True Justice

Season 1 Episode 7

Lethal Justice: Part 1

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2011 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

Kane is responding to a 911 call of of an assault in progress. He orders the men to submit to placed under arrest. The men refuse to back down and it is revealed that they are members of an Aryan Nation gang. Kane subdues them during the fight.

Juliet chases down the prosecutor to demand an answer as to why the men were released. The defense attorney comes out of the City Hall gloating and Juliet attacks him.

The assailants await their release from jail while back at the precinct, Juliet apologizes to Lisa (the prosecutor). Lisa meets with Kane to discuss a way to shore up their case and re-file on the Kenneth Clayburn case.

While sitting in Kane's office, Lisa is distracted by news report for Councilman Burris' opponent. Councilman Burris has the support of the majority of New Hope, made up of small compounds of Aryan Nation members. We see Councilman Burris get into his car shortly before it blows up. Kane learns from Sheriff Graves that Burris, the intended victim, survived the bombing.

The bombing gear all tie back to a Baptist church run by Pastor Michael Benjamin, a community organizer. The ids of the attempted rapists live in the compound where Burris's opponent is Sheriff Ryan. Radner returns from his trip.

Juliet and Sarah take a look around the town where the rapists live, and are approached by them and a fight ensues. Sheriff Ryan arrives after the fight and orders Juliet and Sarah out of his jurisdiction.

Sheriff Graves execute a search warrant on the church. The pastor insists that he had nothing to do with the bombing, that his credit cards were stolen. Kane decides to send Radner undercover in New Hope.

Mason and Juliet decide to get something to eat, but Juliet insists on stopping by Kenneth's place. Radner arrives at the precinct the next day prepared for his undercover assignment.

Radner arrives in New Hope as Bobby and Axel are target shooting. Radner engages them in conversation using his cover story to get invited into their group. Juliet returns to Kenneth's place and we see in flashes that Juliet was raped in the past.

Axel meets with sheriff Ryan and we learn that Ryan is behind the bombing of Councilman Burris. Axel is ordered to have Bobby finish the job and kill Burris. Back at the precinct, Mason gets a report of another rape and goes to get a statement from the victim with Sarah leaving Juliet at the precinct. Radner further cements his cover in the gang by using drugs. Radner sits in a car with Axel waiting.

Juliet decides to visit Kenneth with a baseball bat. Radner arrives back at the precinct and has a heated discussion with Juliet, who is upset about being taken out of the field. When Radner follows Juliet into the parking lot, he is seen by Axel and Bobby. Axel wakes up Radner at gunpoint.

Axel brings Radner to another initiation where he has to kill a cop to be officially part of the gang. In Ryan's office, Ryan orders Axel to bring the girl who was talking to Radner to him. Graves pulls up outside of Councilman Burris' residence investigating a suspicious vehicle. Meanwhile, Sarah disobeys orders to wait for Radner's check-in and sneaks into Radner's room at the compound. While there she sees Axel pull up with Juliet as his prisoner. Graves and Kane pull up to the suspicious vehicle and find Bobby in the car wired to explode. Kane is able to stop Bobby before he can trigger the car bomb.

Radner is brought to Ryan's office by Axel to kill Juliet to prove he's not a cop. Radner is given a gun with one bullet and ordered to kill Juliet. Sarah and Mason arrive and approach Ryan's office. Radner refuses to shoot Juliet instead threatening Ryan, only to find out that the gun has no firing pin. Mason and Sarah start a shootout as they rush Sheriff Ryan's office. Radner uses the confusion to get a gun and kill Axel while Ryan escapes out the back. Kane arrives with backup, as he goes looking for Ryan. Kane finds Ryan and proceeds to fight. Kane stops Radner as he leaves and asks him if he crossed any lines like take any drugs while undercover. Radner insists that he did not cross the line or take drugs. Kane interviews Juliet about Kenneth's death. Juliet swears she didn't touch Kenneth.