True Justice

Season 1 Episode 6

Street Wars: Part 2

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2011 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

Mason is with Hiro when he is cut off by another car. As Mason exits his car with gun drawn, he faces three heavily armed men from the other car. After some thought, Mason drops his gun.

We see the previously seen driver in a sparring match, meanwhile Stephanie, Gates' contact at the DEA is talking to her partner about just meeting a guy she used to work with before calling it a night. In the next shot, we see Stephanie's body lying on the ground as Mason and Juliet approach.

The mystery boxer gets a call to report to Seattle to investigate some trouble by his boss. Juliet determines that someone she knew must have killed her.

In LA, the mystery man meets with his boss about the drug lab bust in the previous episode by Kane and his team. The man is ordered to bail out their captured man and kill the cop that is responsible for his nephew's death at the warehouse.

Sarah visits Gates in the hospital as he is recovering. Sarah questions Gates about his DEA contact, but he refuses, so Sarah hands over the crime scene photos. Gates explains how he met Stephanie and confirms that she couldn't have set him up.

Sheriff Graves orders Kane to provide security for a film crew. Stephanie's partner, Agent Zollo, arrives to find out what happened to Stephanie. As Kane is walking into the jail, they see that their suspect has been killed by another prisoner. In the ensuing fight, Kane kills the prisoner.

Kane meets with Agent Jack Smalls and tells him that he has a leak in his unit. Kane demands access to all of Stephanie's files.

The film crew arrives and Savon, the investigative journalist, explains that the focus of his piece will focus around Camp Harmony. Juliet is surveil Agent Zollo until she is pulled off to assist with Kane at Camp Harmony. Savon eagerly tries to pursue a local resident until stopped by Juliet, when they are fired upon by an unknown person. Sheriff Graves to investigate the shooting on Kane and the film crew.

Kane asks Sarah and Juliet look for any connection between Wasserman and Zollo. Juliet finds out that Wasserman was visited by Zollo when he was in prison in Vegas. They learn that Agent Zollo is Wasserman's cousin. As Juliet is follows Zollo, Sarah checks into his bank accounts, until Zollo is gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

Mason is driving with the film crew and Hiro when he is blocked by two cars and multiple men with guns. Agent Smalls asks Kane to back off so he can investigate Agent Zollo himself. As Mason, Hiro and the film crew are being tied up in a container yard, the building is being wired with explosives. Kane gets a text from Mason to meet him there, which Kane suspects to be a trap.

Kane arrives with Juliet and Sarah at the container yard, while the men prepare their defenses. As the firefight breaks out, Kane finds the warehouse and finds a way in without tripping the explosives. As Kane clears the window, he releases Mason and the film crew ans has them escape through the same window. Kane gets the drop on the leader and after a fight arrests him. Kane meets up with Agent Smalls, and arrests him as the rat, who put the hit on Gates and framed Agent Zollo.