True Justice

Season 1 Episode 4

Dark Vengeance: Part 2

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2011 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

Elijah is in a bar talking to a girl when he is invited up on stage to play.

At what appears to be a junkyard, we see the girl abducted at the end of the previous episode being dragged to a chain link fence and being posed with a white carnation in her mouth.

Renton, just outside of Seattle.
A group of men are unloading bags, while being watch by Kane's squad. The bikers are in the act of a gun deal. Juliet approaches the bikers in order to give the signal to Kane when the deal is going down.

Mason and Radner get into position and Kane orders Juliet to take down the guy she's next to. A gunfight breaks out breaks out. One of the bikers drops a grenade under the car and it explodes before he can grab it. Shortly after the remaining bikers surrender.

Sheriff Graves comes into the SIU and informs Kane that they've found another girl murdered. Instead, this time it wasn't a stripper but Deputy Collins who was working undercover.

At the crime scene, Kane informs Juliet that this murder is different from the past murders. Detective Miller approaches and clashes with Kane.

Miles Toole is also at the crime scene.

Radner and Mason visit Deputy Collins, the undercover cop's ex-husband. We find out that he was caught stealing and now works in the morgue. He has an official crime scene photo on his wall of morgue shots and claims that his ex-wife would only allow someone she trusted to get close to her implying the murder is a cop.

Sheriff Graves informs Kane that he will have to work with Detective Miller on this case. Sarah talks to Dr. Tanaka. Collins was strangled after she was dead. She was killed by a blow fish neurotoxin which is also used in black magic rituals.

Kane drives up to Chen's place and sees that Miller and his men are already there. Kane asks Chen for more information about the toxin.

3PM Seattle, City center.
Another crime scene with another girl propped up against the fence. Toole arrives at the crime scene and invites Sarah on a date. We learn that Miles' mother is a famous writer and Sarah is a fan. Toole entices Sarah by offering her a look at his mother's next book before it's published.

At the precinct, Miller and his men are digging through all of the files and have taken over the squad room. Miller's men raid Chen's place and everyone scatters. Miller's men round them up and arrest them including Hiro.

Sarah is going forward with meeting Toole. Gates informs Kane that Miller is interrogating Chen. Kane interrupts Miller's interrogation and tells Chen he can leave. Miller pushes Kane and provokes a fight with Kane.

Kane is watching a security guard, when Hiro uses his phone call to call Kane. Sarah meets Miles for dinner. Miles gets Sarah a drink and Sarah catches him pouring something into her drink. The date ends with Sarah punching Miles.

Back at the station, Sarah explains what happened to her hand. In his mother's book the killer uses the same toxin on their victims. Kane wants Sarah to apologize to Toole so Kane can meet personally with Toole. At the bar, Hiro bumps into Toole in order to steal his gloves. When Toole turns around, Kane is also gone. Mason and Radner follows Toole as he disposes of a trash bag from his car. In the trash bag, Radner finds a white powder.

Back at the station, Toole gets access to the morgue and surprises Tanaka. Toole disappears when the guard appears. Toole finds his gloves in the autopsy room and leaves the station. Upon leaving he is accosted by Kane. Toole is arrested as Miller arrives.

Radner meets with Kane and we learn that his father, an LA cop, has turned in some evidence on some dirty cops. He wants to make things right with Radner, so Kane assigns Radner to work the case that could send many cops to jail for drugs and murder.