Dark Vengeance: Part 1

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2011 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

We open on the discovery of a dead body tied to a fence. The woman is the newest in the series of murders, marked with white carnation in her mouth and a fox mask on.
Back at the precinct the victim, Emiline Thompson, was known to take weekly trips to the city. It is revealed that she is an exotic dancer. We are next introduced to Savannah dancing in front of a very creepy customer named Charlie. As Savannah gets back stage, she decides to leave early because she is feeling ill. In flashbacks, we see that she was possibly dosed by a drink while on stage. As she is walking home, a man in a hoodie approaches her, is recognized by Savannah before he grabs her and drags her away.
Kane and Sarah head to a local herbalist Chen to seek information about the symbols found at the crime scene. Some local hoods approach Kane and Sarah and start complaining resulting in a fight started by Sarah as she tries to handle them.
Hiro calls Kane with a report of another body of a dancer. When the mask is removed, we see it is Savannah, who was abducted last night. Kane notices that she has a striking resemblance to Sarah. Hiro reports that the locals are getting worried and think these deaths are tied to black magic.
At the second crime scene, Juliet is approached by Miles Toole, a sleazy local reporter. When Juliet blows off Miles, he loudly questions her about this being a serial murder. Sarah recognizes the reporter because Miles' mother was an author famous for writing Vampire books of which Sarah is a fan.
At the precinct, Andre questions a man who filed a missing person's report for Emily Neely, Savannah's real name. Turns out the suspect's house is in Emily's name for insurance purposes giving him a motive for her murder.
Sarah visits Tanaka at the coroner's office for his report, and Tanaka is taken aback at the similarity between Emily and Sarah. Tanaka reports that he found GHB in the body of the prior victim and the victims were sexually assaulted postmortem.
Back at the precinct, Andre and Radner report on their night visiting all of the strip clubs in town. Sarah volunteers to go undercover as a dancer in the club to draw out the murderer. They report that there is a sleazy insurance salesman named Charlie who runs scams to many of the girls and is a prime suspect. Andre and Radner visit Angelina, who owns the club, asking for permission to place some cops in the club undercover.
At Angelina's club that night, Juliet is waiting tables, while Sarah is dancing and Radner is playing a patron. As she gets off the stage, Juliet asks her where she learned to dance. We learn that Sarah danced in college and relates that if you want to make money you must accept every drink offered to you, but then spit it out into a half-empty beer bottle.
Kane asks Angelina about information on her regulars at the club. She points them out to Kane, ending with Two-bit Charlie, an insurance salesman and local hustler.
We see another dancer staggering out of the club, with blonde hair, who is approached by a man with a white carnation. The dancer staggers over to the man and gets forced into his car.
Sarah is meeting with Chen to get more information about what was found on the victims. Chen reveals that the killer has at least some knowledge of black magic. Miles Toole is seen taking pictures of Sarah, as Kane arrives to tell Sarah to get closer to Two-bit Charlie, their prime suspect.
Sarah works to get close to Charlie. Sarah leaves the club, staggering as she walks. Meanwhile, Radner and Andre get into an fight with the club bouncers. Sarah is approached in an alleyway by Charlie as she is showing the effects of the drug.
The next morning, another girl is found tied up, and the team suspect it may be Sarah since they could not get a hold of her. When the face is revealed, it is not Sarah, which makes the team worry about why Sarah is not responding to her phone.
Radner and Andre go to Charlie's apartment and almost get hit by a shotgun blast through the door. Radner chases down Charlie. At Charlie's apartment, they find multiple policies where Charlie is the beneficiary. He admits to selling the policies as part of his scam, but claims innocence on the murders. Sarah stumbles into the precinct finally and immediately gets accosted by Radner as to where she was all night.
Kane pulls Sarah off of the case and scolds her in private about not keeping in contact with Juliet. Sarah demands to stay on the case since she found a carnation in her bag, making her a mark of the killer.
Sarah and Juliet are back at the club that night. Sarah accepts a drink from a client but cannot find a beer bottle to spit it into forcing her to swallow it. She decides to leave early again because she feels like crap again. As she walks out of the club, we see a man in a dark hat following her as she stumbles down the street. Sarah drops her purse on the street as Juliet rushes out to find her.
The next morning, a man is shown dragging a drugged Sarah through a junkyard. As the man is tying Sarah to the fence, Kane catches up to them and fights the suspect. When the suspect is able to get his gun, Kane grabs his arm and turns the gun back on himself as he shoots himself.
As the team celebrates the apparent closing of the case at a bar, Radner puts the moves on a blonde and gets shot down. As the blonde leaves the bar, she finds a white carnation in her bag and stares at it. When she looks up she screams before the credits roll. To be continued...

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