True Justice

Season 1 Episode 5

Street Wars: Part 1

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2011 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

We open on a club scene. April is talking to a guy at the party and asks him for a little pick-me-up. He offers her some drugs.

Meanwhile, Kane and his team are chasing down suspects. Back at the club, April is starting to feel the drug's affects. Andre and Sarah are chasing a suspect across the rooftops while Kane and Juliet are subdue their suspect. Back at the club, April collapses and begins to foam at the mouth as the drug dealer makes a hasty exit.

Sarah comments to Mason that they could have used Radner, who is still "on assignment". Sheriff Graves arrives and offers Kane the use of Gates to bring his team back up to full strength. Graves insists Kane take Gates, who is the Mayor's nephew, to help get the Mayor off of Graves' back.

Kane teams up Gates with Sarah and has them head to the Rave club to investigate the death. Sparks tells Sarah that this was no normal overdose, but an intentional overdose. Gates tells Sarah that witnesses say she was dancing with Tommy, a known dope dealer, before she died.

A man gets out of his car while speaking to an unknown person on the phone about a deal. Soon after another car arrives, and four men get out of the car. The man is taken at gunpoint but is witnessed by passersby, one of who screams, while another is recording the event on his smartphone. The witnesses are promptly killed. Kane reveals he recognizes the man as Paul Franco, a local Camp Harmony guy. Kane calls on Hiro asking about Franco who reveals that Franco is missing.

In the bull-pen, each case is being assigned to a team when Mason has to head home to deal with family issues. Mason's wife finds out that Mason has been hiding that he has emphysema, which he carries an inhaler for.

Kane meets up with Hiro about the Franco case. Tommy, the local drug dealer is Paul's son, and is also missing. At an undisclosed warehouse, we see Paul Franco tied to a chair and getting a beating from the kidnapper who is demanding to know where Paul's son, Tommy is.

At another Rave, another girl dies from another overdose. Kane and crew arrive to investigate and find pills on the body with a trademark that has been popping up in the area. Tommy is in the club and bolts, but is chased down by Kane. While in interrogation, Tommy admits to knowing the dead girl, Jasmine. Gates enters and reveals another body has been found dead at another Rave.

Sparks completes her tests and reveals that if this drug doesn't kill you, it will make you an instant addict. Gates meets up with Stephanie, who has information on the car's ID. Stephanie insists that Gates give her information on the drug bust that Kane's team just made. As Gates is walking away an attempted drive-by is made by Avi. Gates fires back and is hit by the car, but manages to take out one of the shooters before passing out. Gates is rushed into the ICU as Kane scolds Sarah about not being there to back up her partner.

Gates survives the assault, with a ruptured spleen and broken ribs. Gates reveals that the information came from a friend in the DEA. The guy Gates kills is identified as Frank Wasserman, out of Nevada. Tommy reveals that the new dealers in the area must have taken his father. He helped them setup their lab in a property his father managed. Tommy reveals the plan is likely the dealers distribute "hot" loads to their competitor's clients so they can corner the market.

Kane's team decide to take down the warehouse themselves because they fear they have a dirty cop. Before going in Mason's wife calls him and tries to tell him she is pregnant.

We see the kidnapper and the driver of the drive-by in the drug warehouse preparing to move out the drugs. Cody, a friend of Kane's joins the team for the warehouse take-down. The team enter the warehouse and a gunfight ensues. During the gunfight, Mason has to use his inhaler to catch his breath. Kane catches up with the main drug dealer and kills him in the hand-to-hand fight.

The other men try to get out by holding Franco at gunpoint, but Cody takes one out as he opens the bay door, forcing the other man to surrender. Mason finds out in a voice-mail that his wife is pregnant and has left to stay with her mother because of Mason's job on Kane's team. He has a decision to make.

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