True Justice

Season 1 Episode 1

Deadly Crossing: Part 1

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2011 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

Camp Harmony - Outside Seattle, Washington

We open on a family owned store where the owner and his wife are gunned down by an unseen assailant. Then a shadowy figure walks across a steel walkway to a black sedan.

SIU Headquarters - Seattle, Washington

A female police officer drives up in a marked police car and enters the building. She enters Elijah Kane's office to introduce herself as the new SIU officer assigned to the unit.

She finds out from Elijah that she has already begun her new job by making two big mistakes, arriving in a uniform and driving a black and white to an undercover unit.

We are then introduced to Juliet as she prepares herself. Kane walks up to Radner and Mason and the four them head out to a club.

Radner approaches a man outside the club and tries to buy some drugs. He sets up the buy and passes a signal for the team to move in. The dealer is able to get away from Radner and make a run for it. Kane catches up with the dealer at his car and arrests him.

Later the dealer is in interrogation with Juliet and Radner. They offer the dealer a deal if he gives up his connection, otherwise he faces a possession with intent with a weight enhancement.

The SIU gets a call about a double homicide across town. Kane heads for the crime scene while he calls a CI to dig up some information. Kane meets up with the team at the scene.

After Kane walks the scene, he deduces that whoever killed the owners knew the place well because today is the day that the welfare checks get cashed and the place would be flush with cash. Kane finds that he is being watched by a young girl from the bushes. When they get her, she begins to cry and Kane requests a Mandarin translator.

Kane and Hiro head out to a Camp Harmony to a known gang that may be responsible for the crime, lead by a man named Domion. As Kane and Hiro return to the car, Hiro finds a snake waiting for him.

At the briefing we learn that a man named Domion is using strippers to move dope. We learn that Domion is a Cajun who came to the Northwest after the storm to work on the docks. The team get introduced to their new member, Sarah.

Back in interrogation, Radner and Mason try get the dealer, whose name we learn is Thomas, to connect them to Domion. Unfortunately, Thomas's only connection is a stripper named Crystal. Radner, Mason and Thomas head to the club to see Crystal. While Radner stays at the door with the bouncer, Thomas and Mason talk to Crystal posing as street dealers. Crystal is suspicious of Thomas's new friend.

Once the drugs and money changes hands, Mason pulls his badge on Crystal. Back at the door, the bouncer attacks Radner and makes a run from the club. Radner chases, as Mason cuffs Thomas and Crystal to a pole and chases after Radner. As he catches up to Radner, he finds him beating Tiny the bouncer because he pulled a Sap (baton) on Radner.

As Juliet walks the young Chinese girl through the station, she gets really scared as an officer passes her in the hallway leading Juliet to believe that one of the murderers was wearing a uniform. When the interpreter arrives and translates, Juliet learns that the officer they passed was the woman she witnessed killing her parents.

Juliet follows the officer as she is filling up her car and discards her cigarette on the ground. Juliet grabs the cigarette and gives it to Jordan Sparks to check it for DNA against the DNA found at the crime scene.

Radner and Mason interrogate Crystal, but Radner becomes combative and Mason makes him leave the room. A c good-cop/bad-cop routine. Crystal agrees to give up her supplier to Mason.

As Radner and Mason discuss what Crystal said, Mason implies that maybe the Sap that Tiny had looked awfully similar to Radner's Sap that Mason saw in Radner's drawer.

The team stake out the club, along with their new team member, Sarah. As the suspect arrives and enters the club with the bag, someone bumps into him and shoots their suspect, grabs the bag and runs out to a waiting car. Mason chases and gets shot by the suspect. In the ensuing gun fight, Radner is blinded by shards of the wall he was taking cover behind. Juliet tackles Radner out of the line-of-fire. Sarah takes out one of the shooters as she moves closer. Kane takes out the other shooter.

Mason took a shot in the vest, as Radner tries to refuse treatment to his eye. When Kane returns to the SIU, Jordan Sparks is waiting to give him the result of the DNA sample, which matches Officer Janko. We learn that the car Janko checked out matches the tire tracks at the scene as does the DNA on the cigarette found on the scene. Kane refuses to offer her a deal, instead wanting her serve life in prison. Janko agrees to give up the Russian named Nikolai and the drop site in exchange for protective custody.

As they are taking Janko from the station, she is shot and killed by an assassin.
End of Part 1.

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