True Justice

Season 1 Episode 2

Deadly Crossing: Part 2

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2011 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

We open by seeing Sarah being in an attempted carjacking while trying to grab her gun on the passenger seat. The assailant pulls her from the car just as Kane arrives and fights off the assailant and arresting him.

48 Hours Earlier
We see that everyone at Camp Harmony has been murdered. Hiro walks into the scene and surveys the area, where we see the Domion's gang members all dead. It appears to be retribution by the Russians for Domion cutting off the waterways from the Russians.

Nikolai is riding in a limo discussing the murder at the grocery store and at Camp Harmony. Nikolai offers to take care of all of the problems.

Kane and Hiro discusses Hiro's status as Kane's C.I. Also, we learn that Kane is taking care of Hiro due to a promise to Hiro's mother. Also, Hiro hasn't been showing up at the construction job that Kane got for him.

We see Kane walk into the station with Officer Gates who is bragging about roughing up a carjacking suspect. Cynthia confronts Kane at the station because Kane is not answering her calls, as the detectives speculate who she is and what she is up to. Sarah and Juliet imply that Radner is jealous of Kane's attention to Cynthia.

Kane's is discussing the Russian carjacking ring with Sheriff Graves as the Russians are using the cars to move the drugs by land. Radner and Mason select a bait car, a Dodge Charger, from the impound lot and swipe a car that has been claimed by Narco.

Sarah and Juliet approach Detective Young at Robbery Division for follow-up information on the carjacking. But Young does not respond well to Juliet's straightforward approach, so Sarah flirts with Young in order to get the information they want. As they leave, we see that while Sarah was flirting she was reading the file on Young's desk to get the name of club where they hang out.

We learn that Graves' wife has filed for divorce. He brings news that the DA wants to be included on the case and all information on the case.

We learn from Kane that a mid-level drug dealer gave the DEA the name of Nikolai Putin. Juliet requests that she and Sarah be the eyes inside the club, instead of the guys. As they leave, Gates confronts Radner about putting in a good word with Kane on his behalf so he can be on the team while making some derogatory statements about Sarah. Radner blows off Gates while standing up for Sarah.

Sarah and Juliet drive the bait car to the club dressed in mini-skirts. The girls take a seat where they'll be noticed by Nikolai. It doesn't take long for Nikolai to approach them and buy them drinks. One of the doorman check out the bait car. The girls play a game guessing what Nikolai does. As Nikolai plays, he pegs the girls immediately as cops, including Mason at the bar.

Kane decides that Sarah should drive around and be bait in order to grab a carjacker. Sarah gets carjacked. Kane gets the carjacker to flip on Nikolai. We learn that a shipment is coming in at the docks.

Gates comes in to transport the suspect, and informs Kane about a woman who keeps filing complaints about Kane. The same woman seen talking to Kane earlier.

The cars arrive as Nikolai prepares the shipment. Kane's team moves in to take down the Russians. Kane personally takes down Nikolai.

Gates has another confrontation with Cynthia.