True Justice - Season 1

Channel Five (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Payback
    Episode 13

    The SIU is attacked by a highly-trained group of Spetsnaz our to kill Kane and anyone else in the building. The team must fight their way out before dawn.

  • 6/15/12

    As Kane is dealing with insurgents of his past, a group of high brow Russians have migrated to Seattle's port with a new product for the black market, diamonds. It's the mob communities fighting that reveals two crimes Kane's team was trying to put a name to.

  • Urban Warfare: Part 2

    Kane's enemies being to close in as Kane realizes his past is coming back to haunt him. To complicate matters, he begins to suspect someone he trusts may be involved.

  • 9/14/11

    The team investigate a serial rapist case, which brings up bad memories for Juliet. At the same time, Kane finds that he is being targeted by professionals.

  • Brotherhood: Part 2
    Brotherhood: Part 2
    Episode 10

    As the deal nears completion between the Yakuza and the Tongs, the gang-war heats up as the MS-13 push back. Kane's team becomes a target of the Yakuza boss's personal vendetta.

  • 8/31/11

    Kane and his team investigate cross paths with the Yakuza as they consolidate their control over the local drug trade as they begin to negotiate a deal with the Tongs.

  • Lethal Justice: Part 2

    Kane and his team track a Sniper who is killing people in front of churches. One of the prime suspects is a trained sniper Kane knew in Iraq suffering from PTSD. Now, the squad need to find the killer before more people die and a possibly innocent man gets blamed for it. Meanwhile, Juliet must deal with the aftermath of Kenneth's death and her role in it.

  • 8/17/11

    Kane and his team must deal with an Aryan Nation separatist community who;s involved in drug running. Meanwhile, a serial rapist case brings up bad memories for Juliet and could end her career.

  • 8/10/11

    As Kane and his team investigate the murder of a DEA Agent, the investigation points to someone inside the DEA. Meanwhile, Kane and his team are ordered to provide security for an investigative film crew.

  • 8/3/11

    Kane and his team investigate a new drug ring that is spreading toxic ecstasy at Raves. The team race against the clock to put the drug ring out of business before the body count increases. Meanwhile Detective Gates joins Kane's team, while Radner is on special assignment, and has a life threatening encounter.

  • 7/27/11

    With the killer seemingly caught the team believe the case is closed, when another woman is found dead matching the m.o. of the serial killer. Sarah unwittingly becomes the target of the real killer.

  • 7/20/11

    The team investigate a serial killer who uses symbols relating to black magic to kill female dancers. Sarah happens to fit the victim's description and is sent undercover to lure out the killer.

  • Deadly Crossing: Part 2

    Kane is under pressure to stop a Russian drug ring from taking over, and Sarah gets her chance to prove herself to the team.

  • 7/6/11

    New member Sarah is welcomed to the team, as they investigate the complex web of suppliers of drugs in Seattle, and when a gang are discovered out in the woods it leads to Nikoli, a major Russian dealer.